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01-28-2015, 11:51 PM,
Post: #1
I think the achievement system could use a little tweaking.

My idea is to add a bunch of smaller micro achievements to the system.
For example: Kill count would be 100/1000/5000/10000/50000/100000/150000/200000 and so on, maybe up to a million. The point would be, once you reach the first 100 there would be a global announcement in the tavern.
"Congratulations to Antkiller123 for achieving his first 100 kills, for that he is awarded 1 Ap"
As you reach higher goals you would get better prizes and it would announce them all in the Tavern.
Same thing would apply for levels, for example 10/50/100/150/200 and so on.
And again it would announce it in chat and get a small prize.

The point is that achievements are a fun thing to farm and getting rewarded for them on chat just makes you thrive for that next goal.

The current achievements are nothing to look forward to, you just get it and feel like "meh."

And there is a lot of stuff that could be added.
Succesfully finished Temple of Shadows, Kill 25 Graven Images, Beat Ciralla the Immortal, Find a champion egg in battle, Dig up a huge treasure chest, kill giant worm of despair. And so on...there are many to add.

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