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Blacksmith Elder Speech
12-04-2007, 10:46 PM,
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Blacksmith Elder Speech
In thinking about the Blacksmith elder position two words come to mind, Dependable and Responsible.

OK, so what is dependable? To me it is a person who will make the commitment to being on the game every day. To review applications as soon as they come in and reply immediately. Not necessarily to accept or reject immediately but to at least let the applicant know that you are working on it. And then to follow through and make a decision in a reasonable time.

Now for responsible. This is someone who will take the time to talk with the other smiths and encourage them to advance their skills. To be reasonable if they decide to charge for their services. (A level 2 player can’t afford to pay 5000c to have his 250c short sword smithed.) And to advertise their services. (I have seen smiths sit quietly in the Tavern while a new player is begging for someone to smith his sword.)

As to my qualifications for this position.
I play every day and smith items for my clanmates daily. I will also smith for anyone I meet in the Tavern who needs my services. I do not charge for my services but I have been very well compensated in tips from greatfull customers. To me smithing is another way I can help my fellow players advance in this game.

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