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Repeatable Event. *The Rift opens*
06-01-2014, 10:53 PM, (This post was last modified: 06-01-2014, 10:54 PM by Grey_man.)
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RE: Repeatable Event. *The Rift opens*
Did I ever say that is what I thought you were doing? I did not, I think you have misread or misunderstood my words, I said, it is how some may see your intentions, not how I would. I say this as I have seen it in the past, As recent as the beginning of this year, And the results were not exactly of a desirable nature.

However seeing as you, instantly jumped to such a conclusion, I can probably say 1 of a few things from that. You don't think that highly of me, or at least, not enough to stop you thinking that I was trying to be subtle by saying some, meaning I thought this, which I wasn't and didn't , I meant exactly what I said. However I could say the same to you. My Disagreeing with you, has only brought you to further persist, in emphasizing how I appear to be "wrong", and you seem to think you are "right" with your ideas. Or in this situation, it would be more along the lines of, we are both right. You just think your more right. Furthermore, I could say some of the things you have said, could be seen as veiled insults, however I am above thinking this, as I know the odds of such a thing are ridiculously low, at their highest..

However you do bring up a important and worrying point, that being someone who has been dissuaded from helping the game due to me. I do not know of such a person, since at least 2008-2009 time, which 1) was before your time on the game, and 2) was long ago when I was a mere immature child practically. Which even then that situation was remedied with a formal apology from myself. And if there is such a person, I would like to know of them as this is directly related to me, and a situation I was not aware of.

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