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07-28-2014, 10:35 PM, (This post was last modified: 07-28-2014, 10:36 PM by Grey_man.)
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So, Once upon a time, A very Greyman got bored, and decided to write stories about people. And here is the ..... Train wreck that is my writing.

Heres one about Alt89tlinz,

Having been born to two of the most beautiful women of all of Avera, Alt89tlinz had always been pressured to be highly attractive herself, and although she accomplished this, with little to no effort, she was alway an outcast to the other shyde for reasons she did not, at the time know. Unable to find companionship within her own shyde community, she found herself drawn to the stables, and to the horses. Through her years she slowly bonded with the horses, whom were used to assist in the training of the Woodsmen into becoming a member of the trusted horsemen class. She would spend hours every day tending to the horses, feeding and grooming them. It is here she met her first Eldron friend, who would later become her husband. His name was Predatorofwind, whom was in the middle of his horsemen training, she felt an imediate bond with him, and grew curious of him, watching him train day in and day out. Although too shy to actually talk to him, she would tend to his wounds as he was slammed from the horses. With many years, she slowly worked up the courage to talk to him, and during a walk through the Eldron Forest decided she would invite him to dinner, but yet as she walked she was confronted by a strange man garbed in animal skins. The man unsheathed a simple long sword, and directed it towards the shyde, with this the shyde let out a dreadfully deafening shreik. Within moments, A tall, muscular Paladin stood between the man and Shyde. The paladin quickly told the shyde to go and hide in a commanding yet, relieving voice, familar in tone, she complied and hide. What ensued sounded as though an extremely difficult and ardiuous battle ensued. Although with nearly an hour passed, the clash of metal stopped, the shyde grew concerned and rushed to the aid of her rescuer. Having for the first time seeing his face, Alt89tlinz, knew immediatly it was her childhood friend, Predatorofwind who had raced to her side in her time of need. With this she made the incredible descion to declare him as he saviour, granting him the title of hero. After this, she watched as her new found hero was scarred by the foe he had just slain, Concerned for him, she rushed to his side,to quickly administering her healing magic on the singed flesh, although before she could begin she watched as they it took the form of a paw and a set of talons.

Many years past, and the bond between hero and shyde had strengthed to the extent that they would wed to each other. And after even more time passed, Alt89tlinz would be the mother to 4 children, of which she is very protective of. No one has ever loved their family more then Alt89tlinz, or atleast she thought until one faithful day, The small family home she and Predatorofwind had come to build on the outskirts of the Eldron Forest, A small fire had caught near their home, threatening to consume their home, which held their children within, Atl89tlinz came out to combat the fire, only to discover that it had been started by a Flame Shyde, a being who had been consumed by The Great Evil, who knew of the families great power and potential and was after to destroy their existance. The shyde mother stood and fought with this Flame shyde, in a losing battle and with Predatorofwind out on offical business to Cajar, Alt89tlinz sort to sacrifice herself to protect her children. As she began to channel her power into a single powerful spell, she started to say her goodbyes to her family through her mind, but before she could release the spell, A warm hand was placed onto her shoulder, A hero stood infront of her. It was Predatorofwind, he had heard her goodbyes and rushed to her side once more. He became to engage the flame shyde in combat, he managed to thrust his blade into the shydes heart in a single quick movement, slaying her. As she decended from the heights of the air, she mumbled some eldronian words, and a powerful spear, of pure flames pierced through Predatorofwind's chest. As he lay their dying, Alt89tlinz stood over his body, her tears falling down over his wound, distraught from the event's she was unable to comprehend what had happened, let alone what was needed to be done, She only thought into compressing all her emotions, all her love into a single healing spell, And plunged it into Predatorofwind's chest. Much to her surprise, It began to close his wound, and he slowly regained conciousness, awakening to Alt89tlinz tears falling down her face and onto his own. He pulled himself upright and embraced her with all he could muster.

One about Predatorofwind, that ties into the one about Alt89tlinz.

Raised in the Eldron city of Avera, Predatorofwind had a typical life as a young novice, As he grew he learned how to ride upon horseback, where he met his now wife, Alt89tlinz, Who had a love of horses and tended to those within the stables. Through the many years that he grew in strength, his bond with her also strengthed. However on a single faithful day, as he had reached the peak of his career as a Paladin, he had heard a shreik from the Eldron forest, fear for his dear friend he rushed where he faced a powerful druid. Although a long and arducious fight, he came out victorious, The young shyde had declared Predatorofwind her saviour, which within the Eldron community had granted him the title of Hero, but alas this was not the only thing granted to him on that day. The druid whom laid dying in the woods, gestured Predatorofwind over towards him. Cautiously the now hero slowly approached, but before he could react the druid lunged his hands towards Predator's chest, leaving a scar in the shape of a Paw on his left, and talon's on his right. From this day forth, Predatorofwind had gained the power to transform into one of two forms. A white wolf, and an elegant Falcon.

Years after the events within the Eldron forest of which he had earned his high standings within his own community, Predatorofwind would come to marry his childhood friend Alt89tlinz, and proceed to become a father to 4 children, whom he protects above all else along with their mother, And even willing to die for any one of them, having already done so, and being revived only by the love of his Shyde partner. He now lives just on the outskirts of the Eldron forest, within a small hut, large enough to house his family comfortably yet not so large as to disturb the balance of the forest. He helps the city of Cajar, in upholding the barrier that keeps the hordes of monsters at bay, in an attempt to try and bridge the relations between the Eldron and Human kind, He would almost be concidered a Emissary of the Eldron kin.
09-22-2014, 12:13 AM,
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At first I was convinced I would not read this since I am very tired, then I studied some more and decided this was better than studying. In conclusion, it was a lot better than studying and I liked it.

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