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Clan Zeal
08-25-2005, 05:46 PM,
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Re: Clan Zeal
Eaving OLarkin Wrote:As a theoy it isnt bad, but two things.
  Firstly what would a clan have to do to earn the positions?  It seems that each title should have requirements to qualify(Leader obviously has the built in requirements of being able to start the clan, but perhaps something more to qualify for leader status, not just owners.)
  Secondly you would obviously want to be able to change who had various roles if a standard bearer(for example) was to go inactive.  On the flip side though you shouldnt be able to change it to easily, otherwise the clan just asigns the titles to homever is on at the moment.  So, should their be a cost for a ceremony to invest someone in a position, or timer on how often the position could be changed?

Hmm...well how about a level requirement for each rank, for example a level 12 champion is rather unrealistic. So maybe at least level 40 for champion status. A standard bearer should be worthy of displaying a clans standard, so maybe around level 30 to be a standard bearer. A musician, well as long as they're skilled it shouldn't matter as far as battle ability, so maybe level 20 requirement, maybe if a musician leveling system similar to mining was introduced, it could affect the range of the musician's effect so the higher the level, the higher the range increases, with a cut off point somewhere. As for the leader, how about clan owner, with x amount of members, and a certain level, before the rank can be bestowed upon them.

To stop continuous switching of these ranks, maybe have a cost, in crowne, and a temporary bonus reduction to represent their inexperience at the beginning of their new role. Or maybe clans may choose to elect their figureheads, so a time period of maybe a month would be ok? Or longer perhaps.
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