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Repeatable Event. *The Rift opens*
05-24-2014, 12:56 AM, (This post was last modified: 05-24-2014, 12:57 AM by Grey_man.)
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RE: Repeatable Event. *The Rift opens*
Firstly, it was meant to be to a degree generic. I made it with the very limited work force in mind. There is minimal coding required and minimal graphics (as it would only be , after the base work is done, 4 images every couple of months along with a 4 ability codes again every couple of months) . Also the rewards would be equally rare, As you can only get 1 piece per event trigger and that is if you complete all the quests before the time frame runs out should you fail to do so you have to start over again and wait until it again comes up. So even if you were to complete it each time it could take you up to around a year to get a complete set. It was also designed to hopefully increase activity. As you need to train within the event so the Equipment would reach its full potential.

With what you say about unbalanced. I personally don't see it. These were all designed with the ideals of magic resistance eventually being implemented. So virtually all the damage would eventually have a way of being mitigated, While the Houndzalid's equipment focus more on survival, allowing them to avoid damage with the dodging attacks and survive potentially fatal attacks with the armor. And healing themselves with the amulet, which is arguably better then the RAoB provided the right circumstances.

So while the Eldron equipment looks overpowered, they actually aren't, linked in with the low chances of the high damage output equipment (The amulets "1000 earth damage" ability can have a staggered chance for 1,2,3 seeds to spawn (50/35/15) so you need 2 seeds to begin with, and then you only have a 2.5% chance for you to both stand on those seeds, so that gives you a less then 1% chance of it triggering.) And the ability that it would eventually be capable of mitigating some of that damage.

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