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Donation System Remodel?
09-16-2014, 11:13 PM,
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Donation System Remodel?
Okay, after a lengthy and very worthwhile debate in the Tavern, I've been encouraged to start a thread regarding the donation system!

While there were many different views and opinions present, I'm going to stick to mine and let the others come and say their piece.

I think the phanpoint system need a substantial overhaul to include a few of the following points:

1. First (and most highly debated), I think we should bring back an incentive for higher donations. While the point was made that all money should equal the same amount of phans (or whatever incentive for donating) it is my opinion that if Player A donates $100 he should be rewarded with a higher bonus than if he was to donate $50 twice.
a. This will be an incentive for higher donations which is the whole point. We discussed out sourcing to coders outside the game to help with development (particularly in Facebook integration, but that's for another thread). That costs money. How about some outside advertising to get more players involved? That costs money. Higher incentive, higher donations.
b. Here's a point I brought up in the Tavern. Player B is trying to decide whether to donate $4.99 or $19.99, he has done the math and discovered he gets the same reward if he donates $4.99 four times. He will of course donate $4.99 four times. BUT, let's say if he donates $19.99 he will get about four and half the phanpoints he would if he donated just $5 four times. Now the game has made more money and the player gets better rewards, encouraging him to donate again and in even higher increments.
c. Now moving on two weeks to pay day, Player B decides he's got more to spend and has been having so much fun on pRPG he will donate again. Well by now, he's already spent all of his phanpoints! He won't donate in a lower amount because that wouldn't be worth it so he decides to investigate what kind of bonuses there are for donating $49.99 well now he gets and even higher stack and continues to help the game and get his incentive awards.
d. Is Player C loosing out because they don't have the same amount to spend? My personal answer is: Not if they have the patience to wait. Player C can only afford $5 a week, not $20. Well, if Player C saves up for four weeks he can gain the same bonuses that Player B got for donating the same amount of money. Problem solved, nobody's feelings get hurt.

2. Moving on - Should there be a different way to spend phanpoints that isn't currently implemented? YES.
a. I personally would like to see many additional opportunites to use phan points in the game. I'm not suggesting making it impossible for non-donators to play as is the case in some "free games". I'm suggesting exclusive quests, avatar "skins" with different colors, different pets, and of course custom items!
b. "This would be a lot of additional work, Garet." I know! Bear with me here:

More Incentive > More Donation > Potential for Ads > More Players > Potential for Talented Staff > More Incentive

In short - Let's revamp the donation system and help fix that aspect of the game!

09-17-2014, 02:36 PM,
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RE: Donation System Remodel?
Here Is what Karakarn has written up on some different ideas covered in the conversation.

Possible Tweaking of the Donation Model

During a tavern discussion, a bunch of players were tossing around various ideas to make the current donation system, which is a trifle underwhelming, better. Below are the general results.

In no particular order:

1. Cumulative Milestones
Currently, the game does not track how much a given account has donated over the months and years. It was suggested that this be changed, if possible, and that milestones be put in place to reward those who have pledged significant amounts of money to the development of PhantasyRPG. Exact numbers were not discussed, but one good facet of this idea is that the milestones can rise to very high numbers, and sooner or later someone may very well breach them.

2. Patron of Cajar Medal Upgrade
Currently, this medal simply serves to let an observer know that a player has donated more than thirty dollars to PhantasyRPG. It was suggested that for every x dollars donated, this medal would give a very low number of phan-points per week, so long as the account was active during that week. For example, perhaps 5 phan-points for every twenty dollars spent. This would work hand in hand with the ability to keep track of one's cumulative bonuses, of course, since without that ability, a better bonus for the medal would be impossible to calculate.

3. Monthly Donation with Year-end Perk
This would be a sort of membership. The current membership options are a bit on the lackluster side, as the advertisements on PRPG and the discounts in shops are not precisely game-changing either way. Perhaps for a ten-dollar donation every month, a player would get a single reward of 1000 phan-points at the end of a year, on top of the other bonuses they achieved. This might be a bit harder to implement, depending on the method of monthly payment (automatic or manual), but it could almost certainly be done.

4. Larger bonuses for larger donations
This point is valid but slightly controversial. It was suggested that players who donate a lot of money at once should be rewarded more for their one-time large donation than those players who, with multiple donations, ended up pledging the same amount in the end. On one hand, many popular IOS games and the like use this model with great success, though on a much smaller scale. On the other hand, if the largest single-donation reward is set too high, it may make players feel that donating lesser amounts is less worthwhile in a "bang for buck" sense. Both sides have plenty of good points.

5. Periodic sales and specials
Budget and common sense permitting, it might be beneficial to put certain items on sale, or to occasionally give greater rewards for donations (during the Christmas holiday, for instance). If this was done sometimes (but not too often), it is true that some players would be able to receive more than other players depending on the time of their donation - which may appear to work partially counter to point 4 - but it also means that another facet of the successful smaller-scale models utilized by more popular platforms would be implemented. Many games, stores and other vendors will offer specials on certain merchandise or at certain times, and there are many reasons to allow PhantasyRPG to do the same.

I think that about covers it.
09-18-2014, 11:04 AM,
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RE: Donation System Remodel?
Thanks Delta! That covered a great deal more than I did, appreciate it!

Okay, I'm about to go out and do some work so I'm only going to respond to one of those points, and it's one I completely agree with.

Periodic Sales and Specials -

I've seen other games bring great success using that method! And to be honest, with pRPG's events in the past, I've experienced Christmas event's that STILL give me nostalgia every year around the holidays.

I think if we were to offer MUCH MORE items in the phan-store, it would make sense to have specials on certain items during certain times of the year. For example, an EXP and Energy boosting item sale during the summer break when most of the target audience (Middle/High School ages) are on break and can afford to spend a few extra hours grinding out some levels.

But that being said, I think we need a few things in the Phan-Store:
1. Cheaper items - these can be short effect items like energy boosters, exp boosts, and stat boosters
2. More options - It kind of goes along with cheaper items, I want to be able to spend 10 phans on an item that will give me a 30 minute boost or so and not have to spend 45 phans and dedicate 3 hours to training. (Keep in mind 45 phans is currently the cheapest item in there.)
a. Some additional ideas for more options:
1. More Equipment with different effects (with min. level req. of 1) So that new players don't have to spend $30+ on one crimson (Make these new items have set min-max and maybe give additional energy per minute? perfect for new players)
2. Costume Items - this is crazy popular with new players, a lot of people want to be unique. It's good to give them an opportunity to have rare equips that change their avatar as newer players (Without having to purchase one from older players which can get expensive, or having to wait for a holiday event like halloween)
3. Gems that can't be mined (These would offer higher stats for blacksmith forged weapons! Not ridiculously over powered, they could also give additional effects that are unavailable from other mined gems.)

Okay, gotta go work, I'll think up some more ideas later.

09-19-2014, 11:29 AM,
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RE: Donation System Remodel?
I agree with the notion that the Phanstore needs some love.

Regarding the milestones idea - I've played a game that rewarded players every x months (I think it was every 6) with either a special item that wasn't available to buy or with an item from the store for free. It didn't matter how much you donated so long as you did.

I also like the larger bonuses for larger donations.

and of course I like the idea of periodic sales.

I am also a big believer of fattening up the store with more items/consumables and a huge fan of putting limited addition/seasonal stuff in the phan store as I have mentioned in other posts.

P.S I'd be willing to help graphically with this.
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09-20-2014, 12:13 PM,
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RE: Donation System Remodel?
Can we come up with any ideas that would be easy to implement in the phanstore?

Does anyone want to come up with a few ideas about how a good setup to how phan point donations should work? (i.e. how large bonuses would be for so large a donation and such)
09-20-2014, 03:46 PM,
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RE: Donation System Remodel?
I would really like to see a custom option where you can get a custom avatar.
09-22-2014, 08:51 AM,
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RE: Donation System Remodel?
Delta, when I come up with some time, I will look into what I think would work for a donation system.

Also, a custom avatar sounds awesome!

09-22-2014, 07:52 PM,
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RE: Donation System Remodel?
Let me chime in here - Avatars are very, very hard to draw and get right. I don't think it would be possible at the current time, or any time really to do that.
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09-22-2014, 09:08 PM,
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RE: Donation System Remodel?
(09-22-2014, 07:52 PM)Danni_girl Wrote: Let me chime in here - Avatars are very, very hard to draw and get right. I don't think it would be possible at the current time, or any time really to do that.

Well that settles that. There is another thread about custom avatars and I suggested they be more expensive than regular customs but maybe it is just way too much work overall.
Thanks Danni Smile
09-23-2014, 05:42 AM,
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RE: Donation System Remodel?
Adding on to your suggestions.

Have a Ppoint counter for a double XP and/ or crowne weekend. There would be some sort of "insert X amount of Ppoints here" box where players put in Ppoints until it hits the required amount. Once that happens the next full weekend that comes up would be double XP and/ or crowne. There would either be a cool down on the box for receiving ppoints, or a cool down on the time that this 'event' could happen. Personally I'd like to see the xp transfer over to the trade skills as well (Fishing, Mining, Blacksmithing) for those level slowly, and any boost to those is something I'd love to see.
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