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Alchemy Guild
04-03-2014, 02:44 AM,
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Alchemy Guild
Alchemy Guild

A guild dedicated to the art of potion making and refining. Facilities involve the Houndzalid crafting area, Refining of potion formula's to improve the effects.

What would be done first:

Firstly, Potions would no longer be smith able. Instead they can now be refined. Secondly, A new area within cajar would be established. Likely run by a pair of Houndzalids, a Detonator, and Apothecary.
The Houndzalid crafting table would be moved into this new area, along with a separate room within to improve your potions.

Basic Layout:

- You walk into the large building, As you walk the halls you see shelf after shelf adorn with many ingredients ranging from aztuek to the rare Crystal Extracts. You see the hallway split into two path, a sign at the end of the hall read "Crafting to the left" and "Refinement to the right".

-Options - Crafting OR Refinement.

-Upon entering the Crafting room, you see a large amount of supplies scattered around the room, with 4 tables laid out in the room, All of them laid out with beakers, flasks. Burners and other various implements.
-In this room you can craft all your potions, Houndzalids have the houndzalids-only potions listed here along with some basic potions able to be crafted.

Some other potions that could be crafted, could include small energy potions, some high end health potions (500-1000hp range.)

*Side note- Another possible way is, Assign each ingredient a feature, and if 2-3 ingredients with similar features are mixed they create a potion with that feature. For example if you gave Duadisk, and Snow drops Increase Strength and Increase dexterity, respectively, and Mixed them together, you would spawn a potion that gives you a minor Strength and Dexterity bonus. This could also be given a multipler based on the level of the person crafting. However there would be certain combinations not possible obviously.

-Upon entering the Refining room, you see a room near identical to the crafting room, with minor differences in equipments.

- This room allows you to refine potions to increase their effects, duration, or other aspects of the potion.

This could be done in a number of ways, Similar to smithing where you have a set amount of points to increase the potion, Or experimenting where you add a ingredient that could increase the effects, if the wrong ingredient is added, it could do nothing, or go horribly wrong, exploding dealing damage or even become a poison due to the toxic mix.

-While this Guild would be available to all, Houndzalids will be the only ones able to craft potions, While the other 3 races will still be able to refine their potions, And potential craft some particularly basic potions when they reach a high enough level in this guild. Potions that could be made by the other races could include, Revitalizing tinctures (The 350-350 hp potion), Small energy potions.

This can ofcourse be expanded on greatly, and over MASSIVE amounts of potential should the "*Side note" be expanded upon.
04-04-2014, 06:38 PM, (This post was last modified: 04-04-2014, 06:42 PM by delta18.)
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RE: Alchemy Guild
I like the idea of giving potioncraft its own guild. I also think it would be a perfect fit if there is ever a city in an area highly populated with hounds.

The one possible issue I see is if this becomes completely separated from the smithing guild, it would be extremely hard to gain levels in smithing which would limit the number of people who could access that highly developed and awesome part of this game. This is to assume you were considering making potion crafting its own skill with levels to gain or else having its own guild would not seem to be a better idea than developing the potion shop in Cajar.
04-04-2014, 08:18 PM,
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RE: Alchemy Guild
Indeed it would be its own skill. But let me ask you this. Under what logic, Can you smack a Potion with a hammer to make it better. Or use any skill that a blacksmith has to make them better.
04-04-2014, 11:33 PM,
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RE: Alchemy Guild
(04-04-2014, 08:18 PM)Grey_man Wrote: Indeed it would be its own skill. But let me ask you this. Under what logic, Can you smack a Potion with a hammer to make it better. Or use any skill that a blacksmith has to make them better.

I agree with everything stated.

I was just saying that without smithing potions, a huge void is left in how players can level up their smithing level. It could be fixed with an overhaul of the smithing exp system because it would be almost impossible to gain smithing levels.

I would hate to see smithing become obsolete because gaining levels are so hard since the smithing system has been worked on so much.
04-05-2014, 02:44 AM,
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RE: Alchemy Guild
Make blacksmith gear, the smith it, void solved
04-08-2014, 03:26 PM,
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RE: Alchemy Guild
In all honesty, smithing is far far too easy. If you have a benefactor who tosses you a few hundred energy potions and you have some time on your hands, you're golden.
I, for one, would look forward to levels in smithing...actually meaning something again.
Fishing is far worse than smithing in my opinion. It's costlier, it's only a little less time-consuming arguably, and apparently you're a journeyman at level 50 instead of, say, level 25...but I digress.

A couple of quick thoughts on this alchemy guild thing:
1. Creating your own energy from scratch if you're a non-hounzalid should basically be a no-no. Why? Because at present, hounzalid have no real balances to check their lack in magic.
2. Point 1 can be invalidated if refining potions does a lot more to them than, say, upping the min-max by 1-5 points or so. If a hounzalid could make a 3-3 energy potion into a 10-10 energy potion (perhaps at considerable cost, but still), then allowing other races to make but not refine potions would make some sense.
3. The best potions in this guild, hands down, should be hounzalid only. Only hounzalid can make them, and probably only Hounzalid can drink them to get the full effects.

Otherwise, I like this idea. I have long thought that pounding a vial with a hammer is a really good way to destroy it, not improve it.
04-08-2014, 03:59 PM, (This post was last modified: 04-08-2014, 04:00 PM by Grey_man.)
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RE: Alchemy Guild
This was a quick thought from the back of my head, I only quickly scribbled down my thoughts and posted them here so they wouldnt be lost in the minefield that is my file management system.

Naturally Hounzalids would be a fair bit better then Humans, Eldrons and Rhizards. So they could refine potions further, Create higher end potions from the get go, then the other races could ever craft at any level. However the other 3 could refine them, to very minor benefit.

I have to disagree on the "Only Hounzalid can drink them to get the full effects" though unless there is something in the lore that says they have a direct tie to this type of ingredient, or something that says they would benefit more from it (Or other races would benefit less )
04-08-2014, 04:48 PM,
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RE: Alchemy Guild
Just a couple of things:
First, I have yet to see any actual lore in game that says the Hounzalid can't use magic, yet it was decreed that they can't or don't. Their gods and goddesses appear to, for sure, but the actual hounzalid can't. That's fine, but I'm proving a point; to wit: just because it's not in the in-game lore doesn't mean it can't work.
Second, and sort of a derivative of that first. Hounzalid and Rhizard, in particular, are different metabolically from a human. Eldron and human are probably pretty close, with the potential exception of Shyde. It would be very easy to explain in semi-rational terms that a certain compound necessary in a particular potion was metabolized better or worse by a certain race. For instance, what if a human drank a hounzalid energy potion, got the full energy rush but was brought down harshly in HP because it burned on the way down? Things like that.
Using that sort of rationale, I'd probably want to limit some, but not all, of these potions. The pure best of the best should be Hounzalid only, but that doesn't mean there shouldn't be a fair diversion for all other races to mess around with and be at least functionally useful at.
04-08-2014, 10:28 PM,
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RE: Alchemy Guild
The lore, that's my personal opinion, however I would imagine that staff have something that explains that somewhere in the works. But I do see on the sign up page that it says, "Hounzalids are unable to grasp the intricacies of magic" So that would suggest that something about them just doesn't mix with magic.

Your same logic there can be used to say that, Some of the best hounzalid potions should work better for eldrons then they do for hounzalid. Or any other race or that matter. And my logic for that is, While it may have a substantial effect on a hounzalid, Id highly doubt they would have done testing on all races to make sure only they get the best effects, so Something in a Essence of Power, for example and an Eldron, could just click the right, and release a massive burst of power

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