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Repeatable Event. *The Rift opens*
05-25-2014, 06:59 AM, (This post was last modified: 05-25-2014, 09:24 AM by Grey_man.)
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RE: Repeatable Event. *The Rift opens*
Alright ill start with addressing the suggestions you made with the Rhizards.

The weapon (which I should have mentioned before hand, I admit.) I was tied between the two abilities, but was unsure so I left them both. It wouldn't have both. And i would like to mention that the "weakening" is not weakening, its bolstering of yourself. If you deal 10 damage, and the weapon kicks in, for that round alone you would deal 15 instead. However they are a pair of daggers, and as such I think they should provide a sure fire double hit, That is why the stats on the weapon are so low in comparison to the other two-handeds (an average of 195 on the others or so as opposed to the 70 or so average on the daggers.) Also remember Its a single item.

The Frigid spikes pseudo-stun, granted is a bit over the top, I considered ramping it up to 4% chance lost each time it activated (so 20/16/12/8/4) leaving it at 4% chance, And also, the turn while they search for their weapon. That would likely be the Half damage option over the no attack at all.

The undertows "drowning" feature, isn't a stun. So they are still attacking you while they are under effect. Now at 15% chance on average they will get about 6-7 turns of effect (also multiplying the damage was the wrong word.... its adding a stack, and each stack is worth 4-12 damage) so at an average of 8/12/18/24/32/40/48/56/64/72 for rounds 1-9. At round 6-7 they take 250 or so damage. which is about as good as the houndzalid bracers you commented as being underwhelming, but requires a pre-requirement to activate, where as the Houndzalids bracers require you do either deal damage, or take a hit of any size.

Now for the helm, the insanity thing I can understand, However the armor, the healing from the defensive mode, is 15% chance per turn to heal 20-40 hp/mp. So each turn it rolls that 15% chance. Probably bad wording on my behalf there. However the offensive side, They are stacks, that dont disappear until the battle is over. so they will get upto 60-240 damage(at 4 stacks cap) per turn, at 30% chance to gain 1 stack, so it would take on average 12 or so turns to reach full stacks.

AS for the Eldrons.

The stun on the weapon. Why, what is wrong with the stun on it. It is a kinda average chance of activating, and it deals a little bit of plink and a slight heal, nothing too flash or worth while, granted the activation rate may be a little high. But that would starting to nitpick numbers and what not which would be sussed during the obvious testing phase.

The Earth Wall's stun trick thing. That is the turn of the wall being destroyed... after that it is gone. You lose your chance for the damage dealing part. Again, likely bad wording on my end.

Now the only Human suggestion you made, I can understand. Was probably a little over the top, but i truly hate humans on here, they are just I dont know what it is, may be the commonness they are (your on a phantasy game, why play a human. p.s this isn't intended as racism, it's meant as me knowing my faults and over compensating too much) I was aware of this, and the potential for it to make me bias, so i bumped it up a bit over the top to cover my butt simply put.

Now Houndzalids.

Id like to start by saying, I swear that I put the multi-attack's chance at 40% of going off, not 20%. I'll be changing that after this.

The bracers. They have an offensive synergy with the weapon quite well. I again, swear I altered the chances on that when it was in my document program. The chance of the stack being added would be about 70-75%. Now each time a stack is added, the damage also applies on the spot. So with good luck. you can get 3 stacks within the same turn, So while its 3 stacks in that turn, you instantly deal 84 direct damage (6 from the first stack, 24 from the 2nd and then 54 from the 3rd.) And would be direct, so no matter what. No way of being mitigated either way. While the Defensive way, lets you deal damage even if you cant hit the opponent (which would make the defensive worthwhile for the tanky sort of houndzalid.

The Amulet. That heals you for 2.5% of your max hp. Not the damage you deal, so it can be well and truly. Better then the RAoB in the right situations. and then heals you for 15% of your max hp, when you kill the opponent, as long as you smack it with your weapon the turn it dies.

The Shemagh, I've added a cap to the dexterity loss, and removed the wisdom loss. However, Please remember as a houndzalid is innately 50% resistant to magic from the get go (over the top by a mile i think, just alas just my opinion). The extra magic defences, would really help with taking even less damage, causing all damage for the most part from the Eldron, and Human sets to deal even less damage.

The armor, Ive added a flat 5% chance innately, and boosted the <10% hp chance, to 35% and lowered the cost. While its not a stun, its practically the same thing. The armor is intended to help with the survival. Think of it like the adrenalin of people. We have it there, it doesn't do anything, or doesn't do much in most situations. But as a situation worsens it could mean the difference between death, and surviving by killing that one opponent to trigger your amulet, which will heal you for 2.5% of your hp + the large 15% bonus.

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