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PRPG Improvements
02-27-2012, 09:55 PM, (This post was last modified: 02-29-2012, 08:17 PM by Regecide.)
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PRPG Improvements
Open discussion on potential ways to make PRPG better, and renew it to increase the player base/make it fun for new players, and old.

I will post ideas I have, ways to implement and why I think it's a good idea. If you don't think so, post why. If you have an idea, post it and why.

1) Remove Chests

I love chests. They give me the biggest source of crowne in the game. If I sell them, I make millions. If I open them, I receive a ton of items, and EGGS. Eggs, I sell, and make millions! If I choose not to sell, I open chests, get tons of exp from the mobs inside, and eat tons of eggs. Now I'm not rich, but I'm super strong and higher level!

Chests are great. Too great, that's why they have to go.

They don't make sense. You don't just walk around and find a treasure chest that nobody else has found yet. If you did, you certainly wouldn't give it away without opening it yourself to see what's inside.

Chests are the biggest influx of eggs and crowne in the game, and there has long been too much of both.

2) Remove Eggs

I love eggs too! They are a huge source of income, and the reason I have so much crowne. They are the reason Tibal is the strongest player in the game by a long shot! I've eaten so many eggs, I can kill mobs in the strongest area in the game, the same as the highest level player in the game, more than twice my level! What sense does that make? Eggs ruined 100% of the challenge. Join the game new, eat a couple eggs, and your level 1 now has the strength of a level 50. Sewer? Farm? Cave? Forest? Graveyard? Who cares! Go straight to Southern Grasslands because now you're a severely overpowered level 1! What's the point in even having those areas if you can just skip them with a few eggs?

The ability to buy stats ruined game progress as a character. You should not be able to completely jump areas past your level ability, rather, you should have to go to those areas, and level there! They weren't made to pass by unnoticed.

3) Max level cap

Without eggs, your level will actually represent your stats. If the castle is a level 200 area, being level 450 just makes you bored. You are in the highest area in the game and you are twice as strong as the creatures, theoretically. If the castle is the highest level area, and the mobs are level 200, then 200 should be max level (210, 250, something close) until a higher area comes out.

4) No buying crowne/stats from ppoints

The ability to buy either completely ruins idea 1 and 2.

5) Maximum 2 professions

All we have right now is fishing, mining, and blacksmithing. For some reason, alchemy is not a profession, and it should be, which will lead to idea 6. If I am a fisher and a miner, I can't be a blacksmith. The possibilities to mesh professions to be reliant on each other will of course make players want to have more than 2, but with it being only 2 to select, if one of your professions require ingredients only the other can provide, you must rely on another player in that profession to help you. That's good.

6) More professions!

Alchemy should be a profession, and hounzalids should have special racial crafting abilities in it to make them the superior alchemists, but not limited to. It should still be a profession. Profession systems are one of the most popular systems in all the big games, and huge money/time sinks. It's a high cost high yield system. Professions are what you should be making crowne from, not magical stat boosting eggs that make you stronger than the strongest monsters in the game. Plenty of other professions can be included into the game. Tailoring, Jewelcrafting, Cook, Herbalist, Scribe, Enchanter. The basic ones, you know.

Professions would need the possibility that, when you reach the end of it, which would take you either a TON of money, and a lot of time, or a lot of money, and a TON of time. Vast enough to take 1 month at a minimum to get there. Rewards for high level professions would be amazing, items and effects that far surpass what we have now, but new areas that actually make you need them to fight there.

7) New Character System

To make 1, 2, 3 and 4 not make everyone quit, all new implementations would only affect players started after they were made. Ex: Eggs, chests and crowne could not be given to any players with a started date of Feb 28 and on. This would prevent any new character from being as unbalanced as the old ones. All new professions and areas would be unplayable to any characters create before Feb 28. That means as of now, everyone. In order to play the new system, you would have to make an alt, or voluntarily request a reset of your character. All the new improvements should be incentive for you to make a new character to try them, or reset a current one. As to not scare everyone off, old character would still remain, you can do the same old stuff you used to, which is basically chat in the tavern and that's it since everybody has already done everything the game has right now. You could still trade with anyone with a date prior to the new changes date, but you wouldn't have any reason to other than to boast to new players about all the cool stuff you had in a broken system.

If an old character chose to go with a reset to participate in the new system, Trophy in the character profile stating the characters real start date, as a remembrance.

Why a cut-off date? I could have started a new character the day before it all started, and send myself tons of eggs and chests and "Cheated" my way through the new system, which is why it would have to be done for everybody prior to.

8) Inventory limit.

A REAL inventory limit. How am I carrying 18000 items? Inventory limit should actually be a limit, with an option to increase the limit for crowne, or ppoints only to encourage the donation system.

9) SDB Limit

Same as inventory limit above, but for SDB. I have enough items in my SDB to fill everybody elses as well! Crowne/ppoint upgrades.

10) Remove Kiosk/Shop

Kiosks are great and a huge source of items for me, but if I'm not there to buy it, I shouldn't get it. Same with Shops. If I want something, remove these and make me actually hunt for it. Having shops and kiosks reduces spam in the tavern due to buying/selling, but it also removed a HUGE social interaction the game had.

11) Clan Incentives

(Stolen from BH) Clans are a dime a dozen. If it cost money to upkeep them, only clans with actual motive to be active and be a real clan would exist. There wouldn't be 200 clans with no members rotting around. This would also be a bit of a crowne sink. For incentive, have special flags or blessing a clan can purchase than its members can use. Ex: 500k for a battle flag for your clan that lasts 1 hour, increases experience yield for all creatures you kill by 5%, as long as you're a full member to the clan. This would not only give you incentive to be a full member of that clan, but incite as many members as possible to be active during that hour to get an experience boost.

12) Un-tradeable items

To go along with professions would be a whole new set of weapons, armor, minerals, and ingredients that cannot be traded. Rare and powerful items that you can only achieve by mastering professions and creating them, or following a long and difficult quest line to get it. That would give you a reason to earn items/work up for something, rather than just buying it. You could still buy powerful items, but let's say only the 5th most powerful one. 4, 3, 2 and 1 would be up to professions/questline and cannot be traded.

13 ) PVP Zones

The battle arena we have now... Nobody uses. Why should they? There's two undefeatable players on it that can one shot anyone who dares turn pvp on! There should be pvp areas, where the only way to pvp someone is if you stand on the
same tile as them. You may fight each other once per hour, to stop someone from completely camping another player. That means eggs/stats could not exist as they are now, or Tibal would just run amok. It would be say, the castle, where since your stats would be level base, and only certain levels and above would be in the castle, you would actually have close fights, depending on your gear, and how far ahead of the other guy you are. There would of course be another area for players to go to that would be similar to the castle, but non pvp, and the mobs would give less experience/reward.

Added Feb 29
14) Energy Use

Players come and go for many reasons, but energy use is one of them. New players log in and start fighting, 5 minutes later they are out of energy and can't fight anymore. That's not fun at all. We have players that could fight mobs non stop for an entire week and still not run out of energy, why give people a reason to log off? Remove energy for fighting mobs, and mobs only. If a new players wants to spend all day playing prpg fighting enemies and leveling up, I say let him. Let energy remain as it is for everything else (Blacksmithing, fishing, mourning graves etc) because those things we don't want unlimited use for, but for fighting, remove it. Or make it cost a lot less energy to fight.

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02-27-2012, 10:53 PM,
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RE: PRPG Improvements
I completely agree with all of this, but I'm just a GA, I have no idea how we would go abouts organizing or coding this.

On the other hand you have my mouse should anyone need something pixelled.
The Avatar is mine, I also go by "Senretsu" on most other forums.

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