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Repeatable Event. *The Rift opens*
05-26-2014, 12:36 AM,
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RE: Repeatable Event. *The Rift opens*
The Earth Wall does crumble after 2 turns. It says it in the description of abilities

"It is used upon 2 requirements 1. The wall being destoryed (Dealt enough damage, or 2 rounds being up)"

So once those 2 rounds are gone, It's gone for that battle, never to be re-summoned as long as that fight is in (which in the final fight, which is 5 fights, all in 1 battle is a major draw back, and i assume there would be more fights to the likes of this eventually.)

As with the Bracers, On average every 2.5 turns you get a bonus 1-2 attacks. so lets say over 5 turns (statistically you should get 2 rolls in that time) you get a bonus 3 attacks for a total of 8 attacks over the 5 turns ( bonus 1 attack on 1 of the rolls, and a bonus 2 on the other.) and 75% of the time you get a stack, so that means you should get 6 stacks over those 5 turns. with an average on 1 per turn so you will hit your 5 stacks within the time the Rhizard bracers activate on average. And you don't take any backlash from them, and have no way of avoiding the damage from the Houndzalid's bracers, where as the Rhizard's you can have Water resistance lower the damage. However i have slightly lowered the damage of the Rhizards bracers and added the Utility of it not being reactivated while the Bleed is in effect.

I personally would trade the 200 dexterity of the helm(provided i hit the cap) ,and the 5% lower item find chance (remember thats if the item is 100% drop, its now 95%, or if its 1% its now 0.95% not -4%) for the 15% air resistance, 20% earth and 15% light. As that would make me take even less damage from those 2 elements, This is more reliant on knowing your opponents, and also goes hand in hand with another piece of work I've done, but left of Dev forums, to do with Elemental resistances, and assigning monsters a element for their damage (for the most of them ) . So I think that boils down more to a personal opinion.

The poncho, Again I think thats again personal opinion. Id be hard pressed between picking (if i could use any of them), the Eldron and the Houndzalid armor. I personally would take the dodge myself.

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