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Tanglemire (working name): Swamp Area Template
04-08-2014, 09:21 AM, (This post was last modified: 04-08-2014, 09:27 AM by Karakarn.)
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Tanglemire (working name): Swamp Area Template
Hi there,

Thanks for stopping by. You're in for a long read. I welcome any and all feedback here. I have left the details of the couple of puzzles I mention herein vague on purpose, in case something like this is ever used.


Tanglemire (Working Name)

Deep in the south of Cajar is a vast and mysterious swamp. It is said that penetrating to its heart may be rewarding, but that all who have attempted the journey have at some point turned back...or have disappeared under ominous circumstances. Those who have returned from the depths of the mire tell tales of poisonous water, carnivorous plants, infuriating swarms of large insects, pits of viscous mud and ground fog so thick that it is nearly impossible to penetrate with the naked eye. Some travellers whisper about mystical creatures who, given the right incentive, will offer aid to those in need, while others shiver at the thought of vengeful ghosts bent on tormenting the living.

Tanglemire is built in such a way that you must traverse the areas in order, solving a puzzle or completing a mini-quest in each area in order to unlock the next one. The areas are as follows:
1. Fringes
2. Thickets
3. Dark Bog
4. Black Water
5. Wispy Mists
6. Dead Island

Mechanic: Locking and Unlocking
When you advance to a new area of Tanglemire, enemies from the previous area will continue appearing there as well. Given that each area in Tanglemire will grow progressively more difficult, and given that enemies in the sixth area will be somewhat harder than enemies in the first, players may wish to lock areas behind them as they go, essentially barring enemies of weaker areas from accompanying them and raising the average exp yield per battle in the process.
The further into this area a player goes, the more involved and difficult the process of locking and unlocking will be. Areas remain unlocked by default.
Technical Note: If a player is in area 6 and locks the barrier between areas 4 and 5, but not 5 and 6, he will encounter enemies from areas 5 and 6. Essentially, all a player need do is lock the highest barrier that will still close him in with the enemies he wishes to fight.
Alternative note: if the idea of barriers is simply too difficult to code or too time-consuming, where creatures being locked into or out of areas is concerned, it might be perfectly allowable to have a simple bleed-over effect, where enemies carry over from map to map, such that some enemies in area 5 might carry over to area 6, but enemies from area 1 probably would not. This would be far simpler, but far less interesting. Simply put versions of the repeated enemies in the new map; since each map is separate, this would not be any more difficult than, say, the repeat monsters in the Ruins and Castle.

I will now outline each area, explaining how it will look, which enemies can be found there, special attributes of the area and the mini-quest or quests which can be found there. I will proceed in order.
Please note: I will put a glossary of enemies and the non-essential gear they may drop at the bottom of this document.

1. Fringes

Recommended Level: 120, but some enemies may be difficult at the minimum level
Enemies: Carrion Crow, Emerald Tree Snake, Deathcap, Parasitic Wasp
Geography: Lowlands, with stunted trees spaced somewhat far apart. Vines proliferate here, but they seem concentrated on twining themselves around their neighbours. This area does flourish, in its way, and is not dark or markedly dangerous. It is, at the worst, wild, untame.
Special Attributes: None, but passage to Thickets is barred by a deadfall that looks particularly nasty.
Mini-quest: Skin for Fire
Somewhere in the Fringes is an elderly man well-acquainted with the perils of Tanglemire. He dabbles in the arcane, and has developed a remarkable tool. For a favour, he is willing to let you have one of his wands, which he does not sell. This wand, when used, causes nearby flora to retreat; it does this by conjuring illusionary green flames, which the native plant life seems aware enough to fear and move away from. His favour consists of bringing him the skins of ten Emerald Tree Snakes, which he will combine with other ingredients in his own stores to fashion the magic of the wand. He will also ask you to bring him a simple wooden stick, to serve as the body of the wand. Skins should not be tradable or droppable, but should be akin to Essence of Undeath, in that they drop from the Emerald Tree Snake after a successful kill.
A player will receive 3000EXP for earning themselves a wand; this is because, although the area can be entered at any level, killing the snakes isn't something a novice will relish.
Using the wand at the deadfall will unlock it.
Barrier: deadfall
Once on the far side of the deadfall (in Thickets), the player will immediately see a very long stick, expertly placed, which glows very faintly. Pulling on the stick will cause the deadfall to come crashing down into an approximation of its previous position, locking the exit. In order to re-open it, all a player needs to do is use the wand they received.

2. Thickets

Recommended Level: 130, but an optional boss will prove difficult at this level and a mandatory boss will be a fair challenge
Enemies: Black Harvester, Crawling Ivy, Choker, Hellish Swarm (boss), Wall of Thorns (boss)
Geography: The ground is decidedly squishy, but the plant life is abundant, rife with roots, vines and masses of bushes. Travel through this patch is difficult and somewhat treacherous.
Special Attributes: When travelling in this area, visibility is limited to a two-tile radius. The area is a little mazelike (no teleports, but the paths wind and twist a little). It is not a large area, but one must move one square at a time rather than "tile hopping". Every time a new tile is stepped on, there is a 50% chance to take 10-20 damage from the vengeful briars and thorns. Passage to Dark Bog is barred by a fallen tree, which happens to sport a gigantic, misshapen insect nest in its mostly hollow trunk.
Quest: Slay the Swarm
This quest is not stated, and does not contain multiple steps. A player need only to kill Hellish Swarm, and Dark Bog becomes unlocked.
Barrier: fallen tree
If the player enters Dark Bog and immediately uses the wand from quest 1 on the hollow tree, the tree will begin to writhe while throwing off illusionary green fire. Given its size, it will effectively bar passage into Dark Bog because the inhabitants of the thickets will not dare to come close.
Optional Boss: Wall of Thorns
Defeating this boss earns the player a set of armour called Tunic of Thorns. It will scratch the player for 5-10HP when it is put on or taken off, but while it is worn, the player takes no damage from the terrain in Thickets. If this armour is worn during the Hellish Swarm fight, damage from one of that boss's attacks will be somewhat less potent (see notes on the boss below).
After locking barrier 2, and sealing themselves into Dark Bog, the player will have to find some other method to find a way out, as he will lack the tools to do so if he locks the barrier on his first playthrough.

3. Dark Bog

Recommended Level: 140
Enemies: Bog Wight, Marsh Ooze, Blackfly, Darkwart, Skeletal Drake (boss)
Geography: This area is dotted with hummocks of tufted grass, which sit uneasily in the midst of thick mud and quicksand, all of which seems to be moving somehow. A misstep may not be fatal, but it could mean serious trouble.
Special Attributes: As before, travelling more than one tile at a time is not permitted. If one steps on a tile that isn't safe (some are obvious, but some of the hummocks are unsafe to step on), one will take 200-500 damage, and be deposited at the start of the area. People have come before, however, and left some hints concerning a path of safety. There will be a crude wooden sign immediately upon entering the area, and it will be possible to find further clues later on. Of course, trial and error will also work, but will prove much more costly in the long run. Please note: a hummock that appears safe but isn't will always remain this way.
Mini-Quest: Firmer Ground
Using various signs and clues, you must navigate a fairly lengthy path to the side of a small, solitary hill. A cave, not much larger than a den, has been carved in the side of the hill, and before entering, a player may notice frost on the ground around the cave mouth. Entering the cave immediately begins a boss battle with Skeletal Drake. A note: If one is wearing Tunic of Thorns in this battle, one of the drake's attacks will do significantly more damage. Defeating the drake, the player will be able to take its skull, which can fit loosely over the head as a helm (Frosted Drake Skull).
Wearing this skull has two noteworthy effects. First, a player will take 25 damage on every round of combat, and 10 damage on every tile. However, as the player moves, the ground around them hardens spontaneously, enough to walk on at least. Using this item will, therefore, make the entirety of this area completely free of pitfalls, and will allow the player to find anything else that may have been missed. It is also the only way to proceed to the area's exit into Black Water, since the path would otherwise be incomplete.
Barrier: Poisonous Cloud
It will be possible, later in area 4, to bar monsters from lower areas (1, 2 and 3) from getting in. It will necessitate the conjuring of a cloud of poisonous gas that will keep all of the monsters at bay (and the player too, unless it is dispelled).
While wearing the Frozen Drake Skull, one can use its tile effect, Frosty Blast, to immobilize the tree at barrier 2, and thus re-unlock Thickets, if desired. This ability costs 200MP.

4. Black Water
Recommended Level: 150+
Enemies: Constrictor, Mottled Sucker, Snapjaw, Warped Frog, Mutant Crawfish, Tainted One (boss)
Geography: This entire area is fairly wide open, with only the occasional half-rotted tree or bush poking out of a featureless expanse of black water. Small knobs of rock thrust out of the water at seemingly random places as well. The stench is terrible, far worse than any natural swamp ought to be. The water is not quite deep enough to necessitate swimming, but it's more than deep enough to impede movement. If you want to get across this area, you're going to take a bath, at least once. Notable, as well, are the currents that seem to sweep just below the water's surface, evident from above by lines of bubbles. These currents might be one way to get from place to place when swimming is too horrible an option.
Special Attributes: Another area where travelling one tile at a time is the only means of locomotion permissible. If you move one tile in the water, you will lose 10HP. Every subsequent tile you move, the HP loss quadruples. This will kill most players in only a few tiles, and this is deliberate. There are currents which, when stepped on, will bring you close to places of dry land; it will therefore be advantageous to learn the placement of these currents, and to navigate them to safety. Stepping on a current will reset the poison counter, and some currents will run crosswise to one another. Finding the way from safe haven to safe haven is a must.
Note: If one wears the Frost Drake Skull in this area, thinking to freeze the poisoned water and have themselves a good skate, they will receive a nasty surprise. Stepping off the entrance tile with this item equipped will indeed turn the water to ice, but it will simply spill you back to the entrance, and cause you to lose HP in the bargain. It effectively stops you from exploring the area.
Quest: A Borrower Afloat
This quest involves no combat, but may be frustrating anyway. On a tiny outcrop of rock sticking out of the water, not too deep into the area, is a woman clinging above the water-line and pleading for help. If you talk to her, she will tell you that she was attacked and her raft was capsized, spilling her into the water. She believes that without someone to steer it, the raft might have been dashed to pieces, but she begs you to try and find her missing raft and bring it back to her.
You must go to random islands in this area until you find one of the raft pieces. There are five of them, but they are each unwieldy enough that you will have to drag them one at a time. When I say "random", I mean that there are probably ten or twelve islands and only five pieces; the island each piece is found upon will not change, so it will be somewhat possible to map a route. Navigating back and forth through currents with raft pieces will be trying, and it can and will drain your HP. You will get 1500EXP for each raft piece you bring back, but every time you turn one in, you notice that the woman is progressively weaker.
For bringing the last piece, you get 5000EXP instead, and the woman uses tree magic to create a network of roots and vines to hold the pieces together. It's not too sturdy, but it won't sink and, if you're careful, should get you across the open currentless water between you and the low misty hill to the south. Unfortunately, the strain is too much for the woman in her poison-weakened state, and she dies, leaving you alone with the raft.
Alternative, unspoken quest: Playing the Saviour
As soon as the first raft piece is turned in, a timer starts without the player's knowledge. This timer is set at thirty minutes, after which it will close down and no longer be available. In this window of time, if the player manages to reach the arcanist in Fringes, they will be able to talk to him about the stranded woman. He will explain that he can alleviate the worst of the symptoms of this woman if he has three Purple Mushroom (dropped by Choker), 2 Swollen Gland (dropped by Blackwart) and 4 Neutro Spores (dropped by Juolps in Ruins and Castle). If you have these items, or can obtain them within that thirty-minute time window, he will give you one sample of Bitter Medicine (untradable item). If you return to the woman, still within this time limit, and give her Bitter Medicine, she will drink it and no longer be at risk of death. She still does not wish to brave the water, but will no longer die upon completion of the raft. This time, she will finish weaving it together, hop on with you, and steer the pair of you to the start of the area. This nets an extra 10000 experience. She wishes to leave, and she lets you keep the raft. From here, getting to the next area is done the same way (except, of course, that the route is somewhat different from the start of the area).
You will now have access to the raft any time you enter this area. It will simply allow you to traverse the area without taking ruinous damage. All other parameters are as normal.
Optional Boss: The Tainted One
Hidden far off in one corner of this watery area is an enormous boss, perhaps the very source of the taint. Killing him yields an item: Blighted Skin. Wearing this item (armour) causes all monsters to lose 20-30HP per round, makes you immune to poison and, when used on a tile, expels a poisonous cloud. This item is, in fact, the way to seal the barrier between area 3 and area 4.
Barrier: Magical Barrier
This will not be accessible when you enter the area; in fact, it cannot be accessed until the final area is unlocked, at the very least. There is a wisp near the barrier between areas 4 and 5, but it will not interact with you until you have helped the other wisps in the area first. Once you have, though, it will be willing to lock the barrier behind you.

5: Wispy Mists

Recommended Level: 160+
Enemies: Soulfire, Revenant, Whisperwind, Ephemeral Conjurer, Chaunderath (boss), Watcher of the Seal (optional boss), Loria the Forsaken (boss)
Geography: This area is mystical, to say the least. While it still exists within a swamp, the swamp itself is sort of hard to notice, owing to the eddies of mist that constantly surround anyone who travels herein. This locale is populated by wisps, tiny balls of light which, by some strange trick of magic, know how to speak. They are sentient creatures, but fickle and prankish, and the mists in which they thrive are dangerous for the unwary. It is all too common to hear of a traveller stumbling into quicksand unawares, or of ending up where you began if you don't keep your wits about you. The path through these lands twists and turns, rather mazelike.
Special Attributes: You will only be able to see the tile you're on, and the open tiles around you. The mist is not inherently harmful, but does mean that certain hazards, such as pits, will not be visible until they're stepped on. Quicksand pits will deprive a player of 5 energy and 500HP when stepped in; they will never move and will only appear at the far end of dead-end paths. In a few places, the mist is extremely thick, and this will cause players to lose 10MP every time they move through it. Also, all attacks used by the player while in this area have an innate 5% chance to miss. This includes magic. There will be a lot of dead ends in here, so navigating will be to some extent a case of both trial and error and memorization.
Quest: The Wisps in Need
Lately, a malevolent entity seems to have taken up residence within the mists. The Wisps are neither strong nor canny enough to vanquish it on their own, but they are too xenophobic to immediately entrust their fate to a stranger such as you. You will have to earn their favour by completing tasks for them before the final act can be achieved.
Mini-quest 1: Feeding the Hungry
Somewhere in the mist is a wisp who has somehow gotten lost. He is weak and hungry, and wishes for you to bring him three Ectoplasm, an item dropped by the Revenant enemy. It apparently tastes awful, but will let him rebuild his energy enough to light his way home. You will receive 1200EXP for this deed.
Mini-Quest 2: The First Sign of Trust
Another Wisp will, after you have saved his friend from starvation, offer to upgrade one of your wearable items (as in, the ones earned via puzzles) in the swamp. He will only do this for one item, and he requires 200000 crowne as a fee. It is a high price, and you cannot be sure you'll ever see the item again, but it's either trust or turn back. Details on the upgrades provided will be mentioned below. You will receive no EXP reward for this.
Miniquest 3: Loria the Forsaken
You will be tasked with this mission only after having had one of your items upgraded. It seems that one of the wisps has been subsumed by an evil presence, and has taken up station somewhere else in their realm. In point of fact, she is guarding a smaller portion of the area which will unlock two other goals; if you approach her before this mission is triggered, there is a barrier in the way but no sign of her. Once the mini-quest has started, however, you will be given a runestone. This item will consume 50% of your maximum HP when used, but it will reveal Loria's hiding spot and force you into combat. Defeating her in combat breaks the magical barrier, allows access to the rest of the map and yields 5000EXP for finishing the mini-quest.
Mini-quest 4: A Sacred Rune
You will now be allowed to visit the elder of the wisps, and told that the usurper calls itself Chaunderath. Apparently Chaunderath has stolen a very powerful artifact from the wisps, who cannot get it back. You are asked to make the attempt.
There is a small hill somewhere in the mist, and a cave opening on its east side. When you enter the cave, a ring of seven candles lights up, showing an enormous beast sleeping nearby and a chest in the middle. Clearly, Chaunderath has set this trap for the wisps, whose inherent light source would have wrought havoc in here.
Solving the puzzle will net an item called Orb of Foretelling, a multi-faceted crystal sphere carved all over with tiny glowing runes. This item is quite powerful and can be used as an amulet (see below), but failing to turn it in (failing to complete the quest) will mean that the barrier between areas 4 and 5 cannot be locked. The wisp near the entrance will not help you unless you finish this mini-quest, which also awards 15000EXP upon completion.
Note: If you take too long to solve the puzzle, you will be attacked by Watcher of the Seals. This fight cannot be won. Later, after you finish the puzzle legitimately, and once Chaunderath has been defeated, you will be able to come back and face a slightly less lethal version of the boss. You will gain a substantial EXP reward for the kill, plus a one-of-a-kind untradable artifact for your trouble.
Mini-quest 5: Vanquishing the Interloper
Chaunderath is a daunting foe, and it is now time for you to hunt him down and destroy him. If you do this, the wisps guarantee you safe passage through their lands, and you will never again be the butt of their tricks. You can do this task without attempting to do the candle puzzle if you wish. Mini-quest 4 is completely optional for the sake of simple progression.
Chaunderath wanders randomly in the small part of the map past the barrier Loria was guarding, and is fairly uncommon. He is a difficult fight, but once defeated, the player will receive two unique items from him: Chaunderath's Dagger and Soulfire Gem.
Barrier: Mist Maze
This one is another freebie from area 6. If you're in area 6, you can simply ask the wisp who's standing at the entrance tile to warp the maze so that nothing can follow you through. This can only be done if all other wisp-related tasks have been completed.
Getting into area 6 from area 5 is a bit of a trick. It may seem to a player that it can be done right away; there is a wisp at the entrance to the maze (which is like its own tiny area, a bridge of sorts) and he will offer to guide you. You may try, but at some point in your travels the wisp will lead you astray and you will find yourself back at the beginning of the maze, minus all of your MP. It's quite a let-down. However, after Chaunderath has been killed, this wisp becomes friendly to you, and will no longer lead you astray. Simply go where he goes, and you will get through.
Note on the maze: For a distance of perhaps ten or twelve tiles in this tiny area, the wisp will dart in a given direction, as evidenced by text only (something like "The wisp bobs away to the east"). You absolutely must follow; failure at any point to follow the wisp will bring about the penalty discussed previously if you were tricked. This is why completion of this puzzle is not possible without the aid of a wisp.

6. Dead Island

Level Range: 200+, with an optional boss significantly harder
Enemies: Suneater, Rock Centipede, Soulless Wanderer, Neverborn, Bonedust Elemental, Jhin-Saala the Harrow (final boss)
Geography: This is a large rocky island, constantly lit by a subdued radiance. Burst-open cairns litter the landscape, and the wind, neither warm nor cool, is never quite still and never quite silent. The apotheosis of the haunted place, this area was once both a sacred meeting-place and a burial ground; both purposes have since been subsumed to a greater and more terrible design. In the rough center of the island is a large nine-by-nine square, in the very center of which is what appears to be an empty cage. Faint sparks can sometimes be seen from that direction.
Special Attributes: This area is refreshingly simple in its mechanics. There are no areas further ahead, so unlocking new areas is not a problem, and locking area 5 has already been discussed. There are no penalties for movement, no limited visibility, only that ominous center square
Quest: To Harrow
The puzzle here is potentially maddening. It takes place on its own little map, which again only allows you to move one tile at a time. A nine-by-nine square, eighty-one tiles in all, with the very center being taken up by the end goal, the cage. In the middle of each outer row, facing inward but with its head twisted around backward to face away from the cage, is a stone statue. At four different places in the square are switches; each switch will turn one statue's head inward to face the cage. Here's the tough part though. On certain tiles, there are barriers blocking your passage in a given direction, and some of the other tiles will teleport you to specific different points on the square. At three points in this puzzle room are buttons on the ground which are automatically triggered when stepped upon. These buttons will change three of the teleporter destinations to different fixed points, necessitating their strategic use in order to complete the quest. You must use a combination of teleports, button pushes and moves to get all four statues to face the cage, and must then make your way to the cage.
Once you reach the cage, you will see that it appears to be made from twisted bones. Sparks fly out from a central point within the cage, and you are addressed by a disembodied voice. It explains to you that it was not always evil, that it was once merely a creation granted too great an appetite. It was then imprisoned here, caught between self-preservation and starvation. It could not escape, but it could not die, as its prison gave it just enough sustenance to force it to exist. It entreats you to free it from its misery, to open its cage and put an end to it. The only way to fight this boss, and to finish the quest, is to agree. To disagree simply lets the quest hang until you are ready. You may fail this battle as many times as you wish before completing it. Leaving the room will unfortunately reset the puzzle, however.
Once the battle is complete, the player receives 50000 experience and a unique item for penetrating to the heart of Tanglemire.

Glossary: Enemy List

Below, I will provide a list of the enemies in Tanglemire, including bosses. This information contains their statistics, attacks, general physical description, experience/crowne yields and dropped items, if applicable.

Carrion Crow: A large black bird with a hooked beak and glossy grey or black plumage on its head.
Stats: 141HP, 149-181ATK, 163-218DEF
Attacks: Sky High, Swoop
Sky High: Initiative = 1 when this attack is chosen, so it always goes last. Crow will fly up and out of reach for the next attack. If the player tries to attack Carrion Crow on the next round, they are guaranteed to miss.
Swoop: Think of the Giant Worm of Despair's burrow attack, except this one's attack modifier is much smaller...maybe x4 instead of x10. Getting hit by it is going to hurt, but it's not going to utterly destroy anyone.
Yield: 103-141EXP, 33-53 crowne
Note: will occasionally attack in pairs
Drop: Dull Feather (ingredient), 15% chance

Emerald Tree Snake: A fat and fairly short-bodied snake coloured bright green
Stats: 270HP, 161-199ATK, 154-183DEF
Attacks: Camouflage, Ambush Strike
Camouflage: Has a 30% chance to occur on any round when Camouflage is not already active. Raises defense by 80-80 points when used, as the snake becomes harder to hit. Also gains a 20% chance to dodge any attack while active. May not be used if the buff is already active (cannot stack).
Ambush Strike: Takes place with a 50% chance on any round while Camouflage is active. Attacks with an x3 modifier to damage output and a 50% chance to poison. Poison will do 40-50 damage per round for 5-10 rounds or end of battle. As soon as Ambush Strike is used, the buffs from Camouflage disappear. Please note that Ambush Strike can only occur while the Camouflage buff is active.
Yield: 151-188EXP, 24-47 crowne
Note: This is a mainly peaceful snake, which only attacks when threatened. It will never ambush a player.
Drop: Emerald Snakeskin (30% chance)

Deathcap: A large stout-looking mushroom with a cleft cap and a sick reddish aura
Stats: 121HP, 129-153ATK, 118-147DEF
Attacks: Parasite Seed
Parasite Seed: Will occur 25% of the time. The Deathcap spits seeds at its foe, which will then begin to transfer HP from the target back to itself. It is possible for a host to be infested with seeds from multiple deathcaps. The damage taken from each seed infestation is 15-40.
Yield: 38-51EXP, 11-17 crowne
Note: Never attacks in a group fewer than three or greater than five

Parasitic Wasp: A large, fat-looking wasp with brownish colouring, a long stinger and a strange proboscis on its belly that hooks downward and forward
Stats: 166HP, 177-224ATK, 188-237DEF
Attacks: Inject
Inject: Does 10-20 damage to the player in place of a normal attack, and will occur 25% of the time. Multiple injects cannot be stacked atop one another, but this won't stop the wasp from trying; the damage will still be done, but the egg will not be injected. At the end of the second round after the injection has taken place, the player will take 100-150 damage, and another Parasitic Wasp at full HP will join the battle. If the battle is finished before the new wasp hatches, the egg is assumed to have died before breaking open.
Yield: 113-140EXP, 26-38 crowne
Drop: Thrumming Stinger (gear, see glossary), 5% chance

Black Harvester: A large beetle-like insect with a black carapace and pincers. It also has a drill-like set of mandibles.
Stats: 290HP, 136-171ATK, 244-303DEF
Attacks: Hunch, Grasp, Drill Launch
Hunch: Happens 10% of the time. The beetle crouches closer to the ground and seems to stiffen its carapace. Raises defense by 50-50. This buff can stack.
Grasp: Occurs 30% of the time, but will not be used if the Grasp effect is already in play. This will do 10-50 damage, and the target will no longer be able to run away, nor will it be able to use Mighty Attack or Parry owing to its compromised position. Normal attacks and magic are still possible. The inability to flee/parry/mighty attack disappears if Drill Launch is used.
Drill Launch: Can only be used if the Grasp effect is in playy, and immediately ends said effect. It happens at a 60% probability. This ability does 200-300 damage by first impaling the player on its "drill" and then hurling it forward. The player will be stunned for 2-3 rounds from the vicious strike. In this method it is possible, but unlikely, to be stun-locked by a Black Harvester who repeatedly grabs and drills the player. This is intentional.
Yield: 185-224EXP, 41-81 crowne
Note: This monster will always attack on its own. No exceptions.
Drop: Striated Carapace (gear, see glossary) 5% chance

Crawling Ivy: A mass of purple and red flowers attached to vines; it seems to be mounded in the center, but hugs the ground, spider-like.
Stats: 264HP, 100MP, 181-223ATK, 156-189DEF, susceptible to fire (20% weakness)
Attacks: Flay, Paralytic Pollen, Roots
Flay: This simply attacks 3-5 times on a given round, with normal attack parameters. Happens 30% of the time, but never on the first round of combat (see below). Each attack, however, has 10-20 base damage added to it, however, so even lacking a dex-break the attack will do small damage.
Paralytic Pollen: Costs 25MP. Happens 20% of the time but never on the first round of combat (see below). A blast of pollen is shot out of the ivy's flowers, which paralyzes its prey for 1-3 rounds. A player who has this effect wear off is immune to the effect on the next round, so if Crawling Ivy attempts it when the player is immune, its attack is wasted.
Roots: Always happens on the first round of combat before any other action is taken. The Crawling Ivy attaches as much of itself to the player as it can and roots itself there. Damage is anywhere from 1-20, but both HP and MP are drained. Please note: if the first round's damage is 8, it will always remain that way). On every round, the Crawling Ivy will drain this number of HP and MP from the player, and gain its equivalent for itself. In this fashion, it can replenish both its life force and mana.
Yield: 131-166EXP, 24-60 crowne
Note: may attack alone or in pairs
Drop: Sick Blossom (ingredient) 10% chance

Choker: This is a small creature that looks vaguely like a monkey with a wrinkly face. It has long spindly arms and tiny hands, but loves to carry loops of vines around its wrists.
Stats: 232HP, 167-193ATK, 181-213DEF
Attacks: Throttle, Screech, Flee
Throttle: The Choker loops a length of vine around the player's neck and begins to viciously strangle them with it. Damage starts low, but doubles every round. Initial damage is 12-20. This attack ends only when the throttling Choker has been killed. Occurs 40% of the time, and if it is used, the Flee ability is shut off. A player being throttled also cannot flee. Once a specific Choker has used the Throttle ability and has had it take hold, it cannot attempt the action again; doing so would be redundant with the ability's mechanics.
Screech: Happens 20% of the time. This is a startling blast of sound that will do no literal harm, but which will lower the player's defense by 10% for 1-4 rounds.
Flee: Happens 10% of the time. Chokers are prankish, but not especially brave. Sometimes they will run away from a fight. Players only receive experience and crowne for the chokers they killed, and are not compensated for the Chokers who fled from them, wounded or not.
Yield: 76-81EXP, 20-31 crowne
Note: Two things. First, Chokers always appear in groups of 2 or 3. Second, Chokers have an innate 20% chance to dodge any attack, physical or magical.
Drop: Purple Mushroom (ingredient) 10% chance

Hellish Swarm (boss): A mass of mutated insects. They look wasplike, but they're far bigger and angrier than your average wasp.
Stats: 2700HP, 400MP, 300-345ATK, 221-263DEF
Attacks: Bravado, Heat Seek, Frenzy, Disperse
Trait: Strength in Numbers; every time this boss's HP is lowered by more than 20%, its attack subsequently drops by 10%. At 79%, 59%, 39% and 19%, therefore, it will lose 10% of its base attack automatically. This does not waste a turn or otherwise interrupt anything.
Trait: Fury in Numbers; At full HP, this boss gets 4 attacks per round; with every 25% HP lost, the number of attacks per round is reduced by 1, until it gets 1 attack per round at 25%HP or less.
Bravado: This is an ability to be avoided, at all costs. If the swarm is at 85% HP or greater at the end of the third round, it will multiply its attack by 140% and gain an extra attack per round.
Heat Seek: This costs 50MP, and causes the swarm to tighten into a compact formation. It lowers defense by 15%, but more importantly it facilitates Frenzy. Happens with 20% likelihood.
Frenzy: Costs 100MP, and will always follow Heat Seek immediately. This attack is murderous. It lowers the player's HP to 10% of its maximum.
Disperse: Always follows Heat Seek, and will restore the Hellish Swarm's defense to its natural value, while also restoring 100MP. In this fashion, a player will have at least one free turn to avoid being stung to death if 10% of their HP puts them in too dangerous a position to be tolerated.
Yield: 5000EXP, 0 crowne
Note: If Tunic of Thorns is worn, Frenzy's potency is significantly lessened; the player will only be brought to 50% of their max HP instead. It should also be noted that if a player is already below the threshold to which Frenzy brings them, they will be brought to 1HP, the very brink of death. Healing is imperative at that time.
Drop: Buzzing Shroud (gear, see glossary), 100% chance

Wall of Thorns: An enormous mass of briars, flowers and ivy that seems to have taken on some semblance of sentience.
Stats: 3500HP, 1500MP, 244-281ATK, 171-207DEF
Attacks: Roots, Throttle, Paralytic Pollen, Silence Seeds, Summon Tendril, Lash
Trait: Prickly; Every physical attack dealt to the Wall of Thorns will cause the player to take 10% of the damage dealt in immediate retaliation.
Trait: Barrage; If magic is used on the Wall of Thorns, it will counter by spitting a barrage of pellets at the player for 10% of the damage dealt.
Trait: Overgrow; On round 10 of combat, the Wall of Thorns will begin to absorb sunlight. This will take priority over all other potential attacks. On round 20, the monster will grow enormous and completely heal its HP. It adds 100-100 to its base atk and defense, and 2000 to its max HP, making it a much tougher opponent. This ability can only be performed once.
Roots: See Crawling Ivy, but the damage is 20-50 instead. Also note that the Wall of Thorns will heal double the MP it drains from its target.
Throttle: See Choker, but the damage counter starts at 20-30 instead of 12-20. Happens 10% of the time, and costs 50MP. The one saving grace here is that if the battle still isn't over by the fifth round of the Throttle effect, the effect is removed.
Paralytic Pollen: See Crawling Ivy, but happens 20% of the time. Stun duration is equal, and Wall of Thorns may very well attempt to spray Paralytic Pollen at a paralyzed target, thus wasting its turn. Costs 100MP.
Silence Seeds: Costs 100MP, happens only 20% of the time. Does 50-100 damage, but will render the victim unable to use magic for 2-5 rounds thereafter. A target who is already silenced can still be hit by the seeds, but they will not refresh the Silence counter.
Summon Tendril: Spends 100MP to summon a tendril, which has 1-1 defense and only 100HP. This happens only 10% of the time. While at least one Tendril is on the field, all attacks directed at Wall of Thorns will be intercepted, at no cost to either the Tendril or the Wall itself. The Tendril simply tangles around the weapon and renders the attack useless. Every tendril will attack the player for 1-5 damage per round.
Lash: This attack has the potential to be devastating. It will occur only while at least one tendril is on the field, and for every tendril in battle, the chance for the attack triples (base 15%). A battlefield crowded with tendrils, therefore, will make this attack extremely likely and extremely deadly. When this attack is used, 250MP is spent and the tendrils are sent toward the player. Each will do 225-450 damage. When the attack is over, all tendrils previously on the field are destroyed.
Yield: 6500EXP, 1500 crowne
Drop: Tunic of Thorns (gear, see glossary) 100% chance

Bog Wight: A rotting half-ghostly figure with outstretched hands and a gaunt face.
Stats: 313HP, 320MP, 201-233ATK, 245-273DEF
Attacks: Swamplight, Corrupt
Trait: Dread Aura; on any round, the player has a 10% chance to simply fail to take the intended action.
Swamplight: uses 40MP to deal 60-100 dark damage to all hostile targets. Happens 30% of the time.
Corrupt: Uses 80MP to infect the player with a rotting sickness that will lower their HP by 3% of its maximum every round. This ability also lowers attack and defense by 3% each round. It has a 20% chance to end on any turn following the second turn after it has been used, and it cannot be stacked. Bog Wights don't seem aware of this, however, and sometimes try to infect rotting targets. This attack will occur 20% of the time.
Yield: 181-223EXP, 35-74 crowne
Drop: Touch of Corruption (gear, see glossary), 5% chance
Note: Always attacks alone, but always ambushes

Marsh Ooze: A blob of brownish mud with a yawning hole in one side that looks suspiciously like a mouth.
Stats: 172HP, 200MP, 10-25ATK, n/a defense (see below)
Attacks: Slow Slime
Trait: Liquid skin; this creature acts like a Slither, in that physical attacks will only do 1-2 damage against it. Unlike a slither, it has no elemental weakness to target.
Trait: Bypass Defenses: This monster does direct damage rather than relying on an actual attack stat; the numbers above reference the amount of damage it will do on a regular hit.
Slow Slime: Uses 100MP to spray the player with muddy goop that lowers their initiative drastically. It does 30-40 damage.
Yield: 66-89EXP, 20-40 crowne
Note: Appears in groups of 2-4, and always ambushes

Blackfly: A huge fly, mostly black with green-veined wings and a long, narrow head.
Stats: 289HP, 224-276ATK, 300-345DEF
Attacks: Chomp
Chomp: This is nothing elaborate, only a solid bite from a large insect. It deals 60-80 damage, and will occur 30% of the time.
Yield: 45-58EXP, 9-17 crowne
Note: Always attacks in groups of 3-6

Darkwart: A huge toad with sharp teeth and warty, black skin. It looks quite muscular for a toad.
Stats: 327HP, 75MP, 238-270ATK, 221-258DEF
Attacks: Plague Fang, Acid Jet
Plague Fang: Occurs 40% of the time. Does 30-40 damage when it hits, but infects the target with a toxon that will do steadily mounting damage before backing off. The toxon's damage takes a number from 3-7, then starts doubling it until the fifth round of its effect, at which point the damage is cut in half until the ninth round, when it leaves the body's system. Ending battle before this time will prematurely flush the poison. A player may not be infected by multiple stacks of this poison, but they may be repeatedly bitten while poisoned.
Acid Jet: Costs 25MP, and occurs 30% of the time. This hits for only 20-25 damage, but has the nasty side effect of cutting a player's defense by 25% for 1-3 rounds afterword. The defense-drop ability cannot be stacked, but multiple acid jets may be used by multiple Darkwarts to stack damage.
Yield: 143-161EXP, 24-48 crowne
Note: may attack alone, but more commonly attacks with a mate; always ambushes
Drop: Swollen Gland (ingredient) 15% chance

Skeletal Drake: A squat-looking skeleton, dragonlike, with a smallish head and the rudiments of wings on its back. It appears to be pearly white and wreathed in frost. It has a long, knobby tail and big claws.
Stats: 2400HP, 600MP, 264-313ATK, 218-245DEF
Attacks: Frosty Blast, Cone of Chill
Trait: Breakable; as this beast loses HP, parts of its skeleton break off and become useless, making it less potent in combat. The three parts that can fall off are claws, tail and wings, and each will do so (at random) when the beast hits the 75%HP, 50%HP and 25%HP thresholds. These parts cannot regenerate.
Trait: Tail; While this body part is in the battle, it will end every round by attempting to trip the player; 20% of the time, the player will be stunned on the next attack. If a player is stunned, the tail will not lash, thus stopping a player from being completely stun-locked by the tail.
Trait: wings: On every round when this body part is in combat, the wings will create gusts of wind that will deal 10-50 air damage at the start of every round. There is a 40% chance that if magic is used on that round, the caster's concentration will be interrupted by the buffeting winds.
Trait: claws; While active, the claws simply let the drake attempt to add a counter-attack every time he is hit. He may attempt this on every physical attack which targets him, using nothing more than his unboosted ATK vs. the player's DEF. Also of note: if Claws are active and a player attempts a Mighty Attack, the attack has a 50% chance to be blocked, dealing the player damage equal to 1/4 of his max HP. This damage can kill.
Trait: Brittle; If a Mighty Attack is used while the Drake is inhaling, and if the counter-attack from claws does not block it, the mighty attack will do considerably more damage (x3 instead of x1.5), and if any body parts (wings, tail, claws) are still in play, there is a 50% chance to shatter one outright. If this happens, the drake will simply be tailless, wingless and clawless earlier in the fight (because he will have lost a body part without hitting the requisite threshold), and will pose significantly less threat. High risk, high reward.
Frosty Blast: Happens 20% of the time. This attack takes two rounds. On round 1, it has very high initiative, and sees the drake preparing itself to belch forth a blast of frost. It takes concentration, however, so during the first round of this attack only, the drake's defense is at 80% of its natural value. On the second round of the attack, the Frost Drake exhales a mighty blast of piercing cold. If undefended, this blast will do 1500-2000 damage. If defended, the damage is lowered to a more modest 300-400 range. If Tunic of Thorns is worn, the damage dealt, defended or not, is multiplied by 150%. The attack costs 150MP.
Cone of Cold: Has a 30% chance to happen, but will only occur once. The Drake snorts vapour into the air, which begins to whirl around in its den. This portends three things. First, the drake will now heal 30-50HP and 30-50MP per round. Second, the player will lose 30-50HP per round. Third, Frosty Blast's damage increases to 120% of its previous range (1800-2400 instead of 1500-2000 undefended).
Yield: 6500EXP, 25000 crowne
Note: The wings, claws and tail are not targetable. If this was not clear before, I hope it is now.
Drops: Frosted Drake Skull (gear, see glossary) 100% chance

Constrictor: A long beige and green snake, with strange bulges partway down its body as if it is slightly misshapen.
Stats: 508HP, 304-355ATK, 230-281DEF
Attacks: Constrict
Constrict: On the first round of combat, this attack begins to squeeze the player. Damage starts at 2, but doubles every round. Short of killing the creature, there is no way to stop it. Fleeing is not an option. Please note that the Constrictor also performs regular attacks while constricting, managing to lunge and strike its head at any part of the player's anatomy it can bite.
Yield: 214-244EXP, 32-80 crowne
Note: always ambushes, and always attacks alone

Mottled Sucker: A huge and bloated-looking leech with a greenish film of slime on it
Stats: 392HP, 50MP, 226-250ATK, 198-231DEF
Attacks: Life Draw
Trait: Bloodsucker; Whenever this creature does damage, it heals for double the damage dealt to the player.
Life Draw: Happens only 10% of the time. Expends all of its MP to drain the player for damage equal to the amount of HP between the Mottled Sucker's current and max HP. If one of these creatures is nearly dead and performs this attack, the damage may be quite acute. Blood is wasted, but the sucker is too gluttonous to care.
Yield: 167-191EXP, 40-66 crowne
Note: commonly attacks in pairs, but can rarely be seen alone

Snapjaw: A large turtle with a big flat head, roughened shell and a mouth strong enough to snap large sticks in half. A really ugly snapping turtle.
Stats: 715HP, 277-303ATK, 324-400DEF, 20% resistance to all magical elements
Attacks: Retreat, Lunge
Retreat: Happens 20% of the time, but only while the Retreat status is not active. Retreat status grants the Snapjaw 25-100HP regeneration each round, plus granting it an innate 25% chance to nullify damage from any attack thrown at it, in much the same way a Stalagmar's stone wall will block damage.
Lunge: The Snapjaw's head, on a surprisingly long neck, explodes out of its shell, immediately dispelling the Retreat buff and attempting to strike the player. It has a 10% chance to miss, since the turtle is attacking somewhat blindly, but if it hits, the player will be dealt 200-400 damage and stunned for 2-4 rounds. While Retreat status is active, Lunge has a 40% chance to occur.
Yield: 266-303EXP, 54-80 crowne
Note: Always encountered on its own, and will never ambush; this is yet another creature which, although dangerous when threatened, would rather be left alone
Drop: Carved Shell (gear, see glossary) 5% chance

Warped Frog: It's big, grey and it has two legs. Beyond that, it's not really froglike at all, as it has three eyes, claws on its feet and barbs in its tongue. A true freak of nature.
Stats: 431HP, 80MP, 248-299ATK, 238-270DEF
Attacks: Tongue-lashing, Film Shift
Trait: Jumping Instinct; a Warp Frog has a 10% chance to hop nimbly out of the way of any attack, physical or magical, evading damage.
Tongue-Lashing: This attack simply does 20-100 damage, but has a 10% chance to miss. Occurs 30% of the time.
Film Shift: This one is tricky. The Warped Frog is a testament to the growing strangeness of Tanglemire's heart, and as such has developed a way to shift and produce more of the film on its skin to interesting effect. For 20MP it can change colour, and the colour will grant immunity to a specific element; furthermore, if the Warp Frog is hit with the element to which it is immune, the spell will immediately backfire on the caster. Red film grants fire immunity, blue film grants water immunity, green film grants tree immunity, brown film grants stone immunity, white film grants light immunity, black film grants dark immunity and yellow film grants air immunity.
Yield: 90-113EXP, 29-35 crowne
Note: Attacks in groups of 2-4
Drop: Slimy Cape (gear, see glossary), 2.5% chance

Mutant Crayfish: An awkward-looking crayfish with a discoloured shell and what seems like far too many appendages
Stats: 619HP, 266-335ATK, 211-250DEF
Attacks: Seize, Tighten Grip, Eviscerate
Seize: Happens 20% of the time, and sees the Mutant Crayfish grab hold of player. It does small damage, only 10-25HP, but the player can no longer run away.
Tighten Grip: Follows directly after Seize. Triples the previous round's damage.
Eviscerate: Happens 50% of the time after Tighten Grip. This uses another claw to brutally rip into the player's softer parts while they're firmly held in place. It deals five times the damage dealt on the round before it (from Tighten Grip), giving it a damage range of 150-375. Note: if Eviscerate is not used on the turn directly following Tighten Grip, the player breaks free, and the crayfish will have to start over with Seize.
Note: Crayfish will not attempt to use Tighten Grip or Eviscerate if they have not used Seize before. They cannot combine their buffs to make a two-turn eviscerate, for instance.
Yield: 167-200EXP, 34-43 crowne
Note: always attacks in pairs; and yes, this does mean that it is technically possible to be grabbed, battened on and then eviscerated at the same time by two crayfish. Not nice.

Tainted One: It looks like an enormous ball of jelly, with an infected-looking red umbrella of flesh drifting out behind it. The only strange bit are the two hands hanging in front of it, both clutching what looks to be the spinal column of some enormous beast.
Stats: 7000HP, 2000MP, 353-401ATK, 286-320DEF
Attacks: Raise Staff, Gird, Enfold, Plague Mist, Biohazard, Undulating Shroud
Trait: Dense Body; Owing to this boss's sheer density, it will not take more than 10% of its max HP on any attack, for any reason.
Trait: Physical Focus; When deprived of his staff, the Tainted One has a 40% chance to attack physically twice on a round. This obviously only occurs with normal physical attacks, and will not apply on any round where another ability is used.
Raise Staff: The creature simply shifts poses, and raises its crude staff skyward. This attack lowers the creature's defense to 75% of its normal value, and ensures that whatever follows on the next round happens at the end of it (initiative is 1 until the end of the following round). Happens 20% of the time.
Gird: This ability comes into play immediately if the Tainted One is mighty-attacked while his staff is upraised at any point in the battle. The beast will double its attack and defense values until the end of combat, but will lose his staff. Thereafter, he will not attempt (and fail) to raise the staff, and any staff-related abilities are likewise locked. Also, Dense Body will now let The Tainted One lose only 5% of his max HP per turn instead of 10%. This makes him far more physically tough, but the trade-off may be worth it. Read on.
Plague Mist: costs 200MP, and will be the attack of choice the first time Raise Staff is not interrupted. The Tainted One summons a thick and choking cloud of mist which will serve many purposes. First, it will heal him for 100HP and 50MP per turn. Second, it will make the player lose 50HP and 50MP per turn. It cannot be dispelled. Last and possibly worst of all: it will halve the properties of any healing spell or item the player attempts to use.
Biohazard: This will be the Tainted One's go-to attack any time he raises the staff after Plague Mist has been put into play. He will expend 500MP to loose a concentrated stream of poison directly at the player. This attack has a turn of setup, so it can be telegraphed; as such, it will do 9999-9999 damage if the player does not go into Defensive Stance. Even if defended, the attack will do 400-750 damage, and the player's per-turn HP and MP loss will increment by 50 each. Every time Biohazard is used, this increased per-round drain will accrue extra potency, adding up to lethal damage over time.
Undulating Shroud: Occurs 20% of the time, and costs 200MP. This attack essentially summons a barrier of flesh that has 1HP and 1 defense. All attacks targeted at Tainted One with a shroud active will be absorbed by the shroud, and Tainted One will heal 50-100HP. If the Shroud is targeted, it will die. Only one shroud can be summoned at once, so this ability is shut off while the effect is active. It should be noted that if Tainted One summons a shroud and then raises his staff, there is a pretty good chance that it will not be possible to deprive him of the staff on that round. Playing defensive might be the best choice.
Enfold: This will occur only 10% of the time, and only then while the Tainted One is without his staff. This ability costs no MP, and has the Tainted One pulling the player in close to itself, enfolding it in that hideous umbrella of flesh. If this happens, the Tainted One will drain enough MP to bring it to its maximum, depriving the player of that much as well. The player will take 100-200 damage, and at the end of the turn he will be violently repelled, stunned for one round with defense at 50% of its natural value for the duration of the stun. Enfold cannot be used on consecutive rounds.
Yield: 8500EXP, 5000 crowne
Note; Completely optional for area completion, is only required if one wishes to lock the barrier between areas 3 and 4; he is quite a difficult kill, and a fair amount of HP and tenacity will be necessary to kill him. The player will have to decide between taking heavy damage and dealing less damage overall per round, and attempting to cope with the Tainted One in his natural element, where he is perhaps too arrogant to be wise.
Drop: Blighted Skin (gear, see glossary) 100% chance, Staff of the Tainted One (gear, see glossary) 100% chance

Soulfire: A small ball of orangish light with a red halo above its top. It appears to have a frowning face in its front.
Stats: 288HP, 150MP, 221-267ATK, 303-338DEF, immunity to fire
Attacks: Spirit Link
Trait: Inner Flame; If the Soul Fire hits a target, it does normal damage, but follows it up with fire damage equal to the normal damage dealt.
Spirit Link: Costs 150MP, and only occurs 25% of the time. If this ability takes effect, the Soulfire forms a connection with its target which means that the target will take damage equal to whatever damage he deals to the Soulfire.
Yield: 54-70EXP, 13-23 crowne
Note: Always appears in packs of 3-6, but never ambushes
Drop: Soulfire Ash (ingredient) 5% chance

Revenant: An undead creature with a fleshy, corpulant body and what appears to be a set of leathery wings coming out of its back.
Stats: 587HP, 300MP, 275-313ATK, 247-298DEF
Attacks: Touch of Undeath, Purple Haze
Trait: Buffeting Wings; This serves two purposes. The Revenant will do 10-20 damage at the start of every round, and he has a 10% chance to deflect any incoming attack.
Touch of Undeath: This is always the Revenant's first attack. He expends 50MP to turn the player slightly undead. This effect stops the player using healing spells or items on himself for its duration (till end of battle). They will not hurt, but they will not heal either.
Purple Haze: Costs the Revenant 30MP, and occurs 30% of the time. If used, it will use a warped form of healing magic to essentially harm the player for 75-150 dark damage, and heal the Revenant for 1/4 as much in MP.
Yield: 271-303EXP, 72-105 crowne
Note: Always attacks alone, and always ambushes
Drop: Ectoplasm (ingredient) 15% chance

Whisperwind: A misty silhouette of what looks like a woman in a blue dress holding aloft a fan. The dress appears to ripple constantly.
Stats: 462HP, 500MP, 178-204ATK, 355-407DEF, immune to air magic
Attacks: Faze, Silent Gust, Tornado
Faze: Expends 50MP in order to raise DEF by 50-50 and evasion by 10%. This buff will stack, but only occurs 10% of the time.
Silent Gust: Deals 45-90 wind damage and will silence the target for 2-4 rounds, disabling their use of magic. Occurs 25% of the time.
Tornado: Chance of occurring is 40%, but it only occurs once. When Tornado activates, the player immediately takes 150-200 air damage, and is thereafter unable to flee. While under Tornado, Whisperwind heals 25HP and 50MP a turn, begins to attack three times per round and sees her physical attack stat increase by 250%.
Yield: 303-356EXP, 103-114 crowne

Ephemeral Conjurer: The ghost of a short, balding man wearing a pointed hat at a rakish angle; he holds a glowing spellbook in one hand
Stats: 604HP, 1000MP, n/a attack, 297-334DEF
Attacks: Summon Soulfire, Double, Spectral Spear, Trance
Trait: Arcane Echo: This strange mage has discovered a way to double his spellcasting, but it's not completely reliable. 30% of the time, the Ephemeral Conjurer will repeat his action twice in a round instead of once, allowing him to summon two Soulfires or create two doubles at once. While under Trance, this chance increases to 50%.
Summon Soulfire: Costs 200MP, and does as advertised. Occurs 20% of the time.
Double: Costs 250MP and creates an exact duplicate of itself. This duplicate will remain stationary, but possesses the same stats as its creator, essentially acting as a punching-bag. Attacks targeted at the real conjurer will be taken by the double automatically. Occurs 10% of the time.
Spectral Spear: Costs 50MP and occurs 70% of the time. Does 30-50 nonelemental damage.
Trance: Occurs on the sixth round of combat, and overrides all other commands on that turn. Ephemeral Conjurer's defense drops to 80% of its natural value, but he begins regaining 100MP per turn, and his spell costs are lowered by 20MP apiece. Also improves Arcane Echo (see above).
Yields: 603-908EXP, 200-375 crowne
Note: This enemy is somewhat less common, and always begins the fight alone. The greater difficulty and yield are meant to support each other.
Drop: Tome of the Conjurer (gear, see glossary) 10% chance

Loria the Forsaken: The body of a woman, with a ball of fire for a head; this fire contains what might be a face, which is wrenched in a grimace of agony
Stats: 3290HP, 3600MP, 303-376ATK, 508-584DEF
Attacks: Psychic Wail, Shimmering Nimbus, Wild Energy, Kinesis, Haste, Pain Harmonic, Soul Tap
Trait: Spiritual Conduction; This trait remains active only until Loria's MP reaches 0 for the first time. Instead of harming her HP, all attacks harm her MP instead. Soul Tap is the definitive signal that this trait is inactive.
Trait: power-up; On rounds 3, 6, 9 and 12, Loria will choose one of her four self-improvement spells at random and will use it. Once a spell has been used, it is removed from the list to be chosen. These spells are Shimmering Nimbus, Wild Energy, Kinesis and Haste.
Psychic Wail: Does 85-180 damage and has a 10% chance to stun the player for 1-2 rounds. When available, this attack occurs 40% of the time. Costs 30MP.
Shimmering Nimbus: See above. Costs 100MP, and grants Loria 25% resistance to all elements, plus 50 damage reduction, to a minimum of 1.
Kinesis: See above. Costs 75MP, and grants Loria the ability to dodge any attack, at a success rate of 20%.
Wild Energy: See above. Costs 200MP, and grants Loria's spells (Psychic Wail and Pain Harmonic a 200% boost to their damage range. After Wild Energy is used, Loria will heal 10-100MP every round.
Haste: See above. This buff gives Loria two physical attacks for every one she would have had previously. More importantly, however, it allows her to have an innate 40% chance to cast Psychic Wail or Pain Harmonic twice in a round.
Pain Harmonic: Occurs 20% of the time. A strange, ethereal song that sets off sympathetic vibrations. Its base damage is 240-400, and it costs 350MP.
Soul Tap: A one-time-only move. At the end of the turn on which Loria's MP reaches 0, she will immediately drain herself back to full MP, using the player's MP. If not enough MP exists in the player's reserves, she will possess a number equal to the amount she drained. Thereafter, she will continue attacking normally. Please note that all buffs previously earned by Loria are still in play, and that the turn counter will not have reset. Loria will never cast her self-improvement skills more than once each, for any reason.
Yields: 6000EXP, 0 crowne
Drop: Halo of the Forsaken (gear, see glossary) 100% chance

Watcher of the Seals: This creature appears to be a golem of sorts, a beast made of pitch-black metal with green glass orbs for eyes
Note: Before the candle puzzle, the version of this boss which attacks the player has 99999HP and MP, and has 99999 attack and defense, plus immunity to all elements. It is here as a safeguard, and will safely one-hit-kill anything it touches. Once Chaunderath has been killed, however, much of its power is also gone.
Stats: 25000HP, 10000MP, attack = 2x player defense, defense = 75% of player attack
Attacks: Cloaking Field, Bursting Radiance, Power Stance, Delay Punch, Guard Stance, Charge
Trait: Energy Source; The Watcher of the Seals heals 50-100MP on every round.
Trait: Bad Balance; if this creature is knocked onto its back, its defense drops to 1-1 and it cannot input any commands. What's more, all magic and skills will do 250% damage against it as well.
Trait: Self-preservation; After 5-6 turns on its back, the Watcher of the Seals will immediately right itself, and assume its previous defensive stats.
Trait: Preparation; on the round after any normal physical attack is used successfully by Watcher of the Seals, it will randomly use one of its preparation skills.
Trait: Slow to React; With a 15% frequency, the Watcher of the Seals will forego a physical attack and stand completely inert. This will never occur on turns where a preparation or specific attack move is indicated; it occurs solely when the boss is thinking of doing a normal physical attack.
Trait: Heavy-footed; If this creature is surprised, it will stumble. Stumble does nothing more than start a pair of hidden counters. The first is set to 1, and will be incremented by +1 every time Stumble is induced (see below). The other is set to a random number between 9 and 14, which drops by 1 for every round Stumble is in effect. If this counter hits 0 before 3 stumbles are induced, Stumble fades. If, on the other hand, that first counter reaches 3 during the countdown, the Watcher of the Seals will fall onto its back (see above).
Cloaking Field: The Watcher of the Seals expends 500MP and creates a shimmering barrier of magic that completely cloaks it. Black lightning covers its every surface. All magic is nullified at this time. Using Mighty Attack on the Watcher while Cloaking Field is active will cause the player to take 10-15% of his max HP in damage, but will initiate Stumble, or increment the counter by 1 if Stumble is already active. Please note: Cloaking Field nullifies all damage incoming to Watcher of the Seals, so a Mighty Attack will do no damage.
Discharge: Costs 100MP, and will happen in place of Bursting Radiance if the creature is stumbling. This is simply a weaker version of Bursting Radiance, which does 250-500 damage (50-100 if defended). It happens if the player used Mighty Attack on the turn before to make the beast stumble.
Bursting Radiance: This attack happens if Mighty Attack is not used when Watcher of the Seals has Cloaking Field. It always happens on the turn directly after Cloaking Field, if available, and does 1000-1500 light damage. It costs the Watcher 1000MP to perform this attack. If the player misses his Mighty Attack chance and wishes to defend against the Bursting Radiance ability, he can do so by using Defensive Stand, where the damage is reduced to 300-500. Please note: Watcher of the Seals always follows up Bursting Radiance with a physical attack.
Power Stance: Costs no MP. The Watcher spreads its huge feet and raises one of its fists, in an unmistakable posture of attack.
Delay Punch: Costs 250MP. This is a devastating attack which directly follows Power Stance. If undefended, this attack will bring the player's HP to 1, and will stun them for 1-3 rounds. This is a battle-ender if not prepared for. The attack causes the Watcher to pause and remain motionless on the turn thereafter, getting its bearings. After this turn of motionlessness, the Watcher will always do a physical attack. If a player used Defensive Stand against the Watcher on the turn Delay Punch was used, the damage is a more modest 600-1200, with no stun chance. Here, the player must capitalize on an opportunity, and must hit Watcher of the Seals with a Mighty Attack on the following turn. Doing so will cause the beast to stumble.
Guard Stance: Costs no MP. The Watcher lowers its head, tenses its legs and puts its arms into a defensive position. While Guard Stance is active, Watcher of the Seals will counter-attack when struck, doing 5-10% of the attacker's max HP in damage. If it has been attacke
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RE: Tanglemire (working name): Swamp Area Template
Guard Stance: Costs no MP. The Watcher lowers its head, tenses its legs and puts its arms into a defensive position. While Guard Stance is active, Watcher of the Seals will counter-attack when struck, doing 5-10% of the attacker's max HP in damage. If it has been attacked, it will begin to glow. Please note: This attack is very slow, so that a player is not outquicked by the beast and essentially trapped into attacking it while it's defending (which is, of course, rather undesirable); Guard Stance, therefore, makes the beast act after the player acts on that turn only.
Charge: Costs 500MP, 1000MP if glowing. The Watcher of the Seals lowers its head and makes to ram the player. If the creature is glowing, the attack does 2000-2500 damage (500-750 if Defensive Stance is used) and Parry will fail outright (it will be as if it was not used at all). If the creature is not glowing, the attack deals 700-1200 damage (250-500 if defended) but can be parried instead. A Parry will surprise this boss considerably, and though the player will not be successful in lowering damage, the Watcher of the Seals will stumble (see above).
Note: Using this pattern of attacks and counter-attacks, a player can make the boss stumble three times in a short enough period to knock it down. If it does this, the boss is helpless and can be pounded mercilessly.
Yields: 25000EXP, 25000 crowne
Drop: Time's Armour (artifact, see glossary) 100% chance
Last Note: This boss may seem hard, almost impossible really. Its HP pool and the punishing nature of its attacks could spell death for the average player. This is intentional. It's a very powerful boss with a very worthwhile reward, can only be fought after a puzzle has been solved and can be attempted as many times as the player wishes.

Chaunderath: A fairly simple man, very tall and willowy, with a handsome, bearded face and green eyes
Stats: 3950HP, 5000MP, 305-371ATK, 445-484DEF
Attacks: Mirror of the Soul, Mist Recovery, Summon Soulfire, Absorb Soulfire, Detonate Soulfire, Soulnova, Life Spark
Mirror of the Soul: Costs 150MP, and projects a blurry copy of Chaunderath in front of you. This double will absorb your next attack no matter who it is targeted at, and you will take damage equal to 10-50% of your max HP. Happens with 10% frequency, and cannot occur on successive rounds. Once struck, the double vanishes.
Mist Recovery: Costs 500MP, and will occur on the 10th round of combat, overriding all other commands. This ability starts Chaunderath healing for 100-200HP and 150-250MP every round.
Summon Soulfire: Costs 100MP and does as advertised. Soulfires will not block damage to Chaunderath, but you ignore them at your peril. In every way, they act as normal Soulfires found elsewhere. They can perform all of their natural abilities as well. Has a 20% chance to occur.
Absorb Soulfire: This costs 100MP per Soulfire on the field. Chaunderath simply absorbs these creatures into himself, gaining HP and MP equal to whatever the Soulfires had left at the time. Thereafter, Chaunderath is glowing (see below). Has a 10% chance to occur, but only when 1 or more Soulfire are on the field. This base 10% chance rises by 20% for every Soulfire on the field. This attack is guaranteed to occur if the number of Soulfire on the field reaches 6.
Detonate Soulfire: Costs 200MP for every Soulfire on the field. Instead of absorbing his summoned minions, Chaunderath makes them explode. They will deal 2x their current HP in damage each to the player, so this attack can be ruinous unless they're all severely weakened.
Soulnova: This will occur immediately if Chaunderath is glowing (so it will always occur the turn directly following Absorb Soulfire). For every Soulfire absorbed by that last ability, 300-500 base DMG is added to this spell, which hits all hostile targets for 500 damage + the amount previously mentioned. This caps at 2300-2500DMG (6 Soulfires), and cannot be reduced, interrupted or stopped in any way.
Life Spark: This is the spell you hope Chaunderath sticks to. It does 50-120 light damage, costs Chaunderath 50MP and occurs 30% of the time.
Yield: 10000EXP, 5500 crowne
Drops: Chaunderath's Dagger (gear, see glossary) 100% chance, Soulfire Gem (gear, see glossary) 100% chance

Suneater: This is actually a lizard, whose skin glows a faint reddish-orange. It has been blessed with photosynthetic skin.
Stats: 775HP, 270MP 383-441ATK, 378-455DEF
Attacks: Photon Spray
Trait: Photosynthesis; The Suneater will restore 20HP and 40MP per turn.
Photon Spray: Costs 100MP, happens 40% of the time. The Suneater grows still on the first round of this attack (defense is 75% of normal), then releases light in a deadly spray that hits all of its foes for 350-620 light damage. Cannot be defended against.
Stats: 341-400EXP, 78-98 crowne
Drop: Sun-Eater (gear, see glossary) 5% chance
Note: Never ambushes, always attacks alone

Rock Centipede: A large insect with a body that looks like it's covered in rough stones; it has many legs, plus a pair of pincers in the front
Stats: 1089HP, 405-482ATK, 499-566DEF
Attacks: Pincer Grip, Full Bore
Pincer Grip: Seizes the player and stops him from trying to flee. Happens 40% of the time. Does no damage on its own, but stops Mighty Attacks as well. Can be broken by either Full Bore or 5 rounds of combat. Pincer Grip will not stack.
Full Bore: The Rock Centipede battens onto the player and starts to try and dig right through them. This does 200-400 damage initially, and every round thereafter the player will lose 50HP from blood loss. Full Bore will do an extra 125% damage to a target afflicted by Pincer Grip. Occurs 25% of the time.
Yield: 213-236EXP, 44-51 crowne
Note: Always attacks in groups of 2-3

Soulless Wanderer: A shambling humanoid with a pallid face and empty eye-sockets
Stats: 940HP, 300MP, 405-470ATK, 367-412DEF
Attacks: Longing
Trait: Consume; Whenever this creature does damage, it drains MP equal to the damage it dealt.
Longing: This happens only once, and drains all of the Soulless Wanderer's MP. The creature begins to shake visibly, and its stats (attack and defense) rise to 150% of their natural value.
Yield: 260-303EXP, 71-113 crowne
Note: May attack alone, but usually can be found in pairs

Neverborn: A hideous monster whose legs and arms seem to have been grafted at random intervals around a roughly egg-shaped body. Scar tissue ripples like ropes across its flesh.
Stats: 1100HP, 240MP, 558-701ATK, 377-415DEF
Attacks: Flail, Hunger
Trait: Freakish; This monster is built so strangely that aiming at what would otherwise be a weak point may not yield dividends. As such, a player's attack is immediately lowered by 30% at the start of a fight, and raised again when the fight ends.
Flail: This costs 40MP, and happens 30% of the time. The Neverborn simply pummels the player with its limbs four times instead of once.
Hunger: This will happen only once (at 50%HP threshold) and will drain the Neverborn of 120MP. It will fail if not enough MP remains. It sees the Neverborn clamp all of its limbs around the player and begin to feed on them. This will bring the Neverborn back to full HP, draining the player of 550HP in the process.
Yield: 344-400EXP, 86-122 crowne

Bonedust Elemental: This is a whirling cyclone of bone fragments with a single small skull hovering moveless at its top. The whole thing has a vaguely conical shape.
Stats: 980HP, 1400MP, 337-379ATK, 558-601DEF
Attacks: Hypnotic Stare, Shred, Evanesce, Coalesce
Trait: Sharp; A player who attacks this creature can expect to take 20-30 damage in retaliation for every attack that hits.
Hypnotic Stare: Costs 100MP. The skull atop the elemental locks eyes with the player, akin to a Chtuman, and freezes them in place for 1-3 rounds. Happens 30% of the time.
Shred: Costs 250MP and sends a tempest of bone fragments toward the player. There will be 10-15 fragments, and each will hit for 25-40 damage. Occurs 10% of the time.
Evanesce: Costs 100MP, and doubles Bonedust Elemental's physical defense, while granting it 75% resistance to all elements. Happens 10% of the time, and also begins draining the elemental of 50-75HP for every round it remains active.
Coalesce: Costs 250MP, and occurs 10% of the time. This cuts the Bonedust Elemental's defense in half but adds 5-10 more fragments to the Shred spell. While coalesced, the Bonedust Elemental will heal 50-75 HP and MP per turn.
Please note: If Evanesce is used while Coalesce is active, the two cancel each other out. The reverse is also true. The bonuses discussed above will occur only if Evanesce or Coalesce is used from a neutral state.
Yield: 500-565EXP, 176-220 crowne
Drop: Bone-Laced Vambraces (gear, see glossary) 5% chance

Jhinn-Saala the Harrow: All that can be seen of this boss is a pair of huge hands, one to either side of a shimmering human-looking head.
Stats (there are multiple targets):
Right Hand: 4500HP, 3000MP, 500-550ATK, 700-750DEF
Left Hand: 4500HP, 3000MP, 700-750ATK, 500-550DEF
Head: 12500HP, 15000MP, n/a attack, def = 85% of player atk
Attacks (again, multiple targets):
Right Hand: Spark, Ray, Shadow, Jet, Fireball, Boulder, Needles
Left Hand: Spark, Ray, Shadow, Jet, Fireball, Boulder, Needles
Head: Empower Left, Empower Right, Yawn, Harrowing, Deathstream, Lifestream
Boss Attacks (both hands and head must be in battle to perform): Arc Zero
Trait, left/right hand: Orb Switch; Whenever the right or left hand is hit by an attack, the colour of the orb in their hand switches (flavour text). It does this randomly, and the colours possible are red, green, yellow, brown, black, white and blue.
Trait (left and right hand): Sentinel; The head is protected from all attacks by both hands. Attacks directed toward the head will be redirected automatically to one of the hands at random.
Trait (left and right hand): Zealous Protector; If one of the hands is killed in combat, it will wait 8 rounds and then be resurrected with full HP. When this occurs, 2500MP is drained from the head. Further note: When a hand is resurrected, its orb colour is always the same: left is red, right is blue.
Trait (boss): Overload; If at any time a multi-target skill or spell is attempted, the boss will forego all other imperatives and will cast Arc Zero (see below).
Spark: Costs 50MP and does 50-75 air damage. Will occur on every second round when a hand's orb is yellow.
Note: Ray, Shadow, Fireball, Boulder, Jet and Needles all act the same way, with the same damage parameters and MP cost, except that the colours are white, black, red, brown, blue and green, respectively.
Empower Left: Costs 100MP, and causes the left hand to start glowing. Has very high initiative and is likely to start a combat round. Physical attack and spell damage are multiplied by 150% until Left Hand has gotten one attack, at which point the glow fades. Occurs 50% of the time when both hands are alive (can happen multiple times in a row). Will not occur if Left Hand is not in the battle.
Empower Right: See Empower Left.
Yawn: The head opens its cavernous mouth wide. This attack is nothing more than the precursor to Harrowing, its signature attack. This attack is guaranteed to occur on only one condition: if the orbs on both the left and right hands match in colour. Since the boss's left and right hands (not to mention the head) will nearly always attack first, the player will be turning both orbs the same colour at the end of a combat round. Yawn will fire immediately afterword, at the start of the very next round.
Harrowing: Costs 1500MP, and is the key to this boss's victory. If the player attempts to use any attack, healing item, magic or skill on this turn, they will die instantly. If they defend, they will be left with 1HP remaining. Both the left hand and right hand will be damaged for 4000HP, which is completely capable of killing them if their HP is low enough. If it does not, then the left hand's orb is set to red, and the right hand's to blue, to ensure absolutely that Yawn and Harrowing cannot follow immediately. The entire boss is stunned for one round after the use of this attack, to allow the player a round to regroup if necessary. It should also be noted that this attack supersedes all other commands, and Left Hand and Right Hand do not get a chance to attack, even if they live.
Arc Zero: Costs 5000MP, and does 99999 damage. This is nothing more or less than a countermeasure meant to ensure that you must not attack multiple targets at the same time.
Lifestream: Occurs on every second round, but only while both hands are dead. The head heals 100-1000MP with this attack.
Deathstream: Occurs on every second round but only while both hands are dead. Deals 100-1000 nonelemental damage to all hostile targets
Yield: 100000EXP, 0 crowne
Drop: Hands of the Harrow (artifact, see glossary) 100% chance

Glossary 2: Gear

Below, I will outline the gear I have specified above. This will include requirements, stats, abilities and, in a few cases, the upgrades given by the Wisp in area 5

Thrumming Stinger (one-handed weapon)
Requirements: level 120, 240DEX, 175VIT
Stats: 63-81DMG, DEX+21, VIT+9
Special: Has a 30% chance to inject an egg into the target (PVP or PVM). Two rounds later the egg will do 150-300 damage. No wasp is summoned, however; the egg simply explodes.

Striated Carapace (shield)
Requirements: L130, 400VIT
Stats: 57-77DEF, +100HP
Special: 15% physical damage reduction, to a minimum damage of 1

Buzzing Shroud (helm)
Requirements: level 130, 160 in all stats
Stats: 62-100DEF, no stat augments
Special: Wearer takes 5-10HP of damage per round, but there is a 50% chance for the enemy to take 40-50 damage per round as well. Has a 10% chance to summon a Swarmer, which has 1-1 defense and 1HP and will intercept the next attack meant for the wearer before dying. It's a slightly more attack-oriented and slightly less dependable setup to the Netherlight amulet; speaking of which, wearing both of these pieces at the same time will neutralize both, as the constant attempt to summon swarmers and netherlights will cause them to cancel each other out. In PVM or PVP, battle will always start with 1-3 of these swarmers in effect. For every swarmer on the field, the damage taken by the enemy on behalf of the Buzzing Shroud (base 40-50) doubles.

Tunic of Thorns (armour)
Requirements: Level 75
Stats: 45-60DEF, +15VIT
Special: 5% physical damage reduction, to a minimum of 1 damage. Scratches the wearer whenever it is taken off or put on (5-10HP of damage). Will occasionally loose a volley of thorns at the foe, doing 10-75 damage (20% chance).
Upgrade: Defensive capability is boosted by 30-30, and the thorns now do 50-200 damage instead, still at a 20% rate of occurrence. Also, all foes now take damage every time they hit the player at a rate of 10% of the damage they would have dealt; minimum is 20.

Touch of Corruption (offhand only)
Requirements: Level 140, 240WIS, 175VIT
Stats: 0-0
Special: Adds 75-125*wis mod dark damage to your attacks, and augments all attacks with a 10% chance to stun your foe on the next round.

Frosted Drake Skull (helm)
Requirements: level 90
Stats: 40-55DEF, +30 to STR/DEX/VIT
Special: While worn, player takes 25HP of damage per round in combat, and takes 10HP of damage per tile stepped on in any map. Tile Effect; Frosty Blast (does 200-500 water damage to anyone on his tile, and costs 250MP).
Upgrade: Defensive capability boosted by 40-40. Penalties of movement and damage per round are removed. Now the helm has an innate 15% chance to fire off a Frosty Blast in combat, hitting all foes for 150-250 water damage at no MP cost to the wearer.

Carved Shell (bracer)
Requirements: Level 150, 330STR, 215VIT
Stats: 45-55DEF, +20STR, +40HP
Special: 10% of the time, this item will simply absorb damage from an attack, so that the wearer takes 0 damage from that attack.
Note: Has a 1% chance to break after absorbing damage in this fashion.

Slimy Cape (armour)
Requirements: L150, 300WIS, 175DEX, 100VIT
Stats: 40-50DEF, +150MP
Special: Has two modes. In mode 1, it steals increasing amounts of MP to impart increasing elemental protection to its wearer. Resistance goes up by 5% each round, while the cost starts at 10MP and multiplies by 5 on every round. If there is at any time not enough MP to boost the protection higher, it dissipates and starts over at 5% protection for 10MP. If all MP are exhausted, this mode is useless. In mode 2, the cape will take 50MP every round to grant a random elemental resistance of 10% on that round only. It will never give the same resistance twice in a row. Again, if all MP is exhausted, this cape is useless.

Blighted Skin (armour)
Requirements: Level 120, 200 vit/wis
Stats: 75-100DEF, +10STR, +15WIS, +85HP
Special: Grants poison immunity while worn. Tile Effect: Choking Cloud: Deals 150-200 damage on a tile of your choosing for 100MP.
Upgrade: Defense is raised by 30-40 points, and now poison acts like HP regen instead of just being ignored outright. Also, gain 15-20MP per turn.

Staff of the Tainted One (two-handed weapon)
Requirements: Level 120, 300STR, 275WIS
Stats: 105-150ATK, -20DEX
Special: Begins the battle by casting Plague Mist. Monsters will begin taking 50HP of damage per round unless they are immune to poison. If you are not immune to poison, you will take this damage also, but if you are wearing Blighted Skin, you will gain 50HP per round. Also casts Biohazard (300-500DMG) 10% of the time, and expends 250MP to do it. Biohazard is a single-target spell, and its target is random.

Tome of the Conjurer (offhand item only)
Requirements: level 175, 500WIS
Stats: 0-0, +50MP, +50WIS
Special: Grants the user Arcane Echo. This means their spells have a 30% chance to fire twice in a round, for no extra cost.

Halo of the Forsaken (helm)
Requirements: level 175, 400WIS, 350DEX
Stats: 50-75DEF, +40WIS
Special: Randomly casts Haste, Kinesis or Shimmering Nimbus at the start of every combat. Haste guarantees two attacks per round. Nimbus grants 25% resistance to all elements and 25 damage reduction. Kinesis gives 25% evade.

Crystal of Foretelling (amulet)
Requirements: level 175
Stats: n/a
Special: Experience earned is at 200% of its normal value, but 1% of the user's max MP is drained at the start of every combat.
Note: Once the final boss of Tanglemire has been dealt with, one of the wisps in area 5 will sell you a copy of this amulet. It will cost you 5000000 crowne to acquire, however. You can wear this amulet for a short while if you complete the candle puzzle in area 5, but you will be unable to lock the barrier between areas 4 and 5 if you hang onto it. There is a reward for locking all the barriers behind you, explained below. This item is untradable. It is probably in a player's best interest to do all the tasks in this area.

Chaunderath's Dagger (one-handed weapon)
Requirements: level 175, 400WIS, 300DEX
Stats: 85-105, +25DEX, +75MP
Special: This weapon simply has a mana-burn effect. Whatever damage it does, it also drains that much MP from the target.

Soulfire Gem (amulet)
Stats: level 175
Requirements: 350WIS, 275VIT
Stats: +100MP
Special: Has a 20% chance to summon a Soulfire to aid you in combat. This Soulfire, however, has only 1-1 defense instead of its normal value. Otherwise, it will act like other Soulfires, and is capable of setting up Spirit Links with enemies to hurt them even further, if it lives long enough. Soulfires can be summoned indefinitely, but for 2 rounds after a summon, the amulet's ability shuts off; this is to stop chain-summoning.

Sun-Eater (shield)
Requirements: level 200, 550VIT, 340DEX, 300WIS
Stats: 55-75DEF, +80MP, +15DEX
Special: Has a 25% chance to start glowing, then use Photon Spray on all enemies on the following round. This attack does 100-400 light damage.

Bone-laced Vambraces (bracer)
Requirements: level 200, 500DEX, 400WIS
Stats: 35-55DEF, +40DEX
Special: This set of bracers will cast a weak version of Shred on every round. 2-10 slivers of bone will shoot at random enemies, each sliver dealing 10-25 damage. It costs nothing and stacks nicely on top of other direct-damage gear.

Glossary: Artifacts

Below, I will mention the two artifacts it is possible to earn in Tanglemire. One is found by killing Watcher of the Seals, and the other by finally killing Jhin-Saala the Harrow. An artifact is essentially an ability that is always active. It does not give stats or take up a gear slot, which is particularly valuable.

Mantle of Time
Ability: 10% of the time, an aura will begin to coalesce around your body. On the next round, you will do a massive 500-1000 damage to all enemies on the field, at no cost.

Hands of the Harrow
Ability: You now have an innate chance to partially ignore the defenses of your enemies. With a 20% frequency, you will treat your enemy's defenses as if they are half of normal. What's more, on these turns only you will heal your HP for equivalent damage; if this ability allows you to do 1450 damage to a foe, then you will gain 1450HP.


If you manage to complete all quests in Tanglemire, and return to the Harrow's cage (it is now empty, of course), you will find an interesting item.
Tanglemire Miniature
Description: This is a miniature replica of the swampy area through which you have managed to travel. When used from your inventory, you can select an area and teleport there from anywhere in the world where teleportation is possible. No more traipsing through dangerous places to get to where you want to be.
This item appears in a chest, and when you open the chest you will also receive 100000 exp and 100000 crowne for your accomplishment.
Special: If possible, I would like to see players be able to re-fight the one-time bosses of this area, but only once they've completed the area. Perhaps the Tanglemire Miniature could have tiny replicas of the beasts, and once per day the player could enchant them and fight them? I'm not sure, but I would like to see it.
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RE: Tanglemire (working name): Swamp Area Template
Wow, how many hours did you spend writing this? It is just brilliant. I wish someone would start working on it already!
10-01-2014, 03:32 AM,
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RE: Tanglemire (working name): Swamp Area Template
Thank you.
It took me probably five or six hours to work this out, write it up, then balance it. I won't say the balance is perfect (is there such a thing as perfect balance in an RPG? I don't think so)...but I think it's workable anyway.
If you have particular worries or concerns or things you like, by all means lay 'em out.
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RE: Tanglemire (working name): Swamp Area Template
Is it possible for more than one Choker to throttle a player at the same time?

On the Hellish Swarm (boss) Frenzy and Disperse both follow Heat Seak, I'm assuming it goes 1. Heat Seek, 2. Frenzy and 3. Disperse. Since you mentioned Disperse would give a player a free turn to heal up if needed.

I like how the Skeletal Drake has the Brittle Trait, if this were like DnD where the type of weapon you used did different types of damage (blunt, slashing, piercing) then I'd make the suggestion that if one were using a blunt weapon such as a mace or a maul then the damage thresholds for the breakable trait would be 'upped' so that parts would break off sooner.

A couple questions on the Soulfire. Is it possible to be Spirit Linked by more than one? Furthermore, as odd as it may seem...were you to attack yourself (in this case I believe attacking yourself should be allowed since it's currently not an option unless you're using magic or a skill) would it do the same damage to Soulfires you are spirit linked with (or just 1 if that's all that can spirit link with you) ? I guess for that last one probably not, because then the Soulfire would not want to be attacking itself via attacking you. In this instance I would probably explain the Spirit Link's battle text as something along the lines of a 1-way link that makes you experience the damage the Soulfire does. Just some more thoughts coming to mind about this interesting ability; have some way a player could counter it where the spirit link instead gets parried or knocked into another enemy. Some way to sever the link. Overkill seems to have been taken out, so you can only technically deal up to an enemy's max HP in damage to them, would that be the same for dealing damage to yourself through Spirit Link's effect?

On another note I was wondering what happens to enemies who have summoned "blockers" to intercept attacks when a player uses an attack that targets more than one enemy?

I think that wraps up pretty much what's come to mind after reading this besides how much detail has gone into all aspects of this down to the enemies, and the gear that they drop. Just wow, impressive.
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RE: Tanglemire (working name): Swamp Area Template
I am hoping that it one day becomes impossible to attack yourself, and if that happens, this spirit-link question will become moot. However, it's more meant to be a one-way drain; i.e., you hit the soul fire and you take damage, but if it hits you it does not, so hitting yourself would not wound it.
As far as the hellish swarm, you have it right. Heat Seek makes it compact and easier to hit, Frenzy is your vicious attack, Disperse spreads the swarm back out and puts its defense back to pre-heatseek levels.

Yes, more than one choker can throttle a player. Obviously it only takes one to literally choke you to death, but two vines cinched round your neck will hurt more than one. They're nasty little guys, those chokers.

Thanks for your feedback. I tried to make this as detailed as possible without going overkill.

Regarding the drake, I don't think weapon type has been even touched yet, much less begun to be implemented, or else I'd agree with you. I wanted to give the drake a sort of weakness though, since tail+claws+wings on every round is potentially deadly, and it'd be good if the drake got progressively weaker as you busted pieces of its skeleton off.

I think my personal favourite boss here is either Great Unclean One or the final boss, the Harrow.
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RE: Tanglemire (working name): Swamp Area Template
Thrumming Stinger

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RE: Tanglemire (working name): Swamp Area Template
Wow. Those look very nice!

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