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Experiencing PRPG as a new player
10-27-2014, 01:06 AM, (This post was last modified: 10-27-2014, 01:07 AM by Nataylia.)
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Bug  Experiencing PRPG as a new player
I decided to play PRPG as a new player.

[Image: F3iaA8v.png][Image: gonIrrF.png]

Lore for each race? That's rad. But why do Hounzalids get 7.7 energy to start off with while Humans get 25? The fierce race of daemons shouldn't be lethargic.

[Image: 45L71yo.png]

Pretty cool picture, mang. Guess I should log in.

[Image: u7hamXr.png]

OH MY GOD. What is this UI? Already I've managed to mess it up. Apparently I can customize it with infoboxes though?

My Hounzalid looks kind of big and kind of squashed. It makes telling which tile my character is on difficult.

[Image: oGX1fFe.png]

Hi Hope! Wow, getting a mail from the owner is pretty awesome.

[Image: IBloY8d.png]

...okay. Huh

Hmph! Angry If that's the way you're going to be, new interface...

[Image: TZPOliD.png]

Much better! Vexilar is still a pip squeak though. (Really, that tiny image is cute, but he should be the same size as me!) Anyways, time for an adventure!

[Image: ubRGIZ0.png]

We ran out of tiles descs. Don't worry, I know they're a pain to write.

[Image: k3JuwEv.png]

Why is there an apple store here? PRPG, explain yourself. Who is this mystery person selling apples in Vexilar's Garden? Why can't we all have access to this apple store? This would make food quests so easy!

[Image: Tia6D4J.png]

Aww, it's Grandma!

[Image: SjvE2al.png]

Grandma is such a bitch.

[Image: uBHWgcH.png]


[Image: bAzofCE.png]

Aw, crap. I think I would be dead even if I could see the entire battle UI.

[Image: QYYLY6w.png]

Nevermind, they can't hit the broad side of a barn.

[Image: xhbrFBf.png]

Hi Hope! Hi Tree!

(I'm miffed that the tiles I can step on look exactly the same as the tiles I can't step on.)

[Image: h1gpnD3.png]

Aw, cute. Wait, it can damage me? That thing is going down!

[Image: 9DTCkdZ.png]

That's a lot of quests.

[Image: TgV90kR.png]

If this keeps up I'll get my first promotion before leaving the Garden. (+4 AP?) This is nicer than grinding in Sewers, for sure.

[Image: yv0yygr.png]

I opened the inventory in this little pop-up. This does not look pretty at all.

[Image: l7Eb60d.png]

After Vexilar gives me a quest to kill 15 Fangblooms, I want to change my infoboxes to include the player info screen, (so I can see how much energy I have left) but I can't find a link to settings anywhere. Did I really ruin the new layout for myself?

Also, when I click to make those infoboxes smaller, I can't open them up again.

[Image: 9rqQ6ky.png]

Oh my god, the help centre doesn't work. Missing here is the sound of my clicking furiously on "Ask".

I kept grinding to get my 1st promotion to Nomad but it felt kind of pointless when I couldn't see my XP or energy. So... I switched to the old layout again.

[Image: OJPtrW7.png]

Hell yes.

But to be quite honest if I were a new player I might have gotten discouraged and closed the tab at any point along here. Just said "I'm done playing this."
10-28-2014, 09:47 AM,
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RE: Experiencing PRPG as a new player
Very good post. Good job on actually doing this. I think everyone should try do this and post their experiences in this thread. I couldn't stress enough how important this is to the game.

Again, good job and thanks for posting this!
[Image: siggy-1.gif]
10-29-2014, 12:01 AM,
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RE: Experiencing PRPG as a new player
Forgive me, but this makes me sad for a multitude of reasons.
Put bluntly, a great lot of this is visual, and rather arbitrary. Okay, I get that I'm blind and don't really have too much say when it comes to what does or does not frustrate a person visually. That's fine. But most of the nitpicking appears focused on this, and I think a game has to be more than its graphics.
Were I to tell you about my new experiences as a player, for instance, I would cite that killing 15 fangblooms is like 2x more than most other quests that ask you to kill, and I'd also cite an inability to get back into the garden after I left. I'd mention that there are a lot of areas in a very short level span, so it's very easy to miss things or be forced to backtrack. I'd mention that sometimes battles can lag for no appreciable reason at all, even when when the online list was relatively unpopulated. I'd also note that when going into the tavern for the first time, I'd be as likely as not to get silence if I said hi. Not precisely welcoming, but this one is hit and miss; sometimes a new player is welcomed right away.
Just my two cents' worth. I'm not saying that the interface doesn't need cleanup, but I'm hoping like heck that said cleanup doesn't take priority over other legitimate issues that might improve gameplay. A weak game with smooth graphics is worse than a strong game with iffy ones, IMHO.
12-26-2014, 04:14 PM,
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RE: Experiencing PRPG as a new player
I totally agree.
The starting part of the game is a horrible mess.
The one thing that pissed me off was the mobs stacking up and you die a horrible death after engaging.
The New Layout has some good ideas and is very ambicious, but in my opinon new player should start in the old one until all the bugs are fixed.

And i get the point that it's supposed to be a challenging game...but starting hardcore from the start is not the way to get new players to stay.
I mean if you dont read and teleport out of the garden when talking to grandma. You cant return on your own. ( and i've seen this happen a lot during the time i have been here )
If i were a new player and i could't finish the quests i have there. That would make me click the close button in an instant.

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