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PRPG at its best
11-14-2014, 10:39 AM,
Post: #1
PRPG at its best
Quote: You attempt to get the shopkeeper's attention, but he appears to look right through you.

"Hello?!" you call, waving your arms.

The Glum Reaper materializes behind you, chuckling.

"What's so funny?" you ask, frustrated.

"Spirits cannot communicate with the living, and they certainly can't shop in their stores!"

Quote: Upon entering the store, you notice a few desirable items. You reach out with your translucent fingers, futilely groping at the goods.

Frustrated, you hear a voice in your ear. "You are dead, they are living. What belongs to them does not belong to you."

Quote: You enter the store and wave at the shopkeeper. When he doesn't respond, you begin to shout angrily. A laugh from behind makes you jump.

"They can't see you now," explains the Glum Reaper.

Quote: You walk into the store, glance around, and call greeting to the shopkeeper. There is no response. From behind you hear a strange noise. You turn around, facing the Glum Reaper.

"You are dead. You cannot speak with the living."

Quote: You walk up to the display counter and spot what you're looking for. Smiling, you reach out to grab the goods. However, your spectral fingers can't grasp the material.

The Glum Reaper's voice echoes inside your mind. "Fool!" he exclaims. "You no longer exist in the world of the living."

I love this because they could have just made the Crimson Guard error message appear and say "You can't shop while dead!" But they decided to put in five (five!) different messages which are all pretty funny. Glum Reaper... hue.

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