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What do the ores look like?
11-20-2014, 03:52 PM, (This post was last modified: 11-20-2014, 07:10 PM by Nataylia.)
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What do the ores look like?
Hi, I noticed that the blacksmith weapons made of the various ores all look the same... In order to fix this, I need to know what the various ores look like. Then I'll make some really cool sprites out of vector graphics.

We already have a few ores:
Copper - Copper
Iron - Iron
Tresdina - Blue
Genali - Red
Kraexian - Black

Quote:Tresdina Pitchfork [Image: Tresdina%20Pitchfork.gif]
A slight improvement of the Iron Pitchfork, now combined with Tresdina, and featuring a comfortable grip. The metal gives off a blue tinge when in the sunlight, and a cold aura, as if it were imbued with magic during its creation.
Quote:Genali Pitchfork [Image: Genali%20Pitchfork.gif]
This looks as though a standard pitchfork. Its prongs no longer waver from their intended direction. It shines with a purple colour, and if held to the sunlight, you can see the blue and the red of the ores mixed within. It radiates with a warm sensation, although the actual metal is cold to the touch.
Quote:Kraexian Pitchfork [Image: Kraexian%20Pitchfork.gif]
A perfect pitchfork, its prongs sharpened to an extreme point and dead straight. It is perfectly balanced for throwing. It shines a metallic blackand grows no brighter even with the suns influence. You can feel some kind of magic radiating from it however it is devoid of all feeling. No warmth, no cold. Nothing.

What do the other ores look like?





Yuive - Bright Pink (Danni)

11-25-2014, 10:43 AM,
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RE: What do the ores look like?
amirite or wat

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