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pRPG Clan System
08-10-2014, 08:21 PM,
Post: #1
pRPG Clan System
Okay, I'm on a roll here with the ideas.

This one I submitted through the Suggestion Box in-game:

Here's a short suggestion I thought of to help resurrect the fun clan system that used to exist.

(Possibly) Change the requirements to create a clan. I think part of the reason the system is flawed is there are too many chiefs and not enough indians. I wonder - What should it REALLY take to be a clan leader in pRPG?

(More importantly) Limit the amount of clans you can be in to (possibly?) the level that you are. A simple idea is to have every 50 levels, starting at level 100, entitle you to become a "non-member" of another clan. So at level 100 I can become a member of an additional clan. At level 150 I can have my main clan and 2 additional allegiances.

I guess I've never been a big advocate of addition clans - before when you only had one clan to give your loyalty to, members had to be sure that (Insert Old Powerhouse Clan Here) was THE ONLY clan they would work their butt off for. Let's bring back the clan fellowship and rivalries in pRPG.... Let's make this work again.

Okay, so if you AGREE and like that idea, please go vote it up in the suggestion box. Also, let me hear some additional thoughts for this.

It seems to me it would be an easy enough change as far as coding is concerned... and there really aren't enough active clans to be a part of anyway...

Am I crazy? Huh

08-11-2014, 12:43 PM,
Post: #2
RE: pRPG Clan System
I like the idea of adding additional requirements in order to create a clan. Making users be a higher level, pay more crowne and pay more minerals would be a good a good way to do this. However, I don't think upping the requirements is going to change things. These changes would be a good crowne sink, but there are already so many clans in the game that adding more stipulations for new clans wouldn't even matter at this point. Everyone pretty much owns their own clan already.

As for limiting the amount of clans that a person can be a part of, I am completely against this. There are some clans that are specially designed for players to RP -- limited this would be a bad idea. There are also clans that serve the sole purpose of allowing "older" players to keep up with one another through clan chat, e.g. the clan named 2004. I am currently in 120 clans and although I'm not active in them, it shows that I have been around and have connections to many players.

I think a better way to "fix" clans would simply be to create some competition amongst them. Bringing back clan contests would be a great way to do this. Or, if a few active members were to create new clans and get new members active, clans could compete against each other in things like leveling competitions, mineral drives, clan donations, etc.

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