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New Books
11-12-2005, 02:49 PM,
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New Books
I haven't visited here since before the Fall Semester started, and now that the due dates for my research essays are fast approaching . . . I feel the need to procrastinate  ;D

Anyways, I was just browsing through the the books that I've read, and tried to think of the last time that a purchasable book was realeased . . . and I think it was close to a year agao (Though I haven't checked Apprentice Run in quite some time).

So I thought it'd be nice to put together a little something, following the footsteps of Egg Anthology [Image: Egg%20Anthology.gif] and Sharp Book of Weaponry [Image: Sharp%20Book%20of%20Weaponry.gif] . . .

I bring you . . . Potent Brews [Image: index.php?action=dlattach;topic=1099.0;id=4190;image] !

Anyways, pretty much all of it is is material and information is already found in game, but brought together for book format.  Vetran Players won't really find it that useful, except for another book to spend their crowne on, but newbies would find it useful to get an idea of what potions are currently available in-game. (As well, most of this is bades off of memory, so I may be wrong on some points).


Potent Brews

Health Potions

Small Health Potion [Image: Small%20Health%20Potion.gif]
Description: Heals Health Points
Heals: 2-6 HP
Cost: 35c
Location: Can be purchased at the Herbal Shop (Forest)

Great Health Potion [Image: Great%20Health%20Potion.gif]
Description: This potion was brewed to restore a large ammount of health.  Heals Health Points
Heals: 10-40 HP
Cost: 40c
Location: Can be purchased at Mandy's Mystical Shop (Cajar)

Full Health Potion [Image: Full%20Health%20Potion.gif]
Description: This powerful potion restores an immense ammount of health.  Heals Health Points
Heals: Fully Restores HP
Cost: Can not be purchased . . . it is rumored that they may be occasionally found in the Cave however . . .
Location: ?

Hermits Enervating Elixir [Image: Hermits%20Enervating%20Elixir.gif]
Description: Most who have used this Elixir will refuse to discuss its taste, but there is no denying that its a powerful healing potion.  Heals Health Points
Heals: 50-80 HP
Cost: 100c
Location: Can be purchased at the Mad Hermit's Hut (Sogra)

Energy Potions

Small Energy Potion [Image: Small%20Energy%20Potion.gif]
Description: This concoction has the ability to increase your energy in times of need.  Heals Energy Points
Restores: 1-3 Energy
Cost: 55c
Location: Can be purchased at Mandy's Mystical Shop (Cajar).  When need is dire it can also be found at the Herbal Shop (Forest) for 250c.

Revitalizing Tonic [Image: Revitalizing%20Tonic.gif]
Description: This disturrbingly sickly green potion is said to greatly increase your energy.  Heals Energy Points
Restores: 3-6 Energy
Cost: 600c
Location: Can be purchased at the Mad Hermit's Hut (Sogra)

Ale [Image: Ale.gif]
Description: The Tavern's Finest Brew!
Restores: 0.5 Energy
Cost: 20c
Location: Can be purchased at the Tavern

Dragonberry Wine [Image: dragonberry.gif]
Description: Deadly Health Side Effect?
Restores: 0.7 Energy
Cost: 50c
Location: Can be purchased at the Magi Café


Potion of Regeneration [Image: Potion%20of%20Regeneration.gif]
Description: The leaf green liquid mimicks the life of the forests in which it was created.
Restores:  Restores a set amount of Hp over a set amount of time.
Cost: ?
Location: Can be purchased at the Herbal Shop (Forest)

Dark Rhizard [Image: Dark%20Rhizard.gif]
Description: This mystic potion was originally created by dark wizards in an attempt to control the Rhizard specie. It is sad it can make a Rhizard as twice as strong, but has a side effect of dimming the senses...
Restores: Only the bravest Rhizards have dared taste it . . .
Cost: 26 500c
Location: Can be purchased at Mandy's Mystical Shop (Cajar)


I'm pretty sure those are all the potions that are currently in the game.  I was thinking of beefing up the descriptions a little, but barebones facts seem to be the most useful for this sort of book, with a wee bit of mystery thrown in for some of the rarer items.  Anyways, I just thought it'd be nice to add  a new purchasble book for us us bookworms out there . . . 8)
11-12-2005, 02:52 PM,
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Re: New Book: Potent Brews
Beautiful Mac, Maybe add where you can find the potion in. The writers should see this

and here is the book image to go along with it

Attached Files
.gif   Potent Brews.gif (Size: 865 bytes / Downloads: 186)
[Image: 25f3crq.jpg]
11-12-2005, 02:54 PM,
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Re: New Book: Potent Brews
I'll get right on it Seto, thanks.

*Edit* Ok, the Location bit has been added, thanks for the book cover, I'll go change it.

*Edit #2* Thanks for the heads up Perceo, I haven't visited the Herbalists Shop in months . . .
Do you know what it sells for?
11-12-2005, 03:06 PM,
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Re: New Book: Potent Brews
Great ide. I hope it turns into a book  Smile

one small correction

the Potion of Regeneration can be bought at the forest in the herbalist shop
[Image: perceospecial2xf6.gif]
11-12-2005, 04:51 PM,
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Re: New Book: Potent Brews
After having been productive on my RL essay for a wee bit, I went back and gave some thought on the books that I've used most often, and realised that they tended to be reference books.  "Which is it that gives only plaus one wisdom, Egg of Intelligence or Knowlege?  Ahh, must check the Egg Anthology."  When I was a Newbie those many months ago, I remember consulting the Sharp Book of Weaponery each time I wanted to get a new weapon.

These nice quick, in game references, are nice for player who'd like to shell out a wee bit o' crowne to the Bookstore for the Convenience.

Following that line of reasoning, I think I'm going to compose a few more reference books that will hopefully make it into the bookstore, eventually bringing the Book TotaL up to 15, so I can get that wonderful free extra wisdom point  ;D

And I know that not all of the armours below are 'Advanced,' but it give the title an alliterative quality Smile


Tome of Advanced Armours [Image: index.php?action=dlattach;topic=1099.0;id=4197;image]

Wool Coat [Image: Wool%20Coat.gif]
Description: The coat is made out of sheep's wool. It gives little protection, but is very warm.
Defense: 1-3
Required Level: 1
Cost: 150c
Location: Armor Shop (Cajar)

Leather Coat [Image: Leather%20Coat.gif]
Description: Made out of a cured cow hide, this coat gives a small ammount of protection in battle.
Defense: 3-5
Required Level: 2
Cost: 245c
Location: Armor Shop (Cajar)

Bronze Guard [Image: Bronze%20Guard.gif]
Description: This Guard was forged in Dravoes by very skilled blacksmiths. The simple fact this item raises your strength is proof enough of the greatest of Dravoes.
Defense: 9-17
Required Level: 20
Bonus: +2 HP +1-3 Strength
Cost: 2050c
Location: Voes Shoppe (Dravoes)

Iron Guard [Image: Iron%20Guard.gif]
Description: Forged in Dravoes, this armor will withstand many great blows.
Defense: 8-17
Required Level: 14
Cost: 1650c
Location: Voes Shoppe (Dravoes)

Steel Platemail [Image: Steel%20Platemail.gif]
Description: A Platemail made of Steel
Defense: 7-16
Required Level: 14
Cost: 1500c
Location: Voes Shoppe (Dravoes)
It can also be found at the Dark Shop (Graveyard) for only 1250c, though the defense rating falls slightly to 6-15

Battlers Guard [Image: Battlers%20Guard.gif]
Description: Armor for the seasoned warrior, it has been carefully crafted to not restrict the wearers motions while offering excellent protection.
Defense: 12-20
Required Level: 25
Required Strength: 40
Bonus: +1-3 Strength
Cost: 4500c
Location: The Mad Hermit's Hut (Sogra)


I'd also like to add the Aegis of the Leaden Sky [Image: Aegis%20of%20the%20Leaden%20Sky.gif] if anyone knows the Stats . . .
11-12-2005, 06:38 PM,
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Re: New Book: Potent Brews
I think the small energy potion can also be bought in the helbal shop in the forest for 250c.
11-12-2005, 07:05 PM,
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New Book: Beastiary of the Southern Grasslands
*Disclaimer* Some stats very slightly from RL, altered to reflect graphics and fantasy ( or is that phantasy Wink ) role.


Beastiary of the Southern Grasslands [Image: index.php?action=dlattach;topic=1099.0;id=4196;image]

Located due South of Cajar lies a formerly abundant agricultural region, known as the Southern Grasslands, though the adventurers who commonly frequent the area call it simply 'Sogra.'

[Image: sogra1wg.png]

Inhabiting Sogra are many creatures, great and small, all them extreemly dangerous due to their recent madness.  An enigmatic hermit is known to live the area, and has set up a supply shop.  His hatred of the beasts is well known, and he willingly sells a wide variety of equipment and concoctions to help whomever is willing to cleanse the area of these raging fiends.

[Image: Hermit.gif]

Equipment will only take you so far, it is only through knowledge of your enemies that you will truly defeat them.  Study the pages contained within this volume so you will not be surprised when you meet these beasts face to face.

[Image: Busy%20Squirrel.gif]
Name: Busy Squirrel - Sciurus Sogratius
Appearance: Reddish brown in colour, 30-35 cm in length, highly agressive when approached.
Diet:  Most Squirrels tend to eat the seeds of trees, but this variety of Sciurus has adapted to subsist on the grains of the many varieties of grasses that are found in Sogra.  Recently the species has for unknown reasons begun to prey on humanoids . . .

[Image: Cajaran%20Gazelle.gif]
Name: Cajaran Gazelle - Gazella Cajarus
Appearance: Reddish Brown and white with a distinctive black stripe on the tail.  It will reach a height of 60-90cm at the shoulder, and tend to live in small herds, though due to the madness which has infected the species, solitary encounters are now much more common.
Diet: Fond of the least coarse of grasses and leaves, the Southern Grasslands provide all that they require for their dietary needs.

[Image: Caracal.gif]
Name: Caracal - Felis Caracal
Appearance: Covered in dull yellow fur, this small feline reaches a length of only 65cm, though this increase to 90 once the tail is entered into the equation.  Very adept at remaining hidden, it is rare that you will catch sight of a Caracal unless it is on it's own terms.
Diet: Being a Carnivore, the Caracal's main prey tend to be rodents and hares, though the more ambitious of the species have moved onto larger prey . . .

[Image: Grassland%20Ferret.gif]
Name: Grassland Ferret - Mustela Herborus Furo
Appearance: Cinnamon in colour with black and white patching on the facial region.  Extreemly vicious when cornered.
Diet: The ferret relies on small mice as its primary food source, and is generally incapble of digesting vegetable matter, the only excceptions being Grains,Rices and Corns.

[Image: Wild%20Ram.gif]
Name: Wild Ram - Ovis Sogratius
Appearance: The male variety of the bighorn sheep is known as a ram, can generally be seen frequenting the Southern Grasslands outside of its natural breeding cycle.  Distinguished by two large curved horns portruding from its forehead, it is wise not to provoke this already tempermental beast.
Diet: Grasses, Shoots, and Leaves.

[Image: Hunting%20Hawk.gif]
Name: Hunting Hawk - Accipitrinae Carnivorus
Appearance: Brownish Back feathers are rarely visible in flight except from the side profile.  Most notable is the profusion of wide feathers underneath the wing, though the adult of the species is distinguished by black speckling.
Diet: An avian hunter, this raptor preys predominantly on small mammals and birds.  Known to attack even larger mamals such as hares, many older Hawks avoid this practice having previously been wounded by the sharp kick which hares are known to inflict.

[Image: Hungry%20Wolf.gif]
Name: Hungry Wolf Canis Lupus
Appearance: Covered in a thick coat of Grey fur, the Wolf's pelt has long been prized by Hunters and Trappers for its value.  More information on Canis Lupus can be found in Ryvaeus Neeya's excellent well researched volume entitled Canine Companions
Diet: Wolves will hunt any large herbivores found within their range, and generally avoid humans . .. or at least, they did . . .

[Image: Bear%20Cub.gif] [Image: Enraged%20Black%20Bear.gif]
Name: Black Bear (Common subspecies known as the 'Enraged' Variety) - Ursus Cajarus
Appearance: Dark Black in appearance, these bears are generally 1.5-2.0 metres in length, though the common Sogra subspecies can be 30-50% larger.  Their young are much smaller and not nearly as dangerous as the adults, though they never stray too far from their parents . . .
Diet: Despite it's frightful appearance, the Black bear is not purely carnivorus in diet, but is actually an omnivore.  Ursus Cajarus' preferred meal consists of a patch of berries, with a followup course of some sort meat.  Surprisingly, Black bears prefer to scavenge their food rather than actually hunt it themself, therefore playing dead and hoping it will go away is not an option.

[Image: Green%20Viper.gif]
Name: Green Viper - Viperidae Vert
Appearance:  Their reptilian skin is green in colours, interspersed with dark yellow stripping.  These Vipers can grow up to three metres in length, so one it is best not to let one catch you by surprise.
Diet: Predator of small animals of all species, the Green Viper immobilizes its prey with venom before consuming it.  The venom is not particularly harmful to humanoids, though when collected can be used in a wide variety of potions.

[Image: Crimson%20Asp.gif]
Name: Crimson Asp - Vipera Crimsonus Aspis
Appearance: As it's name implies, it is predominatly crimson in colour with a yellow underbelly.  Recent archaeological evidence has been uncovered by the Cajaran Historical Society which indicates that Asps were once used as a means of execution in certain ancient cultures.  Fortunately the poison of this variety will lead to mild irritation at its worst, though it can still pack a nasty bite.
Diet: Smaller rodents and reptiles.

[Image: Ebony%20Cobra.gif]
Name: Ebony Cobra - Elapidae Ebonius
Appearance: Greyish ebony fading to yellow once the skin reaches the Cobra's underside.  Perhaps the most striking feature is Elapidae Ebonius' ghastly bright red eyes.  This snake will reach up to 3.5m in length.
Diet:  Obviously the larger the snake, the larger its prey.  While a juvenile, the Cobra will prey on smaller animals, though as it gets bigger, ever larger creatures will fall victim to it's venom . . .

I hope this guide will be of use to you in your travels.  You are now ready to set off, and brave the unknown.  Happy hunting!


*Edit* Thanks Elana, I'll add that bit in
11-12-2005, 08:06 PM,
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Re: New Books
Looks intriguing.  I wouldn't mind personally having some books that sum up all these different categories.  Well, keep updating them at least.
11-12-2005, 08:20 PM,
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Re: New Books
lol thats pretty sweet

11-12-2005, 10:00 PM,
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Re: New Books
lol, I LOVE the scientific names and here are the 2 pics of the books

Attached Files
.gif   Beastiary of the Southern Grasslands.gif (Size: 862 bytes / Downloads: 168)
.gif   Tome of Advanced Armours.gif (Size: 870 bytes / Downloads: 166)
[Image: 25f3crq.jpg]
11-13-2005, 07:24 AM,
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Compendium of Defense Vol. I: A Guide to Shields
Prince Seto Wrote:lol, I LOVE the scientific names and here are the 2 pics of the books

Mercy Buckets, I'll add the pics in Smile

*Edit* To save myself from double posting . . .


Compendium of Defense Vol. I: A Guide to Shields

Forged Shields

Copper Shield [Image: Copper%20Shield.gif]
Description: A small shield forged from copper
Defense: 2-4
Required Level: 4
Cost: 150c, 200cp
Location: Dramore (Dravoes)

Iron Shield [Image: Iron%20Shield.gif]
Description: A small shield forged from Iron
Defense: 4-6
Required Level: 4
Cost: 150c, 250i
Location: Dramore (Dravoes)

Standard Shields

Buckler [Image: Buckler.gif]
Description: A simple metal shield that can be strapped to the arm so it doesn't interfere in combat.
Defense: 1-2
Required Level: 1
Required Strength: 13
Required Dexterity: 13
Cost: 85c
Location: Armor Shop (Cajar)

Small Shield [Image: Small%20Shield.gif]
Description: Larger than a buckler, but not quite a large shield, the small shield is able to deflect some hearty blows from your opponents.
Defense: 2-3
Required Level: 3
Required Strength: 15
Required Dexterity: 15
Cost: 165c
Location: Armor Shop (Cajar)

Target Shield [Image: Target%20Shield.gif]
Description: Who would want a shield painted like a target!? Despite the fact that the paint job makes you look like a ...Well, a walking target, this reinforced wooden shield is surprisingly sturdy, and the metal banding around its edges lets it keep form against blows.
Defense: 4-5
Required Level: 5
Required Strength: 15
Required Dexterity: 15
Bonus: Strength +5, HP +10
Cost: 235c
Location: Armor Shop (Cajar)

Kite Shield [Image: Kite%20Shield.gif]
Description: A large, heavy shield that provides excellent protection to anyone behind it, and without effort can block almost any kind of attack.
Defense: 4-6
Required Level: 7
Required Strength: 10
Required Dexterity: 10
Cost: 450c
Location: Armor Shop (Cajar)

Shield of Dravoes [Image: Shield%20of%20Dravoes.gif]
Description: This black shield is made of a special metal that makes this shield incredibly resilient and not as cumbersome as one might expect, possibly the best around and a must have for any fighter.
Defense: 5-7
Required Level: 20
Cost: 1250c
Location: Voes Shoppe (Dravoes)

Shield of Loneliness [Image: Shield%20of%20Loneliness.gif]
Description: Said to have an aura of longing about it, those who can stand to hold it find the protection offered to be more than adequate.
Defense: 7-12
Required Level: 30
Required Strength: 25
Bonus: +1 Energy
Cost: 5000c
Location: The Mad Hermit's Hut (Sogra)

Magical Shields

Aura of Protection [Image: Aura%20of%20Protection.gif]
Description: This small, light shield has been enchanted to both protect its wielder and give them some ability to heal themselves.
Defense: 5-8
Required Level: 25
Required Wisdom: 15
Special: Healing Ability
Cost: 4000c
Location: Magical Hole in the Wall (Apprentice Run)


Possibly adding in the Shield of the Leaden Sky [Image: Shield%20of%20the%20Leaden%20Sky.gif] with a wee description of how it was gained?
11-13-2005, 02:52 PM,
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Re: New Books
Nice work MacFhionghuin.  Frankly Ive been inclined to yank the egg/weapons books out of the purchaseable books(as I would prefer the book store to stick more to story telling) but theres no reason we couldnt work all of the guide style books in somewhere(As there is definately a place for guides and I like the look of what you've set up).
11-13-2005, 03:26 PM,
Post: #13
Re: New Books
Eaving OLarkin Wrote:Nice work MacFhionghuin. Frankly Ive been inclined to yank the egg/weapons books out of the purchaseable books(as I would prefer the book store to stick more to story telling) but theres no reason we couldnt work all of the guide style books in somewhere(As there is definately a place for guides and I like the look of what you've set up).

I'm not sure what the plan for the bookstore/library at Apprentice Run is, but perhaps 'Guide' style books could be sold there?  And the book store at Cajar could be reserved for more 'literature' based reading?  Seeing as how it is currently on the 'frontier' (at the moment anyways) it seems like the appropriate location for that style of book. 

Originally I thought it would be more of an Elite Style Bookstore, where you needed to be a member before even purchasing a book, rather than an elite library.  It would be nice to make Athrun's books purchasable, so I wouldn't have to head all the way out to the Run each time I wanted to look at them . . .

I suppose that in my personal experience, I've found the guide style books to have been most useful in the past, and I'd hate to see the Egg Anthology etc be axed completely.  I remember during my first week playing slaving away shelfing books at the library until I was able to afford the egg anthology so I would be able to find out what function each egg performed (When I recieved my first malevolent egg, I was scared to touch it afraid of what it would do to my character . . . not knowing it would only subtract 10 from my alignment).  It was fun to read the story telling based books as well, I just wish there were more of them!

At any rate, I'll keep on working at churning out a few more 'Guide' style books, if anyone has any sugestions on what to cover, I'm all ears (Right now I''m planing on the obvious, one for Helms, one for amulets, one for Misc supplies, and one on Spirits . . .).
11-14-2005, 08:26 AM,
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Helms of the Land
Compendium of Defense Vol. II: Helms of the Land

Forged Helms

Name: Copper Helm [Image: Copper%20Helm.gif]
Description: A light Helm forged from copper.
Defense: 2-4
Required Level: 4
Cost: 150c, 150cp
Location: Dramore (Dravoes)

Standard Helms

Name: Bronze Helm [Image: Bronze%20Helm.gif]
Description: This metal helm was made by a skilled blacksmith.
Defense: 2-4
Required Level: 5
Required Strength: 12
Required Dexterity: 12
Cost: 460c
Location: Armor Shop (Cajar)

Name: Iron Helm [Image: Iron%20Helm.gif]
Description: An Iron Helm constructed to resist sharp blows
Defense: 1-3
Required Level: 5
Cost: 325c
Location: Armor Shop (Cajar)

Name: Helm of Cajar [Image: Helm%20of%20Cajar.gif]
Description: Named after the town it was forged for, this was widely produced for the people of Cajar.
Defense: 3-5
Required Level: 5
Cost: 530c
Location: Armor Shop (Cajar)

Name: Helm of Life [Image: Helm%20of%20Life.gif]
Description: Carefully crafted by a master smith, this helm is said to bring long life and endurance to its owner.
Defense: 4-8
Required Level: 30
Required Dexterity: 30
Bonus: +10 HP
Cost: 3000c
Location: The Mad Hermit's Hut (Sogra)

Magical Helms

Name: Travellers Coronet [Image: Travelers%20Coronet.gif]
Description: Formed of fragile blue crystal, and prone to wear out with use, this Coronet gives its wearer the ability to magically travel our lands.
Defense: 3-6
Requirede Level: 40
Required Wisdom: 40
Special: Teleportation Ability
Cost: 7500c
Location: Magical Hole in the Wall (Apprentice Run)
11-14-2005, 08:13 PM,
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Re: New Books
Regarding the shield of the leaden sky(and related items) I would suggest that rather than including it in the book of shields that you create another book(Book of Reward, Unique Items, ect?) and put all of the various contest rarities in there.  Ill have to look up a few of them as alot of the contest items date to the deep past(There was a shield in August of 04 for example).
11-16-2005, 09:19 AM,
Post: #16
Talisman's of Might
I like the idea of a book of reward, as unique (or near unique items) are always something to strive for, and it would be nice to find out their stats Big Grin.  I think Divine and Demonic shields were given out as fame prizes one month?

Anyways, heres the book on Amulets . . .


Talismans of Might

Name: Amulet of Health [Image: Amulet%20of%20Health.gif]
Description: This Amulet bestows its wearers enhanced Health. This Amulet was created by some powerful mages...
Required Level: 1
Required Wisom: 14-20
Effect: +4-9 HP
How to Obtain: To recieve this reward, one must recruit five adventurers to our world . . .

Name: Amulet of the Dead [Image: Amulet%20of%20the%20Dead.gif]
Description: This amulet feels cold to the touch.  When worn, ones life force is exchanged for the powers of the undead . . .
Required Level: 1
Effect: While worn, the wearer becomes undead.
Cost: 9650c
Location: Mandy's Mystical Shop (Cajar)
How to Obtain:  This amulet may also be recieved as a reward for recruiting twenty adventurers to Denzar.

Name: Memorial Pendant [Image: Memorial%20Pendant.gif]
Description: This Golden Pendant is enscribed with the following, 'To the success of our first year, and to the future of our world'.
Required Level: 1
Effect: +0.5 Max Energy, +1 Dexterity
How to Obtain:  This pendant was given to all on the anniversary of the founding of our world.  It may still be obtainable from the enterprising merchants of Cajar, for a price of course.

Name: Goblin Strength [Image: Goblin%20Strength.gif]
Description:  A small amulet carved to resemble the head of a Goblin, it has been enchanted to impart to the wearer the most notable attribute of that race.
Required Level: 1
Effect: +3-5 Strength
Location: Yzender's Hut (Forest)
How to obtain: Prize recieved for trapping 15 goblins for Yzender, the Goblin Leader.

Name: Ascetics Charm [Image: Ascetics%20Charm.gif]
Description: Crowne has little meaning to the ascetic, who prefers to focus on the improvement of the person rather than wordly wealth.
Required Level: 20
Required Wisdom: 45
Effect: Crowne from defeated enemies is converted to XP
Cost: 25 000c
Location: Magical Hole in the Wall (Apprentice Run)

Name: Chain of Avarice [Image: Chain%20of%20Avarice.gif]
Description: Created in ancient times by those who valued wealth above all else. Little is known of its makers, but it is said the longer you wear the Chain the more difficult it becomes to remove, in some legends even resulting in the wearers death.
Required Level: 35
Required Wisdom: 45
Effect: XP from defeated enemies converted to crowne
Location: A relic from an ancient war, this Chain was locked away in strong chests, and through magic locked outside of time.  As the eons passed, the magic failed, and these artifacts can be found by adventurers brave enough to dig for them . . .


I didn't bother including the Christmas Items in this book, (or the other books) as they seem more than a wee bit OOC . . . perhaps a Book of Holidays or someting in the future . . .

*Edit* whoops silly me, the vestiges of a former title . . .

*Double Edit* Finally found some reliable stats on the Chain of Avarice
11-16-2005, 10:22 AM,
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Re: New Books
Looks good, except that your title is not supposed to have an apostrophe in Talismans.  It should be Talismans of Might.
11-16-2005, 01:08 PM,
Post: #18
Re: New Books
Just Browsed through the search section, found a few more Amulets and such, not sure which of these are unique, I'm guessing some if not all are found in the huge boxes?

Name: Amulet of Eldron [Image: Amulet%20of%20Elderon.gif]
Description: This amulet once belonged to the elders of Elderon until it went missing, along with the head, of one of the elders.

Name: Chain of Avarice [Image: Chain%20of%20Avarice.gif]
Description: Created in ancient times by those who valued wealth above all else. Little is known of its makers, but it is said the longer you wear the Chain the more difficult it becomes to remove, in some legends even resulting in the wearers death.

Name: Quartz Charm [Image: Quartz%20Charm.gif]
Descriptiom: It may look like an ordinary quartz crystal attached to a necklace, but this quartz crystal has fighting spirit.

Name: Thanatos Amulet [Image: Thanatos%20Amulet.gif]
Description: This Amulet is said to give the ability to sustain life past death.

Hmmmm I am intrigued, must resist urge to fight and stick to the shovel  . . .
11-16-2005, 01:49 PM,
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Re: New Books
3 are customs, one is treasure.  Not saying which are which.
11-16-2005, 04:39 PM,
Post: #20
Re: New Books
Oooo...shiny new things.
Pyrotic and his wolf Fire Princess appear in a blaze of fire...

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