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Repeatable Event. *The Rift opens*
05-17-2014, 09:56 AM, (This post was last modified: 05-31-2014, 10:27 AM by Grey_man.)
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Repeatable Event. *The Rift opens*
So months ago, I was bored for a night or two and decided to try and make something the game can use. And here is what i came up with, an event that can be repeated indefinitely, and would hopefully encourage higher levels to continue training and actually doing stuff. But i digress here is what i ended up with.


Length: 1 week per event
How often: 2 months, 7 weeks off, 1 week on
Level requirement: Final Promotion. 120 i believe is the lowest.
Estimated Questline length: 20+ Quests.

Plot/ Pitch

A strange rift opens upon the entrance of the Hills of the Magi, A small group of warriors have stepped through and made camp at entrance. The Player, Hence forth refered to as you(or one of its forms) is sent by the authorities of Cajar, to investigate this group, and determine if they are friend or foe. Upon arrive, they are greeted by 4 people, each one from the 4 races.

A Lady of the Wood to represent the Eldron
A Khan to represent Houndzalids
An Anhilator for the Rhizards
And an Angel Knight to represent the Humans.

The four greet you and introduce them as "The leaders of the Rebellion." They continue to introduce themselves individually to The Player. Upon greeting the Lady of the Wood, she begins to explain the situation. The rift was torn into your world, in hopes to find the greatest warriors of it, to assist them into bring peace to their war torn world. Upon agreeing to, you step forth through the rift with the 4 leaders as your guide, into an identical world to the one you are from. From here you speak further with the Lady of the Wood. She tells you further details on the situation, She informs you the 4 races are at war, and are currently deadlocked as far as power goes. Upon hearing this, you inquire into what has come of "The Crimson king". To which you recieve a puzzled look from all 4 of them. The Anhilator speaks up, and informs you they have never known, nor heard of someone by that name. To your shock, you begin to piece the parts of the puzzle together, and conclude that as the Crimson king never exsisted, the four races never united, and instead now fight over land and resources. The Four leaders then begin sending you on errands, beginning on simple equipment and item runs, slowly escalting as you gain their trust and confidence, to fending off attacks on the base, and fighting war lords and the champions of each race. Eventually, Your prove yourself to the 4 Race generals commanding the armies of each race, enough for you to conveign a council comprised of the rebellion and the Race generals. You begin a discussion with them all, and notice an oddity in all their behaviours. You begin questioning them deeply about their motives, a while later after the questioning continues, they grow disturbed by your knowledge and power and break character to reveal they are mere peons of "The Great Evil", after this they summon a great demon in an attempt to silence and defeat you. You enter battle with this being and upon defeating it you talk to your races Rebel leader, who graces you with a Weapon usable only by their race.


-Equipment and item errands.
-Delievies to each race's general, refused entry and attacked on sight.
-Defending the camp (forced, chain battles similar to the mosquito larva battle of the springs)
-Killing large numbers of each race to help reduce rebel casualties.
-Slaying of Race Champions
-Organising a council of each race's leaders
-Attempting to work out a peace treaty, instead leaders summon a titan, you must defeat.
-Wind up, collection of reward.

Actual Quest details

Recieved from - Rebel Lady of the Wood

The rebel leader *insert name* waves you down, signaling you to come over."Oh it's you. I was looking for someone else. Actually please will you run a small errand for me?."

Reply with-

1- Sure.

2- I dont have time for any small errand. *Closes window*

*Oh thank you. Our forces are running out of energy far too quick, we can barely hold our lines with the way things are going now. I need you to fetch 25 small energy potions and 15 revitalising tonics right away and bring them back to me." She gives you a bow, and returns to the rest of the leaders. You hear them talk about war plans, and stratagies as you walk away.

(Upon return) *Thank heavens you have returned, please tell me you have the potions, I don't know how much longer our troops can last with out them

Reply with-

1- Yes, here take them quickly.

2- No, i havn't, I'll return soon with them as promised.

2- *"Please, I can not express how important this is" The flustered eldron turns away, and begins pacing back and forth.*

1- *The Eldron hastely takes the potions from you, and calls over a rebellion member. She hands him the potions, and orders him to distribute them to the front lines. She then returns her attention to you "This is a relief. The soldiers on the front lines will surely be glad to see those supplies. Please take these as a token of my gratitude, it isn't much but they should be useful."* Player recieved 5000 experience, and 5 full health potions*



Recieved from: Rebel Anhilator

*"YOU THERE!" A loud and commanding voice booms from behind you. You swiftly turn around to see before you a tall, well postured Anhilator. "I do not have time for formalities. I need you to gather together 20 Tribal war axes and 25 Shields of lonliness. We dont have enough equipment to supply our troops."

Reply with-

1- Su- Sure thing Sir.

2- "I.. I don't think I could do that" *You slip away before the Rhizard has a chance to do anything.* Closes window

*" Good, now hurry along, we need that equipment yesterday!" The Rhizard walk off towards the group of rebel leaders, the ground shakes with every step he takes. You hear some fractured whispers, but the only word you can make out is "Great".

(Upon returning) *Upon approaching the group of leaders once more, the Rhizard splits from their group, and staggers towards you "So do you have the gear we needed?"

Reply with-

-1 Yes, its right here

-2 N-N-No sir, I'll return with it soon

2- " We can NOT be wasting time here, those soldiers need this gear!" The Rhizard rushes off back to the group of rebels.

1- " Good, Ill have these rushed to our armory for assignment to troops, Say what is yo-" The Rhizard is cut off by a loud ringing alarm. You hear a loud voice ring throughout the camp. "WE ARE UNDER ATTACK." You look at the Rhizard, before you know it, he takes up arms, and heads towards the intruders, ready for a fight. You join him in rushing to the fight, weapon already drawn.

Enter battle
2 Barbarians
Upon defeat 1 Prince of Thieves, 1 Grand master assassin summoned
Upon Defeat 2 War generals.

At end of battle, talk to Anhilator rebel again "That was but a small skirmish, It wont be long before we are attacked again. Say, you handled yourself particularly well here today. Here take these, you have definatly earned them" Player recieves 7500 Experience, 2 Potions of burning rage and 2 potiosns of Iron skin.



Recieved from: Rebel Angel knight

Basic Guide
Handed letters to deliever to the war generals of each race.

While walking towards the entrance to the Houndzalid camp, you grab the letters out and start sorting through them.

While Doing this, the guards attack you on sight, causing you to drop all 4 letters and instigates a 3v1 fight of three houndzalids. 2 Khans and a Detonator

Return to rebel camp, inform them of the occurance. Collect reward

8000 Exp


Recieved from: Rebellion member

Basic Guide:
Ask by a rebel soldier, to assist them in slaying some of the Rhizard forces as they are overwhelming their defences in the Southern Grasslands area.

Tasked with slaying 30 Rhizard kind

Enter the forest and fight 30 RHizards, will be faced by the final promotion rhizards, in up to groups of 2.

return to the member for your reward.

3000 Experience
10 revitalising tonics


Recieved from: Rebel scout(repeated 3 more times, once for each race at different stages)

Basic Guide:
Rebel scout comes rushing up to the player, stating the Rhizards have sent their greatest champion to fight you

You accept, and enter battle with this warrior.

Upon defeat to talk to The Rhizard rebel leader

In shock of your victory he congratulates you and the quest is finished.


Recieved from: Rebel Khan
Basic Guide:
Houndzalid leader comes up to you for a chat.

Your exchange pleasentries and mindless chatter.

Upon getting to the point, he compliments what you did with the Rhizard forces. And requests you do the same to the Eldrons, hiding in the Forest.

You accept, head to the Forest, to kill 50 Eldrons, mixture of all final promotions.

Return to the camp, talk to the leader again and receieve your reward



Recieved from: Rebel Lady of the Wood

Basic Guide:
You approach the Lady of the Wood, who informs you that they have sighted the Eldrons greatest warrior, wandering alone

You ask what they plan to do about this

She informs you, they plan to send you to fight the Warrior and gives you the location. A tile along the Path south of cajar.

You encounter the Warrior, but find yourself ambushed by him, and 2 eldron Protectors and forced into battle.

Upon defeating them you return to the Lady of the wood and complete the quest.


Recieved from: Rebel Angel Knight

Basic Guide:
As you are wandering around the rebel camp, you spy the Rebel leaders together. Assuming you arent needed you turn and walk the other Direction. Before you can start walking the Angel Knight waves you over and calls your name.

You are informed that the Rebels suspect that the Houndzalid leader and the Human leader are to meet at a common ground (Where Cajar used to be on the map)

You are instructed to Easedrop on them, and gather what information you can.

Upon arriving you pick up a little bit of information, something about "their master orders them to destroy-" before they notice your presence.

After this, They both send their champions and security force to attack you. You enter battle, at first with a Detonator, Lobo, Prince of Theives and a Kings Hunter

Upon defeating these You then enter battle with a Prince, a Khan (The human and houndzalid Champions) as well as Demoness and Apothacy.

Upon defeating these you will return to your camp and inform the leaders of what you have discovered. End of quest


Recieved From: Rebel Khan

Upon giving them the information the rebel leaders can only conclude that their is more afoot here then first appears.

They task you to slay 50 Houndzalids of the Caves and 50 Humans of the Graveyard to see if any of them have information. Upon slaying the 100th opponent , you will find a letter with orders from "The master"

You will take this letter back to the rebel leaders. They will conclude that a Council meeting must be brough forth. End of Quest


9000Exp 15,000 Crowne


Recieved From: Rebel Anhilator

Basic Guide:
The rebel leader will approach you, requesting you once again try to delieve your letters to each of the leaders.

Upon doing so, you will be able to deliever each letter. one to the Eldrons ,in the deeper part of the forest, Houndzalids in the inner cavern of the cave, The Rhizards that hide in the trapdoor of the southern grasslands and the Humans that hide within the Mausoleum.

Upon delievering each letter, they will agree to the meeting, and agree that the centre of the south is a good meeting area. End of Quest


Recieved From: Council meeting

You greet the leaders of both sides, and begin questioning the leaders of each race.

Through lengthy dialogue you begin to aggitate the leaders, As they get increasingly violent.

Ultimately they begin to talk about their plans, and reveal the truth of their "Master" Its the Great Evil.

Upon Discovering this all 4 attack you one by one. after all 4 are defeated, they combine into one to form a beast.

You enter battle with this beast as a true boss battle, with no gap inbetween from the 4 leaders.

Upon defeating this, you talk to Your races Rebel leaders, and they grace you with a weapon (Refer to Event items for stats and more information below)

Side Quest

Recieved From: Nobody

Upon completetion of the Main questline, If the player explores into the ruins-castle of the rift would and head to a certain room they will find a silloette standing there

Upon approaching this silloette you find out it is Your childhood self, only somehow different, This would be so rediculously easy to beat, You kill it in a single hit It would have the stats of the novice class from your race, However the only way to beat this would be to allow it to kill you, however if you kill it, It ends the quest and you cant complete the next part until next time. Before you can get a word out It attacks

Upon "Victory" you will be thrown into a fight with "Your Inner Sorrow", Which would be Incredibly hard to defeat for EVERYBODY. Upon beating "Your Inner Sorrow" randomly recieve a Event item (any one of the 5 from your race set) However this boss would be almost impossible to beat by anyone, but each would have the same chance to beat it as another would

Also, all monsters within the Castle would be the same as the normal world, only twice as strong. To improve the difficulties.

Repeatable Side Quest (4 total)

Recieved from: A Rebel leader (race dependant)

Upon killing the Champion of each race you can recieve a repeatable quest to obtain 20 Race Signates (Eldron Signate, Houndzalid Signate etc.) from slaying opponents, Would have a 5% chance to drop a signate per kill. Would have the image of the races coin.

Return to the races leader (Eldrons Signate go to the Lady of the wood, Houndzalid signate to the Khan etc.) To collect your reward

Fixed exp reward. 5,000 per return.

Daily repeatable Side Quest

Upon slaying each Races champion, you will recieve a daily side quest to slay the races new champion. A random Final tier class from the race will be the image, and a Random name (using something similar to the random name generator for signup) would be selected.

This champion would randomly spawn through the are the previous one was slayed.

Upon its death you return to the Rebel leader corosponding to the champion you killed for a reward

Fixed Exp Reward. 6,500 per day, per quest.

Side Quest

Recieved from: Rebel Angel Knight

The worried Angel Knight begs for your help. She sent out 4 scouting parties to keep tabs on each of the races.

She requests your help as they have not been heard from in some time. You go to find each party, 2 have been slain, 1 is fine and watching the camp as planned, and the other is in the midest of battle as you stumble on them.

You find reports on the 2 slain groups. The 3rd returns to the camp, And you assist the one in battle. However only a lone Moon Walker survives.

Upon returning to camp you give the 2 reports to the Angel knight. And inform her of the survivors on their way to the camp.

Reward: 8,000 Exp.

Side Quest

Recieve from: Rebel Angel Knight

The Angel Knight approaches you, once again requesting your aid. They have decoded the reports recieved from the scouting parties, they speak of the Humans and another race are using unusual forces, Summoning Creatures to assist them in their bidding.

Upon doing this you are sent to find them, The only hint you get to their location is they are high level beasts of shadows and darkness, and that the rituals used are being done in a place of decay, and ruin.

This should lead players to the Ruins. Where they will find, Shadow Demon's (From the ToS), Graven Images, the Dark Goliath/Cursed Knights and possibly Soul hunters. You will be required to slay, 5 Shadow Demon's, 30 Dark Cursed Knights, 15 Dark Goliath knights, 20 Graven Images and 10 Soul hunters.

Upon doing this you will be prompted to head to the grave yard of the Ruins by a ghostly image (Graven image's image.)

Once reaching there, you will be confronted by 2 Candlemen, And a Necromancer (Image of Undead Warlock).

Upon defeat you will sense yourself gaining the necromancers memories, images of his past battles, giving you 5-10 wisdom. You then return to the Rebel Angel Knight to debrief and get your reward.

Reward: 15,000 Experience

Basic Opponents that will be faced are the Final Promotions for all races, and all class lines.

Their stats with be based on the players own.
Hp - Random anywhere from 50% to 125% of the players.
MP - Random anywhere from 35% to 100% of players, on top of which wisdom is then applied.

Attack - 60-75% of the player DEFENSE, +35-45% of a players Attack, so they will always be dealing damage
Defence- 40-60% of a players ATTACK + 25-30% of the players defense. so they will always be taking some damage.

This is so we cant mindless swing without any regard, it will ensure we always have to watch our hp

The use of both attack and defense in the calculations of BOTH attack and defense stats is to prevent the transfer of stats so away from defense, so they deal a mere fraction of the damage.

Wisdom, 60% of the players

EXP yield - 0.5% of a level, so 200 battles per level up in this area.

Race event gear:


One handed sword
- Blade of the Ancients

Level requirement : 130-160
Stat requirements: Strength 150 Dexterity : 200 Wisdom :220 Vitality: 130
Attack: 25-40
Dexterity bonus: 10
Wisdom Bonus: 15

Attack cap: 90-120
Dexterity bonus cap: 75
Wisdom Bonus cap: 100

-A 20% chance for roots burst forth from the hilt of your blade, entangling your opponent, stunning them for 1-2 rounds. They also deal 45-80 Earth damage to both HP and MP each turn the opponent is entangled, healing you for 80% of the damage dealt.

-The light weight feel to this blade, allows you to engage your opponent faster, Giving you a 40% chance for a second attack.

- Earth's Wall

Level Requirement: 130-160
Stat Requirement: Strength: 180 Dexterity: 200 Wisdom: 200 Vitality: 150
Defence: 20-35
Dexterity Bonus: 25
Vitality Bonus: 15

Defence Cap: 60-80
Dexterity Bonus Cap: 100
Vitality Bonus Cap: 80


- 10% chance, per strike taken, for a wall made of earth to arise from the floor guarding the user from all incoming damage for this round and the next. This wall can be destroyed. It has hp equal to 50% of the players capped to 3000, 0-0 defence, and is Earth aligned, so fire damage deals more. Can only be spawned once per battle

- Further more, The damage absorbed by this shield is stored until used. It is used upon 2 requirements 1. The wall being destoryed (Dealt enough damage, or 2 rounds being up) and 2. You take damage from you opponent. Upon taking damage from your opponent you have a 30% chance to take the damage on your shield(negate full damage), negating all damage, and the roots that form you shield to wrap themselves around your opponents weapon. These roots will stun your opponent for the next turn(not the current the next) while they move themselves up the oppoenents body, Forcfully impaling your opponent for 160-275 Earth damage +10% of the damage absorbed by the shield (the entire charge is expelled through) and Siphoning 35hp/mp + 5% of wisdom capped to 100 siphoned (Doesnt not deal additional damage, only damages Mp further, and only if the opponent has mp). E.G my wisdom is 100, I would siphon 40 hp/mp (35 from ability, 5 from wisdom).

- Vines of the Sacred Forest

Level Requirement: 130-160
Stat Requirement: Strength: 130 Dexterity: 220 Wisdom: 220 Vitality: 175
Defence: 0-0
Dexterity Bonus: 15
Wisdom Bonus: 30
Vitality Bonus:20

Defence Cap: 0-0
Dexterity Bonus Cap: 60
Wisdom Bonus Cap: 90
Vitality Bonus Cap: 75


- Upon the start of the battle, a few seeds (1-3) that adorns this Amulet falls off, into the ground. Now this splits into two abilities, each seed can be activated one there is a 15% chance per seed for your opponent to stand it, and a 15% chance for you to stand on a seed, and a 2.5% chance for you both to be standing on one (if there are two on field).
Ability 1: You opponent stands on the seed, a link in the text appears, asking if you wish to use it now. Upon activating the seed bursts forth with a massive thorn through your opponents foot leaving a large wound, slowing his iniative to a state that guarentees you a first strike, and causing him to have a low bleed damage of 4x^2 which is 36 True damage per round.
Ability 2: You are standing on the seed, A link again appears in the text to activate the seed. Upon using it, You are filled with a gift from nature, healing you for 15% of your max hp, capped to 500hp and applying a 5 turn healing of 1% of your max hp per turn for a total of 5% over 5 rounds capped to 100hp
Ability 3: You are both standing on a seed each. A link again appears in the text to activate. Upon activating, Both the player and the Opponent have a thorn puncture their foot dealing 100 True Damage to your opponent, half that to yourself. The 2 thorns form a connection that You can pour 25% of you mana into causing an explosion at the thorn in your opponent dealing half the amount of mana you poured in as Nature damage.

Damage on ability 3 would be capped to approximately 1000 Earth Damage, but always have a 25% mp charge. for example, Me with my 14000 MP will always be charged 3500 mp for 1000 damage.

- Wisdom of the Elders

Level Requirement:130-160
Stat Requirement: Strength: 180 Dexterity: 230 Wisdom: 200 Vitality: 150
Wisdom Bonus: 20
Vitality Bonus: 15

Defence Cap: 45-50
Wisdom Bonus Cap: 80
Vitality Bonus Cap: 65


- 30% at the beginning of each battle for the elders to bestow the infinite wisdom upon you, causing you to have your wisdom multiplier increased by 50%, but the actual wisdom stat is left alone. Capped to an extra 3x multiplier.

- The Elders of past ancestors burst forth from the helm, and imbue you with the wisdom of the ages. Activated outside of battle, Increasing your wisdom by 20% for a cap of 400 wisdom, however drains you slowly of you mp to maintain this at a rate of, 25 mp per minute.

Light Plate Armor
- Embodiment of the Forest

Level Requirement: 130-160
Stat Requirement: Strength: 200 dexterity: 200 Wisdom:180 Vitality: 200
Defense: 40-50
Dexterity Bonus: 30
Wisdom Bonus: 20
Vitality Bonus: 15

Defense Cap: 90-110
Dexterity Bonus Cap: 90
Wisdom Bonus Cap: 80
Vitality Bonus Cap: 75


- The energies of the forest within this armor manipulate the very materials it is made of, causing it to better fit the user, closing gaps in the armor, and better protecting your weaknesses as it learns your body and fighting methods, boosting your defense by 2% after each fight, up to 10 fights, with a 15 minutes cool down, to refresh after each fight on the way up to your 10th, then a non-refreshing 15 minutes timer starts

- The spirit of the Forest, leaks from this armor feeding some of its magical essence into you, Healing you for 30mp, at an increasing chance. For every 2% Mp you are missing, you will have a 1% chance to be rejuvenated. This gives you a max of 50% chance to be healed for 30mp, should you be at 0% mp


- Scaring Wind

Level Requirements 120-170
Stat Requirements : Strength: 175 Dexterity: 175 Wisdom: 175 Vitality: 175
Attack 30-65
Strength bonus: 15
Dexterity bonus: 15
Wisdom bonus: 10
Vitality bonus: 10

Attack cap: 160-230
Strength bonus cap: 65
Dexterity bonus cap: 65
Wisdom bonus cap: 65
Vitality bonus cap: 65


- This weapon can be altered between One and Two handed-ness. This only unlocks upon leveling it completely to the cap on everything. At this point upon Switching between one and two handed settings, As a one handed weapon the stats are 55% of the Two handed versions stats.

- 30% Chance for this weapon's essence begins to materialize in the shape of multiple weapons formed from the very wind around you. They being to circle your opponent . After a moments pause, one by one, they fly towards your opponents, striking a single opponent each, dealing 20-45 wind damage per weapon summoned. The amount summoned is a random number selected between 1-5, for a total potential damage of 100-225 damage.

- Windbreaker/s

Level Requirement:120-170
Stat Requirement: Strength: 150 Dexterity: 200 Wisdom: 160 Vitality: 190
Defence: 10-15
Strength Bonus: 5
Dexterity Bonus: 5
Wisdom Bonus: 5
Vitality Bonus: 5

Defence Cap: 45-45
Strength Bonus Cap: 30
Dexterity Bonus Cap: 30
Wisdom Bonus Cap: 30
Vitality Bonus Cap: 30

-Swappable between being a set of bracers and a shield upon being fully upgraded.
- Upon becoming a shield, the stats are changed to
-Defence: 70-70
-Strength Bonus: 45
-Dexterity Bonus: 45
-Wisdom Bonus: 45
-Vitality Bonus: 45

- While in bracers form,The winds enchanted into these bracers lift your arms, making them lighter, as well as helping them cut through the wind easier. Grants a 15% chance to Strike a second time in battle, and heal for the damage that second strike and only that strike deals +50 hp.

- While in Shield form, The flow of air, around this shield becomes incredibly dense, helping to negate part of the damage, or even the full damage of an attack against you. Grants a 20% chance to negate the damage of an attack upto 7.5% of your hp worth. Capped to 250 damage. And heals you for that damage. E.G i have 1000 hp, This shield can negate 75 damage. An attack of 200 is now 125.

- The Captured Tempest

Level Requirement:120-170
Stat Requirement: Strength: 150 Dexterity: 160 Wisdom: 200 Vitality: 190
Defense: 0-0
Strength Bonus: 15
Dexterity Bonus: 15
Wisdom Bonus: 15
Vitality Bonus: 15

Defense Cap:
Strength Bonus Cap: 60
Dexterity Bonus Cap: 60
Wisdom Bonus Cap: 55
Vitality Bonus Cap: 55


- The uncontrollable power of the storm within this amulet, has a 15% chance at the start of the battle, to break the seals holding it captive. Causing a storm to errupt over the battle field, Striking random opponents for 5% of their CURRENT hp 50% of the time. Only one person can be struck each round. The chance is NOT per opponent. The chance is rolled, if positive a person is then selected at random. The player has a 10% chance to be struck for 20-50 air damage.

- Should the power remain contained. The storm's power will continuously leak from within, occasionally arcing lightning, or throwing hail at your opponent dealing 35-100 damage (air for the lightning and Water for the Hail). The lightning then has a 25% chance to arc up to 3 times if multiple opponents are present. It can arc back and forth between two opponents damaging them multiple times.

- Eye of Storms Passed

Level Requirement:120-170
Stat Requirement: Strength: 175 Dexterity: 175 Wisdom: 220 Vitality: 150
Defence: 20-25
Strength Bonus: 5
Dexterity Bonus: 5
Wisdom Bonus: 10
Vitality Bonus: 10

Defence Cap: 60-65
Strength Bonus Cap: 30
Dexterity Bonus Cap: 30
Wisdom Bonus Cap: 30
Vitality Bonus Cap: 30


- Much like the eye of a hurricane, There is a calm before the true destructive power is shown. Each turn a 40% chance for this helm to randomly select an ability from this set used previously in the battle, and Use it on your opponent dealing 150% of the damage it did when last used, breaking all caps applied to the ability. After which this Abilities chance is halved for that battle (this part will reoccur, So it would go 40/20/10/5/2.5%, and remain at 2.5% should it reach this stage.).

- Should there be no ability activated in the battle upon the trigger of this helm, The memories of previous storms shall leak from this helm, allowing only a soothing wind to be released, Healing you for 30 hp and 15 mp each round until an ability is activated

- Hurricane's Guard

Level Requirement:120-170
Stat Requirement: Strength: 200 Dexterity: 175 Wisdom: 150 Vitality: 175
Defence: 55-60
Strength Bonus:
Dexterity Bonus:
Wisdom Bonus:
Vitality Bonus:

Defence Cap: 115-120
Strength Bonus Cap: 65
Dexterity Bonus Cap: 65
Wisdom Bonus Cap: 60
Vitality Bonus Cap: 60


- With the winds surrounding this armor growing strong, there is a 5% chance, per round stacking, For the winds of this armor to grab the force of the opponents strike, and redirect it at another of your opponents as Air aligned damage. With a 10% to just negate the attack. So Round 1 of the fight, 5% for it to activate, round 2 10% chance, round 3 15% chance. Upon activating this is reset back to 5%.

- Should the chances of the above ability reach 40% or more the attack becomes super powered, causing the damage it would do to be multiplied by 200%. This attack also gains such force from the Gale force winds, It spreads the damage to all your opponents.

- 60% Chance at the start of the battle for the winds of this armor to lighten your weight, allowing you to move faster to guarentee the first strike in on your opponent for the entire battle.


Two daggers
-Daggers of the Revered

Level Requirements 125-165
Stat Requirements: Strength: 225 Dexterity : 225 Wisdom :120 Vitality: 150
Attack 20-35
Strength bonus: 10
Dexterity bonus: 10

Attack cap: 55-95
Strength bonus cap: 60
Dexterity bonus cap: 85


- Two hits per round

- A 15% chance for the water bindings, to burst out from within the dagger, wrapping itself around your opponents, stunning it for 1-2 moves, and amplifying your damage against them by 15%

OR (they would) only get one of these

- A 10% chance, That the spirit of the legendary Dragtor, to mingle with the imbued water magic, forcing it to materialize and assist the weapons owner in battle, becoming an ally for the battle. This beast has 75% of the user's Dexterity, Set health of 500 hp and Deals 20-35 water aligned damage per turn and rarely (10%) fearing your opponents into skipping an attack. The ally is dismissed at the end of the battle.

- Frigid Spikes

Level Requirement:125-165
Stat Requirement: Strength: 200 Dexterity: 250 Wisdom: 120 Vitality:150
Defence: 10-15
Strength Bonus: 10
Dexterity Bonus: 20

Defence Cap: 35-50
Strength Bonus Cap: 50
Dexterity Bonus Cap: 70

-While crossing blades with your opponents their blade falls and strikes your opponent. Upon their blade hitting your bracers, their is a 30% chance that the Frozen spikes explode outwards, piecing your opponent, the ground, and even possibly yourself. This deals 150-190 damage to your opponent, and leaves them with 15-25 True damage per turn as bleeding damage for 6 turns. It also have 10% chance to deal 30-70 damage to yourself, but damage is still done to your opponent. Can't be reactivated until the bleed is finished.

- A 20% chance that while fighting with your opponent, their blade encounters your bracers, and with a skillful flick of your wrists, you pull the blade from out of their hands and throw it across the battlefield, negating their attack. You opponent will spend next turn searching for his weapon (no attack at all) or attack you for half the damage a normal attack would dealt(Does not half their attack parameter, just the attacks damage you take). Each time this occurs, the chance is reduced by 4% down to a minimum of 4% chance. This would only work if they have a physical weapon, Magical attacks such as the Chutmans fireball would not cause this to trigger. Also if possible ranged attacks would remain untouched, and DD (Gravens, Blood spouts and the sorts)

- Undertow's Crest

Level Requirement:125-162
Stat Requirement: Strength: 180 Dexterity: 240 Wisdom: 150 Vitality: 180
Defence: 0-0
Strength Bonus: 20
Dexterity Bonus: 25
Vitality Bonus: 10

Defence Cap: 0-0
Strength Bonus Cap: 75
Dexterity Bonus Cap: 90
Vitality Bonus: 60

- At the start of the battle, there is a 40% chance for a wave to come crashing down onto your opponents dealing 60-100 water aligned damage, and leaving behind a Undertow.

- Should the area be affect by Undertow, there is a further, 35% chance each turn, that Your opponent (max of 1 at a time) may be held under the water, dealing 4-12 water damage per turn as they drown, multiplying each round, 8-24 2nd round, 12-36 the third etc. Until they break free. A random 15% chance for them to break free each round.

- The other 60% is per turn, during the battle, There is a chance for the ocean to gift you with the vitality to continue fighting a little longer, healing you for 40-60 hp per turn.

- Skull of the Abyssal Terror

Level Requirement: 125-165
Stat Requirement: Strength: 230 Dexterity : 250 Wisdom: 170 Vitality: 210
Defence: 15-30
Dexterity Bonus: 20
Vitality Bonus: 15

Defence Cap: 50-65
Dexteriety Bonus Cap: 80
Vitality Bonus Cap: 65

- At the beginning of the battle, a 10% chance to make a connection into your mind, planting horrible images, tormenting you and sending you insane causing you to attack mindlessly, attacking up to 2 extra times (on top of the double attack from the weapon). But makes you unable to do anything else.

- While you are driven inane your attacks will heal you for 25% of the damage you deal. While draining 1% mp per healing. If you are out of mp, the healing is decreased to 10%. So each round you will lose 4% mp to heal for 100% of a standard strike.

- However if you are not driven insane, you will have a 30% chance for the Spirit of the Abyssal Terror to materialize in a burst of water, biting your opponent, Marking them causing your attacks to deal water aligned damage (instead of physical) for 3 turns. Also healing you for 30% of the damage you deal to this opponent, capped to 150Hp per attack. Cannot be marked again, until the previous has worn off.
- Chains from the Abyss

Level Requirement:
Stat Requirement:
Defence: 50-65
Strength Bonus:20
Dexterity Bonus:25
Vitality Bonus:10

Defence Cap: 110-125
Strength Bonus Cap: 70
Dexterity Bonus Cap: 80
Vitality Bonus Cap: 65


- This has 2 mode, usable for both offensive and defencsive capabilities.
-Offensivly: The chains of this armor sit comfortablly under and around the scales of a rhizard, protecting the seems, but also perking the scales up, to form a rough, damaging surface, Upon recieving attacks there is a 30% chance that you opponent is cut on the rough scales. Dealing 15-40 water damage per stack up to 4 stacks.

-Defensivly: The chains sit atop the Scales, and link together with condensed water forming a powerful barrier, bolstering your defence by 15%, and giving a 15% chance for the water to heal 20-40 Hp and MP per turn.


Two handed Axe
- Axe of Primal Rage

Level Requirement: 125-165
Stat Requirements: Strength: 250 Dexterity : 150 Wisdom: 100 Vitality: 200
Attack 35-60
Strength Bonus: 30
Vitality Bonus: 20

Attack cap: 180-210
Strength Bonus Cap: 150
Vitality Bonus Cap: 110


- A 40% chance, for the rage imbued within the blade, to focus itself into the user of this axe, causing them to begin attacking wildly, giving them 1-2 bonus attacks for the round.

- A 30% chance, For the rage with the blade of the axe, to mingle with the rage of the houndzalid wielding it, causing it to burst forth in a fiery explosion, dealing 40-120 fire damage to all opponents, and half that to the wielder.

-Viper's Fang

Level Requirements:125-165
Stat Requirements: Strength: 250 Dexterity: 200 Wisdom: 120 Vitality: 150
Defence: 5-15
Dexterity Bonus: 15
Vitaltiy Bonus: 15

Defence Cap: 40-45
Dexterity Bonus Cap: 60
Vitality Bonus Cap: 60

Two modes- offensive and defensive
-DEFENSIVE: A 20% chance your opponent strikes at you, and cuts themself on your bravers, The poison from the fangs, crafted into these inflict an intensifying poison into your system, dealing damage equal to ((3x)^2)/2 Earth damage. This will lead to damage equal to 5,16,41,77,41,16,5 for a total of 205 earth damage, and cannot be reactivated while the poison is in effect. Also while also administering the poison, the fangs of these siphon 12-13 mp from the opponent, each time they come into proximity with the opponent, This is when attacking and when getting attacked with a weapon.

-OFFENSIVE: Each strike dished out to your opponent(must deal 1+ damage) has a 70% chance to add a stack of bleed, This will deal damage equal to 6(x)^2 x being the amount of stacks capped to 5 stacks, upon reaching 5 you are unable to dish out more stacks until they have no more. A stack is lost per round for the opponent affected unless a stack is added that round. This leads to a potential damage of, 6,24,54,96,150 for 1/2/3/4/5 stacks.

- Bleddyn's Joy

Level Requirements:125-165
Stat Requirements: Strength: 220 Dexterity: 210 Wisdom:100 Vitality: 230
Defence: 0-0
Strength Bonus:15
Dexterity Bonus:10
Vitality Bonus: 25

Defence Cap: 0-0
Strength Bonus Cap: 75
Dexterity Bonus Cap: 60
Vitality Bonus Cap: 90

-Upon slaying an opponent who has recently attacked you (attacked you the round before, or that round, must be attacked by your weapon within that turn. elemental damage, DD, nothing like that can cause this to trigger.), you have exacted your vengence upon it, and feel a stirring within your amulet. You see the amulet drawing what appears to be a life force from the opponent into itself. The amulet then feeds some of this energy to you as payment for its latest entertainment, healing you for 20% of your missing hp, You also heal 2.5% of your max hp per hit you land.

- Shemagh(Kuhyita) of the Spirits

Level Requirements:125-165
Stat Requirements: Strength
Defence: 5-15
Strength Bonus: 5
Vitality Bonus: 25

Defence Cap: 30-45
Strength Bonus Cap: 45
Vitality Bonus Cap: 100

-While veiled, Dexterity is lowered by 10% capped to 200 lost, item drop chance is lowered by 5% but resistance to Air, Earth and Light magic goes up by 15/20/15% , This is a toggled effect.

-The spirits of the houndzalids ancestors gather around, and offer you their spiritual guidance. Showing you the weaknesses of your opponent, increasing your attacking potential by 20% ( So you attack is boosted by 20%, Capped to a bonus of 200) at the cost of a constant mana drain, 20mp per minute. This is also toggled.

- Tattered Rags of a Survivor (the poncho thing)

Level Requirements:125-165
Stat Requirements: Strength: 250 Dexterity: 220 Wisdom: 150 Vitality: 250
Defence: 40-45
Strength Bonus: 20
Dexterity Bonus: 15
Vitality Bonus: 30

Defence Cap: 85-115
Strength Bonus Cap: 80
Dexterity Bonus Cap: 75
Vitality Bonus Cap: 90

- The essence of Survival woven into this piece, has a 15% chance to burst forth, protecting the user from a potentially fatal blow. Leaving the player with 10% hp should he take fatal damage while under 25% of their hp.

- As damage is taken in battle, the need for survival is increased, causing you to heighten your reflexes, making dodging easier. With a flat 5% chance each attack taken to dodge, then additionally for every 5% of your hp you are missing, gain 1% chance to dodge an attack. When down to your final 25% hp, the amount is bolstered to 35% dodge chance, but drains your mp for 35 points each time a dodge is made.

As standard with any of my forums. I don't wanna hear anything of the numbers. Or people nit picking at the smallest of details.
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RE: Repeatable Event. *The Rift opens*
I think there are some interesting ideas here. I only have a few thoughts worth voicing, since I'll refrain from being too nitpicky.
1. This seems very...generic. Lovely idea, loads of content, but would require loads of code to work as well, and there's...not a lot of flavour here. When I say "generic", what I mean to say is that, while the idea is complex and fairly interesting, it's not very...adventuresome. It seems to mostly be fight fight fight. This is a preference thing, but I would dearly love to see more puzzles and/or actual quests, rather than modifications to the "kill x of y" or "obtain x of y for z" type quests that already populate the game. Let me be clear; this does not make your idea bad, it simply means that I, personally, would rather see a bit less emphasis on straight combat.
2. Just at a glance, almost every one of your Eldron pieces is in some way overpowered, while your hounzalid pieces seem extremely underwhelming by comparison. Your human pieces are arguably even worse. I won't nitpick numbers each by each, but as the gear stands right now, it will either have to be really really rare, untradable or unsettable to customs to even have a prayer of not completely wrecking the game if it's introduced. Sure, all the good abilities are chance-based, but if you get geared up with a whole set of this stuff, you will be a virtual killing machine. This will make crimsons completely obsolete again, will render customs pointless and will completely outclass the Temple of Shadow gear, which I daresay will be a feat in itself since that gear is borderline abusable as it is (Netherlight especially).

I think this is a very interesting idea and there's a lot of room for work here, but there's honestly not a lot of balance. It also feels a bit like you ran out of steam for some of this stuff. I appreciate the work and the attention to detail, mind you.
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RE: Repeatable Event. *The Rift opens*
Firstly, it was meant to be to a degree generic. I made it with the very limited work force in mind. There is minimal coding required and minimal graphics (as it would only be , after the base work is done, 4 images every couple of months along with a 4 ability codes again every couple of months) . Also the rewards would be equally rare, As you can only get 1 piece per event trigger and that is if you complete all the quests before the time frame runs out should you fail to do so you have to start over again and wait until it again comes up. So even if you were to complete it each time it could take you up to around a year to get a complete set. It was also designed to hopefully increase activity. As you need to train within the event so the Equipment would reach its full potential.

With what you say about unbalanced. I personally don't see it. These were all designed with the ideals of magic resistance eventually being implemented. So virtually all the damage would eventually have a way of being mitigated, While the Houndzalid's equipment focus more on survival, allowing them to avoid damage with the dodging attacks and survive potentially fatal attacks with the armor. And healing themselves with the amulet, which is arguably better then the RAoB provided the right circumstances.

So while the Eldron equipment looks overpowered, they actually aren't, linked in with the low chances of the high damage output equipment (The amulets "1000 earth damage" ability can have a staggered chance for 1,2,3 seeds to spawn (50/35/15) so you need 2 seeds to begin with, and then you only have a 2.5% chance for you to both stand on those seeds, so that gives you a less then 1% chance of it triggering.) And the ability that it would eventually be capable of mitigating some of that damage.
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RE: Repeatable Event. *The Rift opens*
I'm sorry, but the only way I can prove you wrong is to nitpick, which for the sake of honouring your first request I refuse to do. Humans are worse than Eldron, but eldron are pretty bad. Hounzalid, honestly...well, the way you have it laid out, I wouldn't use any of the gear as Karakarn. I would rather dual-wield lesser weapons, wear a generic helm rather than potentially get an extra 200 attack at max and then have lower defense/wisdom/item drop chance. Hounzalid rely on item drops more than any other race at present. I abhore those bracers and think they're pitiful next to almost all of the other gear. Poncho is sort of neat, and the amulet isn't bad as you say, but it's very underwhelming when you stack it against the human and eldron gear. I feel like much less thought was given to some parts of this as opposed to others. If I didn't think you'd take offense, I would rewrite the gear to be more balanced in my eyes and show you what I mean.
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RE: Repeatable Event. *The Rift opens*
For starters, I've made a few alterations to the gear, they aren't major, just things i had intended, and thought i had done but appears I had yet to. Below is a Change log that ill be keeping so i can see what i have changed

Change log:
-Changed the Earth's Wall , earth wall down from 75% hp, to 50%
-The wall is only able to be summoned once per battle (was intended from the start just neglected to say it)
-Wisdom multiplier from the helm is capped to a 3x multiplier
- Added the cap to Eldron's Amulets heal.
-The magical defense granted by the Shemagh boosted by 5% on all 3, and shown its a toggled effect
-Boosted the Houndzalids Axe's attack cap by 30-30, bringing it to 180-210
-Changed houndzalid's amulet, to heal you for the large chunk if your weapons hits it in the turn it dies. Not needing the fatal strike.
-Added a cap to the shemaghs Dexterity lost, and removed the wisdom loss.
-Altered the armor for houndzalids to have a flat 5% chance dodge, boosted the < 10% hp dodge chance to 35% and lowered the mana cost to 35 points.
-Added MP siphon, to the houndzalid bracers
- Bolstered Armors Dodge cap to a minimum of 25% hp, so at 25% hp you will have 35% dodge chance.
-Added a 6 turn limit to the Rhizard bracers' bleed damage
- Added a concept to the Rhizard bracer' disarm, in that it loses 4% activation chance each time it activates to a minimum 4%
-Lowered the damage of Rhizard bracers to 150-190 and also added utility of not being reactivated until the bleed is over.
-Further explained how the Frigid Spikes "disarm" would work.
- Hurricanes Guard, Stun removed, and altered the Super-charged, attack to deal double damage still, however it is thrown between all opponents. (so a super-charged attack dealing 200 damage, against 5 opponents will deal 40 to each of them.)
-Added a Diminishing Chance of activation to the Helm.
-Lowered Dagger's binding chance by 10% to 15%

Also when i say avoid the nitpicking, its primarily things like "Oh but that gear, mixed with this this and this will make me able to clear this area when i shouldn't" If its nothing like that, and takes into consideration what I have said about the conditions I worked on these under (the idea that magical resistances would eventually be implemented so that the majority of damage the Humans, Eldrons and Rhizards gear deals will have a method of being mitigated.)

And by all means re-write them to be "balanced" I'm curious as to what you think would be balanced
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RE: Repeatable Event. *The Rift opens*
Well, I tell you what. I'm going to take your gear, and rank it from 1 to 4 (last place to first place, or worst to best) by category (weapon, shield/bracer, etc). Then I'm going to get into set synergy and give a score. Generally, I think you're apt to see that there's some very large disparity between what the races get.
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RE: Repeatable Event. *The Rift opens*
Gear Breakdown

Note: I am going to give each piece a rating. Lower is worse, in this case. Think of it as if I'm giving 4 points to the best piece, 3 to the next, 2 to the next and 1 to the last-place piece in each category.


Eldron: Blade of the Ancients
Notes: 20% stun with low damage+healing on top of that. Sweet on its own. 40% chance for double attack is even better. This is a very good blade.
Rating: 3

Human: Scarring Wind
Notes: Neat idea, and with a large damage spread this is not really problematic. More resistances from enemies may in fact make this underwhelming.
Rating: 2

Rhizard: Daggers of the Revered
Notes: If I understand this correctly, two daggers = guaranteed second attack (you say 2 attacks per round), so it's like the rhizard is dual-wielding. Huge advantage against other weapons, which only have a chance to double-attack at best. 25% chance for not only a stun, but a slight weakening of the already it's better than Blade of the Ancients (1 in 5 stun vs. 1 in 4 + weakening). Then there's the summon; it's rare, and it's not exactly a tank, but while it's active there's even more chance to not be hit (owing to the fact that it's a target, and to the fact that it also occasionally stops damage in its own right). Simply put, broken.
Rating: 4, and if I could somehow get away with giving more points for legendary-ness, I would

Hounzalid: Axe of Primal Rage
Notes: Modest chance to attack a time or two extra in the fight, which is neat. Then you can roast stuff with fire damage sometimes, but you'll take a little damage. This ability will also get in the way (see synergy later). It's not that it's a bad weapon, because it really isn't (though you might consider using the wis multiplier for the fire attack, since otherwise it's basically random fire-aligned plink damage with a tiny cost), but it pales in comparison to virtually everything else here.
Rating: 1


Eldron: Earth's Wall
Notes: So here we have a blockade, an absorb-damage trick, a stun, and direct damage all rolled into one. The fact that all of them are chance-based doesn't much matter. This is one wicked shield, and its stun combines well with the sword (see synergy later) to be even worse.
Rating: 3

Human: Windbreaker(s)
Notes: Two nice abilities. I am very glad they are mutually exclusive. This is an excellent shield, and I would happily wear them in bracers form.
Rating: 2, and the very fact I can say that while simultaneously saying they rock is frankly scary

Rhizard: Frigid Spikes
Notes: Really beefy DD, plus some bleed damage. That's nice. Then a pseudo-stun which gets weaker the more it fires; that's also nice. Put them together, and you have the best set of gear in its class. Excellent synergy with weapons (see synergy later), to the point of further brokenness.
Rating: 4

Hounzalid: Viper's Fang
Notes: Very, very underwhelming. I either pick between a fairly low poison or a slightly better bleed. I don't get both, and it takes me seven rounds or so in order to do the same sort of damage that the Rhizard gear can do...and that's to say nothing of things like pseudo-stun. The fact that I won't take any damage from my own bracers like a rhizard will is sort of offset by the fact that I'll be scorching myself with my axe from time to time. I can say that these bracers would be at least marginally better than most in game currently, but they're far and away the worst gear in their category.
Rating: 1


Eldron: Vines of the Sacred Forest
Notes: If we assume that the seed uses are once per battle, then this is a strong but not broken amulet. In general, I like it. Pairs well with healing found elsewhere in the set (see synergy later), but some synergy is a good thing.
Rating: 2

Human: The Captured Tempest
Notes: I'd almost be hoping this thing stays wrapped up. I'd rather pelt my opponents with lightning and hail than start a storm, I think. 5% of current HP gets less and less useful as you shred stuff; 5% of max HP might be sweeter. Huge potential and decent likelihood for lots of elemental damage makes this a good amulet.
Rating: 3

Rhizard: Undertow's Crest
Notes: If the battle lasts awhile and if the wave fires on the first round, this piece of gear is going to wreck everything. That multiplying drown damage, since the chance to break free never gets bigger the longer the undertow lasts, will hurt pretty much anything not resistant or immune to water. Combines well with other gear (see synergy later), as I imagine that things that are stunned can't easily break free of drowning.
Rating: 4

Hounzalid: Bleddyn's Joy
Notes: This would be neat if I knew I was going to be attacking a lot, but 2.5% of the damage I do with a physical attack is kind of piddly. It also works counterintuitively with a piece later (see synergy later), and while it will keep me healthy (which generally is nice), I still think I'd rather stick to RAoB and get guaranteed healing.
Rating: 1


Rhizard: Wisdom of the Elders
Notes: Buff your wisdom, then hope your wisdom multiplier (which will be recalculated with buffed wisdom) is jacked even higher. Really great way to add extra oomph to your spells and auto-fire abilities. This is borderline vicious. The only thing I can say is that that's all it does; two abilities that pair well to increase damage, so while it's a great amulet, it pales next to some of the others found below.
Rating: 2

Human: Eye of Storms Past
Notes: This helm can jack up the damage from the wind blades (sword) and pairs really well with Hurricane's Guard (see synergy later). Since this whole thing is essentially synergistic, there's not much I can say; however, its very synergistic qualities make it amazing. That extra small healing is icing on the cake.
Rating: 3

Rhizard: Skull of the Abyssal Terror
Notes: Let me explain something. You are essentially setting up a chance to pretty much win the battle automatically. This pairs exceedingly well with all the other stuff (multiple attacks from daggers especially), and you'll heal so much that the little damage you -may take from shreds of ice (bracers) is simply not going to matter. Also, you have at least a little healing if you get lucky with your Undertow's Crest (see more notes with synergy later). This is too many attacks and too great a boon with no kickback.
Rating: 4

Hounzalid: Shemagh of the Spirits
Notes: This gear is unique but not in a good way. It seems to be the only piece that grants further elemental resistance...but you have to pay for it. It is, in essence, unique because it seems to be the only piece of gear with honest-to-god stat penalties. I am not going to give up over 140 defense as Karakarn, not to mention have an even lower chance to get items and a lower MP total (which pairs negatively with the poncho, see synergy later) unless the upkick is way, way better. That level of elemental resist is probably going to be offset by my extra bulk anyway. Let me also mention that the extra attack, which would otherwise be nice, is not only capped but eats my mana, which I potentially need for other things.
Rating: 1


Eldron: Embodiment of the Forest
Notes: A slow-building 20% def boost. That's pretty beefy as it is, especially since it has no cost and no upkeep to worry about. Then the mana healing, which makes sense. This is an excellent piece of gear.
Rating: 2...see what I mean? It's excellent but it's still almost worst

Human: Hurricane's Guard
Notes: So what we have here is an increasing chance to yet again mitigate damage. It doesn't cost you, and better yet, it might very well hurt your foe. Get lucky enough, take poundings long enough, and this armour will even spread that deflected wrath to all your foes. And get this: it gets supercharged by the helm so it's even bigger. And wait, there's more! This super-attack can stun, too? Even more survivability! And that's not all! You're very likely to start attacking first, and that means more carnage before your opponents attack. This is just too many good things in one package.
Rating: 4

Rhizard: Chains from the Abyss (a note, you are using Abyss a fair bit here)
Notes: Free 15% defense, or some small retributive damage. I'll take the defense boost in probably nine out of ten cases. More healing, even if it's small...yet another way to counteract that ice-spike damage you're likely going to take.
Rating: 3

Hounzalid: Tattered Rags of a Survivor (another meh name, IMHO)
Notes: A rather small chance to save your bacon when your HP is low, but it still leaves you weak enough that you could very well get KO'd half a round later. It's not as if you're doing huge reactionary damage that will end a fight in the meantime, so this is neat but not horribly useful. Now here's the ugly part. That dodge ability is kind of neat, and all by itself I'd say I like it. But there are two problems: first, it drains MP when it's maxed out, and second, dodging more when your HP is less further lowers the chance for the other ability on this armour to fire. It will keep you alive, I...guess...but the abilities are synergistically opposed. What's worse, since the amulet is supposed to heal you (as in, that's its primary blessing), then the real power of this piece (keeping you alive) is never going to be maximized well. It's simply redundant.
Rating: 1


Below, I will take each set and discuss its synergistic merits and drawbacks. I will assign a score from 1-5 points based on how well the gear works in concert. At the end, I will add the ratings and the synergy ratings to demonstrate the relative merits of all the race gear you've made.

Comments: Sword and shield both create stun chances. Shield creates a decoy that will sometimes take attacks, and is fairly beefy to boot. Amulet can heal, do DD or slow the foe. Helm means your spells hurt more (neither of those last two pieces are synergistically linked well). Armour boosts defense and sometimes heals as well, so you're even harder to kill while you stun and wall and otherwise pepper your opponent to death.
Synergy Rating: 3

Comments: The synergy for this set revolves almost entirely upon the helm, which can perform random abilities in case your other pieces don't. It also beefs them up, and the armour tends to beef itself up if you get lucky. It's sort of chance-based, but if it goes in your favour, you're going to be doing catastrophic damage to most of your foes.
Rating: 3, and it's not 4 only because almost all of it doesn't directly stop your foe from fighting back

Comments: Daggers and shield alone combine for DD, stuns, weakenings, increased damage, guaranteed multiple attacks and potential summons who provide a target and also deal some damage. Helm, if it drives you insane, makes you a knife expert where your multiple hits every round will keep you healthy enough not to worry...and even if it doesn't, you still get something good for it. Armour can boost defense or do even more to those foes who are never actually getting a chance to hit you (stay in defensive mode so your def is up, that way the occasional hit doesn't hurt you as much). While your opponents are being shredded and stunned and redirected to your decoy, they also might be drowning; sit back and watch them choke.
Rating: 5, and again, if I could give more points for uber-ness, I would; nothing even comes close to the synergy found here

Comments: Let me start by saying that some of the actual pieces, on their own, aren't bad. The fact that they are routinely worst in class doesn't make them bad on their own. However, this is about synergy, so here goes. You have designed a set which can't decide whether you're most effective when you're hurt or when you're healthy. When you're hurt, you have one ability that can fire and one other that gets better, though you pay for it every time it's set off...and yet, you have an amulet that's doing its very best to make sure that not only do you not get weak, but that one piece of your gear is almost entirely meaningless. The axe might help you take some fire damage so you're wounded, but your extra bulk as a Hounzalid further mitigates this. The bracers are not synergistic at all, the rage from the axe is extremely underwhelming next to other weapon abilities, and the penalty you pay just so your elemental resistances in three areas are bumped upward is potentially crippling (fewer MP for dodging, if you're weak, and since your def is lower you will probably be hit more/take more damage, so this counteracts the staying-alive motif rather harshly). No stuns, no decoys, no MP healing, no guaranteed boosted attacks, and this probably wouldn't matter half as much if the other sets didn't have some variety of those things going on in each of them.
Rating: 1; you just can't have two pieces of gear working counter-intuitively like this


Eldron: 3+3+2+2+2+3 = 15
Human: 2+2+3+3+4+3 = 15
Rhizard: 4+4+4+4+3+5 = 24 - 1 point from the best possible score
Hounzalid: 1+1+1+1+1+1 = 6 - worst possible score


- Improve the axe's rage so that it not only increases number of attacks but also seriously jacks damage when it fires
- vastly increase DD from bracers or allow poison to also be paralytic so it can stun while it drains a foe
- if a hounzalid has to lose so much while veiled, give him something more to compensate, such as greater chance to double-attack or ferocity that grants regular attacks a smallish chance to stun; also consider giving MP regen per round while veiled, or as an innate on helm
- flatten dodge chance out so it's uniform, and lower MP cost when it fires

- remove stun chance from armour, and remove supercharged damage; spreading the wrath is probably boon enough

- lower stun chance on weapon, or remove entirely
- remove absorb-damage trick entirely from Earth's Wall, and stun as well; the summoning of the wall by itself is probably good enough

- remove summon from weapons
- give weapons a chance to double-attack rather than giving them automatic double attack; also remove stun from weapons, instead just giving a small chance to do extra damage
- remove pseudo-stun from shield
- increase undertow's stop chance with every round it's active (slowly, but it should still increase)
- insanity should hurt rather than heal; instead of healing when you hit, you should take small kickback're crazy, not holy-inspired, so if you were reckless and sliced your finger with one of those daggers, it'd make sense
- increase damage on mode 1 of the armour so that reactive damage is better and potentially worthwhile

There. That's what I think of it. It's detailed, but there you have it.
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RE: Repeatable Event. *The Rift opens*
Alright ill start with addressing the suggestions you made with the Rhizards.

The weapon (which I should have mentioned before hand, I admit.) I was tied between the two abilities, but was unsure so I left them both. It wouldn't have both. And i would like to mention that the "weakening" is not weakening, its bolstering of yourself. If you deal 10 damage, and the weapon kicks in, for that round alone you would deal 15 instead. However they are a pair of daggers, and as such I think they should provide a sure fire double hit, That is why the stats on the weapon are so low in comparison to the other two-handeds (an average of 195 on the others or so as opposed to the 70 or so average on the daggers.) Also remember Its a single item.

The Frigid spikes pseudo-stun, granted is a bit over the top, I considered ramping it up to 4% chance lost each time it activated (so 20/16/12/8/4) leaving it at 4% chance, And also, the turn while they search for their weapon. That would likely be the Half damage option over the no attack at all.

The undertows "drowning" feature, isn't a stun. So they are still attacking you while they are under effect. Now at 15% chance on average they will get about 6-7 turns of effect (also multiplying the damage was the wrong word.... its adding a stack, and each stack is worth 4-12 damage) so at an average of 8/12/18/24/32/40/48/56/64/72 for rounds 1-9. At round 6-7 they take 250 or so damage. which is about as good as the houndzalid bracers you commented as being underwhelming, but requires a pre-requirement to activate, where as the Houndzalids bracers require you do either deal damage, or take a hit of any size.

Now for the helm, the insanity thing I can understand, However the armor, the healing from the defensive mode, is 15% chance per turn to heal 20-40 hp/mp. So each turn it rolls that 15% chance. Probably bad wording on my behalf there. However the offensive side, They are stacks, that dont disappear until the battle is over. so they will get upto 60-240 damage(at 4 stacks cap) per turn, at 30% chance to gain 1 stack, so it would take on average 12 or so turns to reach full stacks.

AS for the Eldrons.

The stun on the weapon. Why, what is wrong with the stun on it. It is a kinda average chance of activating, and it deals a little bit of plink and a slight heal, nothing too flash or worth while, granted the activation rate may be a little high. But that would starting to nitpick numbers and what not which would be sussed during the obvious testing phase.

The Earth Wall's stun trick thing. That is the turn of the wall being destroyed... after that it is gone. You lose your chance for the damage dealing part. Again, likely bad wording on my end.

Now the only Human suggestion you made, I can understand. Was probably a little over the top, but i truly hate humans on here, they are just I dont know what it is, may be the commonness they are (your on a phantasy game, why play a human. p.s this isn't intended as racism, it's meant as me knowing my faults and over compensating too much) I was aware of this, and the potential for it to make me bias, so i bumped it up a bit over the top to cover my butt simply put.

Now Houndzalids.

Id like to start by saying, I swear that I put the multi-attack's chance at 40% of going off, not 20%. I'll be changing that after this.

The bracers. They have an offensive synergy with the weapon quite well. I again, swear I altered the chances on that when it was in my document program. The chance of the stack being added would be about 70-75%. Now each time a stack is added, the damage also applies on the spot. So with good luck. you can get 3 stacks within the same turn, So while its 3 stacks in that turn, you instantly deal 84 direct damage (6 from the first stack, 24 from the 2nd and then 54 from the 3rd.) And would be direct, so no matter what. No way of being mitigated either way. While the Defensive way, lets you deal damage even if you cant hit the opponent (which would make the defensive worthwhile for the tanky sort of houndzalid.

The Amulet. That heals you for 2.5% of your max hp. Not the damage you deal, so it can be well and truly. Better then the RAoB in the right situations. and then heals you for 15% of your max hp, when you kill the opponent, as long as you smack it with your weapon the turn it dies.

The Shemagh, I've added a cap to the dexterity loss, and removed the wisdom loss. However, Please remember as a houndzalid is innately 50% resistant to magic from the get go (over the top by a mile i think, just alas just my opinion). The extra magic defences, would really help with taking even less damage, causing all damage for the most part from the Eldron, and Human sets to deal even less damage.

The armor, Ive added a flat 5% chance innately, and boosted the <10% hp chance, to 35% and lowered the cost. While its not a stun, its practically the same thing. The armor is intended to help with the survival. Think of it like the adrenalin of people. We have it there, it doesn't do anything, or doesn't do much in most situations. But as a situation worsens it could mean the difference between death, and surviving by killing that one opponent to trigger your amulet, which will heal you for 2.5% of your hp + the large 15% bonus.
05-25-2014, 10:16 AM,
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RE: Repeatable Event. *The Rift opens*'ve addressed a few of the points I made, but you've missed most of them.
1. Your amulet keeps you healthy, but your poncho is really only any good if you're weak. The two pieces will sort of counteract each other.
2. Double attack + 1 in 4 stun + summon is still way OP for those daggers; their lower stats won't matter much if your overall atk/def are good because almost invariably two attacks are better than one. Also, still pairs too well with insanity.
3. If hounzalid get 50% resistance to elements already, you're giving them extra 15/20/15% resistance fatthe cost of def. Might be useful very very specifically, but otherwise no. Also, by making the attack boost drain MP, you are getting in the poncho's way (since it drains MP too).
4. Thanks for clarifying on the amulet; that does indeed make it somewhat better, assuming of course that your axe's fire damage isn't what ends up killing your foe. Again, synergistically opposed.

Word to the wise: decoys are good, stuns are good, extra attacks are good and boosts are good. A single piece of gear should never, ever have more than two of those abilities, and if one of them is a stun, then a decoy should be automatically excluded. In some of these cases, using one piece on its own might not be bad at all, but using them in sets might be too good (or in the case of the Hounzalid, too bad). Observe, for instance, that if an eldron has sword and shield, he has two different stun chances, he has direct damage, he has a decoy -and he has a decent chance to carve up his foes while they stand there helpless. Hell, there's also some draining going on.

As I said before, many of these pieces are good, but I wish you'd do what I just did, and put each piece up against the others in its category. Your hounzalid gear is sorely, sorely lacking even with the tweaks you added, in all areas but one (the amulet, on its own, is actually pretty good).
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RE: Repeatable Event. *The Rift opens*
1. Sure they "counteract" each other. But if you were to get into a situation where you took enough damage to get your hp low, wouldn't you love the extra chance to say, slip a full health potion so you dont completely die, or even maybe take your chances and get lucky with a dodge for a few attacks, so you can get a hit or two in for a heal.
2. You have completely ignored what i said about the Rhizard's weapon. It would only have one of the abilities, the summon or the stun. It would not get both.
3.The helm allows you to have toggles. You can pick and choose when those are active. So if you are relying more on the dodging, you can leave the attack bonus inactive. Or if your facing opponents with lots of magic damage you can activate the helm for the extra magic defense. I did want to put some mp healing somewhere into their gear, but I was unsure on A) where to put it and B) how to make it logical.
4. Systematically, from what I've noticed, Most of the time, the battle works by going Attack then Abilities, so the Fire shouldn't I imagine get in the way.

Im also curious as to why you haven't noticed how the Eldron's two stuns can work against each other also. As if the opponent is stunned by the sword on the turn the Earth's Wall is destroyed, You lose out on dealing the damage part.

And also, just looked over it again. The houndzalids Bracers offensive edge, deals a total of 510 damage, true damage at that. Over the course of 5 stacks. and that is if you get it to 5 stacks in 5 rounds. as the damage is still applying when the opponent is losing stacks. I think this actually makes it one of the better bracers, rather then the worse. As it has a damn high chance to stack, and with multi-attacks from the axe, if they trigger you can rack up those stacks quickly which is, synergy if I am not mistaken. And to kick that off, the Amulet syngises with the weapon again as the multi-attack causes you to heal more hp.
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RE: Repeatable Event. *The Rift opens*
Assuming you can hit your foe, the amulet will heal you a bit every time you hit, so yes, it triggers with the axe. Fair point there. I still think that ranking the axe next to all other weapons leaves the axe very inferior, mind you, but I can't deny that there is some synergy.
Regarding the bracers, the damage can be quite nice, yes, but it takes how many rounds and also relies on multiple attacks to work. Put that in line with the ice from the rhizard bracers, which mathematically will do about as much if not more damage -AND can pseudo-stun (reduce attack or interrupt an attack entirely). Again, the idea isn't bad, but put up against other things in its class, it's inferior because other things have complimenting abilities that help out.
Regarding the helm, I know it's togglable, but again, the price you offer is too high for the gift you give. I strongly suggest, say, 5% stun chance on all attacks while veiled as well.
Regarding your poncho: yes, I would rather survive, but that's not the point. No other piece of gear is essentially nerfed by something else in its set, besides arguably the eelron's sword and shield combo, as you said. Let me explain something though; if my foe is stunned and thus can't trigger taking greater damage, he's still paralyzed and unable to hurt me, which means I can still carve him righteously while he stands there. And unless I misunderstand, my earth wall will still be there when he becomes does not crumble automatically if not killed, correct?

Thank you for addressing some of these points. You're on the right track, anyway.
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RE: Repeatable Event. *The Rift opens*
The Earth Wall does crumble after 2 turns. It says it in the description of abilities

"It is used upon 2 requirements 1. The wall being destoryed (Dealt enough damage, or 2 rounds being up)"

So once those 2 rounds are gone, It's gone for that battle, never to be re-summoned as long as that fight is in (which in the final fight, which is 5 fights, all in 1 battle is a major draw back, and i assume there would be more fights to the likes of this eventually.)

As with the Bracers, On average every 2.5 turns you get a bonus 1-2 attacks. so lets say over 5 turns (statistically you should get 2 rolls in that time) you get a bonus 3 attacks for a total of 8 attacks over the 5 turns ( bonus 1 attack on 1 of the rolls, and a bonus 2 on the other.) and 75% of the time you get a stack, so that means you should get 6 stacks over those 5 turns. with an average on 1 per turn so you will hit your 5 stacks within the time the Rhizard bracers activate on average. And you don't take any backlash from them, and have no way of avoiding the damage from the Houndzalid's bracers, where as the Rhizard's you can have Water resistance lower the damage. However i have slightly lowered the damage of the Rhizards bracers and added the Utility of it not being reactivated while the Bleed is in effect.

I personally would trade the 200 dexterity of the helm(provided i hit the cap) ,and the 5% lower item find chance (remember thats if the item is 100% drop, its now 95%, or if its 1% its now 0.95% not -4%) for the 15% air resistance, 20% earth and 15% light. As that would make me take even less damage from those 2 elements, This is more reliant on knowing your opponents, and also goes hand in hand with another piece of work I've done, but left of Dev forums, to do with Elemental resistances, and assigning monsters a element for their damage (for the most of them ) . So I think that boils down more to a personal opinion.

The poncho, Again I think thats again personal opinion. Id be hard pressed between picking (if i could use any of them), the Eldron and the Houndzalid armor. I personally would take the dodge myself.
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RE: Repeatable Event. *The Rift opens*
As it stands right now, I would be a rhizard, hands down. No arguments.There are too many good things going on all at once. Human probably second, since there's massive carnage there. I would least be proud to be a Hounzalid with this gear setup.
With the tweaks you've suggested I would put Hounzalid synergy at 2 instead of 1, since there are still the amulet and poncho working against each other, and that's normally a bad idea.
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RE: Repeatable Event. *The Rift opens*
The Rhizards, has potentially the lowest/one of the lowest healing out of them all, So i personally wouldn't shoot for them as i dislike the insanity aspect myself, but they have good consistent damage.

Eldrons have maybe the second lowest, but the least reliable to me, depending how you use the gear, and High, but rare damage with the Once off Earth Wall to take a few rounds of damage if your lucky along with the chance stuns. I like this play style (chance based for good things to happen) as it keeps things from being hit for hit and boring. So I would probably mainly shoot for this set.

Humans have near non-existant healing, but good damage mitigation and some pretty average but consistent damage. I would maybe use this.

Houndzalids Have good steady healing as long as you can hit the opponent, Good damage some of which is unavoidable, and the ability to survive in the scenario of getting low hp, being while under 10% hp you have a 35% chance to avoid damage, and another 15% chance to survive a fatal hit (so a 50-50% shot) of not dying of fatal damage, and maybe even healing a little from it again (as if you are on say 2% hp, take a fatal hit and then trigger the armors ability boosting you up to 10% hp) . Id be happy to use the kit myself , as long as your hitting for more then 1hp or more.
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RE: Repeatable Event. *The Rift opens*
The rhizards also have a decoy and at least one source of stun, not to mention powered-up attacks when enemies are stunned in a certain fashion. Having your decoy frighten your enemy into not attacking, when it happens, is cool too. Having a free defense boost also doesn't hurt, or having sharp pointy scales for when people hit you; the rhizard is all about tearing stuff up, and if you do it fast enough and in few enough rounds, the lack of healing won't matter because the lower combat rounds means fewer chances to be hit, particularly if your targets spend the time getting stunned and taking all sorts of extra damage (multiple weapon strikes which are beefed if you're insane, undertow potentially, etc).

The Hounzalid pretty much needs you to be at low health to get the most out of it (because you're right, 35% chance to not die on any given attack is neat), but of course if you're hitting stuff and healing, depending on how hard you hit and how big the creature is, you may never get to that sort of threshold and you may not stay there long. That's why I was complaining about bad synergy. Basically what I'm saying is that you have to be nearly dead to get the best out of the Hounzalid set, and that's simply not true of the others.
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RE: Repeatable Event. *The Rift opens*
Alright to begin with, because you seem to have again completely ignore something I have said. They would have either the summoned creature, or the stun/slight damage boost. The weapon would not acquire both of these. I said this in another reply to you, and have even added it to the main paragraph. Also, their main source of damage would be either their bracers or their helm, which could ultimately mess with them. As if a character was to go into ruins-castle and encounter a drauger. One who would normally rely on magic to assist them with this because they cannot deal damage with their weapon, would ultimately end up dead due to the insanity.

You need to be nearly dead, to get the best out of ONE piece, a single item out of the 5. And even then, if your not nearly dead you still are getting something out of it. But for arguments sake, what would you change. On either the Amulet or Armor, as these seem to be the main items you bare issue with, to make the kit better.
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RE: Repeatable Event. *The Rift opens*
First of all, both the raw stun and the fear effect from the decoy are paralytic in nature. They both stop the foe from attacking while you carve on it. You're absolutely right about being in a fight where you don't do enough damage physically, and going insane...although I daresay that unless other abilities shut off while that happens, your undertow/ice spikes may slowly plink draugers to death, and stuns on them may slow down the rate at which you take damage. If you go by that argument, a Hounzalid who fights in a place where he doesn't do a lot of damage will be in serious danger too; bad damage = neutered damage, except for the bleed stacks.

But okay. You want to know what I'd fix on the amulet and/or the armour. I've said some of it already, but here goes again.
For the poncho, give a flat 15% chance to dodge any attack, no matter what your HP. Leave that death-dodging ability in there as well, since I really do like it.
Let the amulet keep doing what it's doing, but perhaps add a 15% chance that if you start the fight over 75% HP, the amulet empowers you with extra attack (say an extra 15% attack). This will only happen if you're at 75% or higher when the fight starts, and even then it'll happen only 15% of the time. To make it so it's harder to spam battle after battle, you can make it drain 5% max HP when it happens. This pairs very nicely with the axe giving you extra attacks sometimes, and also gives your bracers in offensive mode a better chance to actually do damage since you do have to hit to make your enemy bleed. It can also stack on top of the attack bonus from the helm; remember, these guys have no magic, so they're all about the physical hits they deal.
I also reiterate that the bracers in defensive mode are just bad. You could consider either letting the poison paralyze fairly often when it fires, or giving the bracers both abilities at the same time so enemies can be poisoned and bleeding at the same time.

If you did most or all of these things, you'd have a Hounzalid kit far far more in line with what you've done with the other races.
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RE: Repeatable Event. *The Rift opens*
Yes the Rhizard would only be attacking, with the perks of insanity. Hence why I said, nothing but attack.

Alright, So lets begin with. 15% dodge chance straight out that's a bloody lot. More then Boreas, my legendary gives standard, which is a lot harder to equip, purely due to the stat requirements on it, and Even then, there is only one Boreas. Although rare, these would be more common. But i digress, with they way it sits right now, at half hp you will have that chance. Beyond that the ability to have double or more. As for the Amulet, the issue you have their is for starters, A 15% extra attack, along with the 20% boost, could easily one shot most things, Which would knock you up for a 15% heal, plus 2.5% from the attack itself. Which well, kinda destroys the point of the hp cost now doesn't it. As it sits the amulet has UNCAPPED healing, where as the rest, all have capped healing, which I think is pretty damn good in comparisons.

And as for the Bracers, make them godly, got it. But seriously, You want me to ramp up the damage output to pretty much guarantee at least one of these things activate, but If you get lucky and are capable of landing 5 stacks of bleed over 5 turns to deal , and even take a single hit to get the poison working. you can deal 500 over 9 turns, maybe even more with 330 of that being completely unavoidable. That, I don't think is very good for balance.
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RE: Repeatable Event. *The Rift opens*
Okay, let's see here:

1. First point, the poncho. Dodge chance and stun chance are essentially equal. You have given two other races multiple forms of stun, which categorically limits the number of damaging hits taken. You seem to be completely okay with this, but when the idea of dodge comes up, you focus on your legendary. Hate to break it to you, but that's illogical. A stunned foe does not attack, and a stunned foe also does not defens, summon allies, heal itself or throw arguably stun is even better ehan dodge. In this light, a flat 15% chance to dodge even at full HP doesn't sound awful to me. The enemy is, after all, not hampered in any way.
2. Regarding the bracers, if you do put both abilities on at the same time, then the chance for bleed should be dropped significantly (say to 35%). This way, it will be harder to get multiple stacks. Also bear in mind that harder hits means faster deaths, which is a self-limiting bit of synergy to ensure that the Hounzalid doesn't become a plink-damage specialist. Their aim is rurvival, and if that means ripping things in half, so much the better.
3. I looked at the amulet, designed the way it is, and you're right. 5%HP max cost is too small. How about 20 instead? It would still only occurrat 75%HP or higher, so the weakest it could bring you to would be 55% max HP. At least that way, it will take longer to heal back up again, and makes the ability self-limiting. I really do like the idea of attack power increased at the cost of some HP.
You might also consider making the amulet's other abilities mutually exclusive. You can either heal 2.5% max HP per strike, or you can heal 20% of missing HP at the end of combat if you kill with your weapon, but not both. Do that, and suddenly that other ability, the life-steal-for-attack thing, becomes a lot more self-limiting.
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RE: Repeatable Event. *The Rift opens*
Something i missed in the last post, regarding the Rhizard weapon.

True, they both do have that, But think about the chances for the summon to do it. First you have to get lucky enough to summon him, which is 10% chance, so say you get him on the 10th turn, you then have another 10% chance to stun them for a single attack, so worst case scenario by the number you get it on round 20 (if you get it at all, in all odd the battle would be over by then)

So, just from curiosity. Who in their right mind would give up 20% of their health, to give their attack a bonus 15% for single hit? I know i sure wouldn't. And if I got REAL unlucky, and i say unlucky cause to me, 20% hp for 15% attack boost is silly I don't want to give up 1500 odd hp for a 15% attack boost when i could throw on the helm's toggle to get it + 5% more , but anyway, If on the first hit, the Axe triggers a double/triple attack, and this attack boost triggers on 2 of those, goodbye 40% of my hp before the fight has even started. That would be particularly bad against things like the Graven images and Soul Hunters. This is also possible, if you start anywhere between 92.5% hp and 100% (as the first strike with the amulet trigger will drag you to 72.5% but the heal would then bring you back up to 75%, allowing the empowered attack to strike again).

Also, dodge and stun chances are essentially equal right now. I'd imagine they would implement some form of stun resistance in the future, similar to that of poison resistance that I remember some people talking about wanting. I had some foresight when I produced this, I tried to anticipate things that they would implement (Like the Magic resistances). But what item right now gives you upto a 50% chance each time you take damage to dodge that damage (In the right situation, you do get a 50% chance) ? Or even what item gives you that chance to stun them? None to my knowledge.

At 35% bleed stack chance, you'd nearly never get it up to the full 5 stacks, Making that ability practically useless, Where as if i leave it as it is, people can decide if they want to either, focus on shredding their opponent as fast as they can, or Defending and slowly trying to deal damage with the poison, that requires only one hit to active the entire thing worth 205 damage, let them sneak in a single hit, then go for the Defensive stance and take the minimal of all damage you can.
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RE: Repeatable Event. *The Rift opens*
No matter which way you slice it, the poison sucks as it is currently. I would never ever use it, because the day a hounzalid deliberately gets into a fight he can't win by force is the day that hounzalid probably deserves a quick death in that fight. His whole survival is focused around doing damage and making his opponent hurt, not in stone-walling. Besides, lack of stun chance mmans I can't exactly avoid attacks, and if you leave your dodge chance the way you've got it currently, I'm only going to be better at living when my HP is low anyway...which in general is a state I want to avoid (see those gravens and soul hunters you mentioned, they're deadly for hounzalid).

Now, regarding my attack bonus idea. The ability is a per-round chance, not a per-attack chance. If you attack three times, you will not have your attack jacked over and over and over again on the same round. I was intending that you would pay 20% of your max HP and your attack is permanently boosted to 115% base value. For every time this ability triggers (remember, it's basically a 1 in 7 rounds chance, and can only trigger above 75%HP), the attack goes up by another 15% of base (130%, 145%, 160%), but every time it does, you lose 20% of your max HP. This does mean that in a long fight the Hounzalid is going to be hitting like a truck, potentially several times per round. But it also means that he's going to have to heal up because 20% of his HP is quite costly. I also suggested having the amulet's two abilities (2.5% max HP and 20% of missing HP abilities) separate, so you have to toggle one or the other.
Thus, even if I beat the odds and got attack boosts on the first two rounds, I am at somewhere between 60% and 70% HP, which means I have to hit twice more or thereabouts just for the ability to have even a chance to fire, and even if it fires when I'm at the 75% threshold (on round 4, let's say), now I have attack at 145% but my health is approximately 55-60%. I'm allowing for potential double attacks from the axe here, and this is a true beating-the-odds scenario, since getting three boosts when your HP is in the right zone is something like a 1 in 21 chance.

One note I missed:
Separating the amulet's two abilities lends itself to two different playstyles. Constant 2.5% healing is good in longer fights. 20% missing HP is better if you plan to fight a lot of monsters that will plink you. Doing it the way I suggest, you can't get the amulet to boost you up while sucking your HP, then get 20% of that missing HP back when the fight ends; your only healing is 2.5% of your max HP per hit you deal.

Missed yet another thing:
This could happily be stacked on top of the helm's attack boost; again, this is all about venting your fury and hitting hard, because the hounzalid don't stun, don't summon and don't weaken the enemy in any way.
Incidentally, if there is one day stun resistance, then there will very likely one day be attacks or monsters that negate or somewhat negate dodge as well, so let's not try and use that as an escape. You're annoyed at a flat 15% free dodge for hounzalid yet are willing to give approximately a 40% stun chance to Eldron and something like 25% to rhizard (bracers trick in particular). Both of those are superior, since the enemy can't do -anything while stunned, much less attack.
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RE: Repeatable Event. *The Rift opens*
The poison sucks? Well frankly put, thats your opinion , your entitled to it, however I have to disagree. Who says he would deliberatly get into a fight he cant win? Maybe... Just maybe he wants a little bit of a steadier damage output, as most thing in the castle for example, deal DD, so you would nearly always have this damage counter going, where as with things like Draugers, they have massive defence ranges so you might not have the attack range to hit them every time.

Also, You are aware a dodge would cause you to avoid all damage, and effects from that attack, so if you dodge an attack that would stun you, you wouldn't get stunned from it. So to me, the dodge is far superior to the stuns of the other attacks.

Now with Gravens, you could take them out in a single round each if you got lucky enough. Mix the Axes high attack values, dealing an average of 195 damage per attack, With the +2 strikes you can get and the plink you would deal should the bracers be in offensive adding an extra 84 damage, you could easily wipe the floor with them in a round, which would even heal you for a lovely total of 22.5% of your Max HP, Which for you, on karakarn would be a lovely .... well damn, a lovely 3708 HP, now doesn't that look broken compared to everyone elses healing capabilities? Even on someone like me, with 8000 hp It would only be about 1850 hp or so. As for Soul Hunters, they are hard? Well they damn well should be. They are currently the hardest monster in the game, Why would i produce gear, for level 125-165's to use, that can destroy them? This gear would still assist in their destruction.

Also, as a side note, Assuming something annoys me? I don't see why you would jump to such a conclusion, If it was the use of words such as Damn and Bloody, I don't use them out of annoyance, I use them as emphasis on certain points, but to do it so bluntly, It is a little insulting. I know they had planned for dodging to be used by your basic warriors, to help counter magic. I remembered this from the magic forums that described all magics and what they did. So given that, I assumed that all Houndzalids for the most part, would have an enhanced dodge chance from the start, Which I would myself, give them about a 10-15% chance at final promotion ( about a 3% dodge chance per promotion down "warrior" Lines, 2% down the others)
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RE: Repeatable Event. *The Rift opens*
Uh...where in heck do you get 22.5%HP healing? If you get two attacks per round, you would heal 5% of your max HP on that round. Remember I'm talking about splitting the amulet's healing up, so you can only have one at a time. Let's say I get into a fight with two soul hunters and it takes me three rounds to kill them. I can't stun them, so aside from dodging I can't avoid them either. I have no decoys to absorb damage either...okay fine, I also have more HP than your average joe. So let's say I take 800 damage before I kill the Soul Hunters. On Karakarn that's only 5% or so of my max HP. If I stick to mode 1 (heal 2.5% of max HP per successful hit) then I've healed to full. If I use mode 2 (heal 20% of missing HP when battle ends) I heal only 160HP at the end of the fight. I do not get both.

Hounzalid can't use magic. They are foolish if they want to get into a fight they'd have trouble winning with a partial dex break, or lack of dex break altogether. Take it from me, because I've played one for three hundred and forty-two levels.

Regarding stun vs. dodge, examine this. If a monster can throw fireballs, stun you with its eyes or hit physically, then you dodging damage does not stop you becoming stunned. If a monster could instead heal itself, summon allies, erect a stone wall to block your attack, etc., then your dodge chances do nothing to interfere with that. A stun, however, would. A monster who is truly stunned cannot do anything, thus stun is superior. You still have not really assessed the problem clearly; Eldron get what essentially amounts to a 40% stun chance plus a short-term damage-deferring decoy, and this is balanced in your opinion, but the idea of giving a Hounzalid a 15% dodge chance (no decoy, and the monster isn't stopped from acting) is somehow worse? It makes no sense.

I'm going to spell out the related suggestions I've made, just to make this really, really clear.

Amulet: Automatically has a 15% chance to boost attack by 15% of base value. This trigger will reduce the player's HP by 20% of their max, and will only have a chance to fire at 75%HP or higher. This ability will attempt to fire at the beginning of every combat round in which all the above parameters are met, and cannot be performed multiple times in a round.

Ability, select one
1: When you make a successful hit on your opponent, you will heal 2.5% of your max HP. I would, in fact, make this ability a 75% chance, so that the healing is still very useful and very likely, but no longer a guarantee.
2: When you kill a foe with your weapon directly, the amulet calculates the difference between your current and max HP, takes twenty percent of the resultant number and adds it to your current HP. In this way, you will never heal to full with this amulet, but you will be able to recover more at a go with it.

Pair this with Axe of Primal Rage, and you may heal 5% or even 7.5% of your max HP in a round if using ability 1. That's true, and that's why I suggested a 75% chance for that ability to fire instead. Also, the amulet has a tendency to sometimes yank 20% of your max HP to give your attacks extra power, so you will have to watch your HP, lest your fury be your undoing.

I am also suggesting a 15% flat dodge chance on the poncho. This is in direct opposition to other races who, by combinations of multiple abilities, end up having approximately a 30-50% chance to take no damage from any given target on a round. The Eldron in particular pair this with some healing, so it's even better. The Hounzalid just get a chance to duck out of the way; the enemy can still set itself up and can still stun the hounzalid if it comes to that.

Graven Images have 385HP, Soul Hunters have 450HP. That said, you would need to trigger fire to 2-shot a soul hunter, but 2-shotting a graven image is at least possible. You'd also have to outspeed it to deal damage, and all those lovely attack boosts (helm and suggested main ability for the amulet) won't help you a lick because your actual ATK doesn't matter against those monsters. If you have two soul hunters and you get really lucky, I suppose you might kill them in two rounds, which means you'll be hit by one of them for a few hundred damage. If you get really unlucky, you will take approximately six rounds to kill them, which could be deadly.

...Not so broken after a little analysis, I don't think.
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RE: Repeatable Event. *The Rift opens*
When i said the 22.5% hp , I was referring to it, in the state I have it now, which you believe sucks, And that's if you grab a Graven with it. Not something easy like a Julop or a Blood Spout which you can kill in a single attack with ease. As it stands, the Houndzalid amulet, and houndzalid race have the best healing because of that amulet. To a degree that I'd even say is broken. Yet, you say its a bad amulet and pales in comparison to the others.

Houndzalid's can't use magic, You should know as you played one for 340 odd levels? Oh, i believe I only played for 4 years without magic, ran around castle before it got nerfed down and even then when it was released I still didn't use it. I believe I know what is possible without magic. And before you say "But your stats are well above average anyway" Before 2012, I didnt even have 500 on any of the stats. I had around 250-300 strength and dex, and 1.4k hp. With a set-up that mostly well-off players had, I managed around 300 attack and defense.

True they stun you with their eyes, but its with their gaze, if you dodge their gaze, you should theoretically dodge the stun true? If you dodge the Rhizards water binding again you should dodge the stun, Same deal does with both the eldron's stun chance on the weapon, if you can dodge the roots that burst from, the hilt, they can not tangle you up, and stun you am I not right in saying this? These are all completely logical, if they aren't well, I'll stop right here in defending it. The once of per battle stun, is easily avoided, and also easily wasted. So that, requires no balancing really. a 30% chance, on a single round of battle, that requires a per-requirement to occur the round before, AND the round of occurrence, is not broken. <--- which id like to ask, where the hell your getting a 40% stun chance, as far as i see, they have a 20% chance, and a Once off 30% chance (as i have said about 5 times, If the equipment bearer isn't attacked during the 3rd round after the wall is summoned/the turn after its destruction They forever lose this chance in that battle.) after they have summoned a wall that has a 10% chance of summoning.

So really, what I'm giving Houndzalids, is a way to pretty much mess with every stun on the other gears, and very well in the game. A damn high chance at doing that, so to me, thats throwing them a bone if anything

Also I'd love to know where you are getting your numbers from, Rhizards, have a 25% chance to stun, and a 4-20% chance to take half damage from an opponents next attack. Humans have the Shields damage mitigation which is capped to 250 damage and only at a 20% chance, then the Armors scaling chance, which on average would occur every 6 or so rounds (less then 20% chance average really) . So really, how are you getting numbers as high as a 50% chance to mitigate damage? The only ones with that in my kit layout is the Houndzalid, and they have to be at 25% hp for this.
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RE: Repeatable Event. *The Rift opens*
Please, please, please pay attention to details. My numbers come from combinations, not from single pieces of gear. The Eldron have an innate 20% chance to stun all the time, and an innate decoy chance as well, limited as it is. They also have healing of both HP and MP. If the Rhizard get the stun on their weapon instead of the decoy (which can rarely stun in its own right, of course), they also have the bracers which can not only do DD but can also help mitigate damage (you said it's either one roun of no attacks or one round of half damage, which is still a form of damage mitigation). Pair that with loads of attacks per round (two absolutely guaranteed, which is more than any other race boasts at base value) plus the chance for the undertow to really pour on the damage eventually, plus insanity which might very well make battle extremely quick, and it's a nice setup. Then you have humans; they just seem to do a hell of a lot of DD if they're even a bit lucky, and their synergy is really quite something.
All this having been said, the only race with a 15% chance or less to mitigate damage on a round are hounzalid; all other races can do at least a little more than that. Thus my suggestion of a flat 15% chance to dodge. Remember, also, that in PVM, there's magic; this means that since there are a few spells that can both do damage and stun, Hounzalid are at an even greater drawback. If one day they have stun flasks or whatnot, then balance will have been addressed, but right now it hasn't been, and there appear to be no signs of doing so at present. Nothing in open development from any source. I firmly believe in "go with what you know", and what I know is that in a PVM environment as it currently stands, magic makes one hell of a difference. It may not be absolutely vital, but it changes everything about how you fight; you can potentially hit or stun multiple targets, you can use MP to heal yourself (and water arguably has some of the best healing, IMHO), and thus your gear will only further empower you. This absolutely must be taken into account.

It would be far better to give Hounzalid the sort of suggestions I put forward, then scale back gear universally when changes to dodge/stun/magic/potions were made, than it would be to give them inferior or counter-intuitive gear whose pieces get in one another's way and nerf one another's full potential until such time it was deemed that they should get an upgrade. My setup, as I've laid it out, is nowhere near broken.

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