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Ideas for Battle System
09-01-2005, 10:14 PM,
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Ideas for Battle System
If we run into a monster we don't wanto click "use weapon" and our turn is done, this is being used too much in most online RPGs. Anyone who's done thier fare share of net surfing can tell you this. I'm not saying this system is bad but a few key tweaks could change the entire way this game is enjoyed. For instance, If you run into a little critter and you don't move or attack, you should be attacked. For melees there should be another Battle option, such as "swipe" that cripples the target, or "stab" that bleeds/ stuns target, or maybe even a "death blow" that has 50% chance to miss but it deals double damage. These skills can be learned through questing, or from other players. There should be some sort of party system, or a Teacher/Student system in which skills can be passed down throughout the players, where highly active clans are more rewarded than low-level begginers.

Also I'm sure people are becoming tired of the STR> DEX> INT> VIT statistics. Even if you just added a weapon skill statistic, it would add alot to the battle system. Assasins and Thiefs are better with short weapons, Pikemen better with spears. This game should have growth based on HOW you play, not how much you play. This game has alot of potential. Let's get to work/
09-05-2005, 02:19 PM,
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Re: Ideas for Battle System
Yes, i agree. Battles are very boring because all you're doing is clicking one button continuously. I think you should have a few options on how to use your weapon: grapple, slash, crush, or deathblow, for example. crush and slash would be more effective against certain enemies, and crush would do more damage but be less accurate than slash. grapple would, if successful, disarm an enemy and drastically lower their attack, but would only work on enemies carrying weapons. Deathblow would vary from weapon to weapon, but would generally be a highly damaging highly innaccurate attack that could lower enemy stats. Each weapon would have its own deathblow with its own degree of accuraccy, damage enhancement, and AP damage.

As for weapon specialization, it does make sense that certain classes only use certain types of weapons. (spearmen and rogues, for example) I don't think each character should gain weapon skill. That would be a bit too complicated. Let's just say that when the subclass bonuses and penalties come out we could add bonuses and penalties on certain weapons for some classes. But, this could only be done when we have many more weapons than we do now.

Also, it is necessary to allow a player to make a decision on what they want their first action to be in a battle, rather than an attack be the default.

Oh, and enemies can't ALWAYS hit second.
09-11-2005, 04:23 PM,
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Re: Ideas for Battle System
Interesting ideas, guys.

I am hoping that one day, someone codes initiative. That way, if your DEX is really high, there'll be a good chance that you go first, but certain enemies will be insanely fast (think ferrets and snakes), and might get the first attack on someone as powerful as even I am.

As for the different weapon bonuses/abilities...well I don't know quite what to say there.

And as for the different ways to use a weapon: that might be interesting, but really, (and I hope I'm not saying too much here), the game will go through a phase where the complexity jumps up quite a bit. If that happens and you still feel it's lacking, then yeah...perhaps it's worth a look.
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