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Blacksmith Elder Speech
12-04-2007, 11:02 PM,
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Blacksmith Elder Speech
My fellow smiths, staff and players,

It came as a surprise when I was approached by a friend to become the Blacksmith Elder.  I've not been a smith for long, but working to raise my levels has given me a better understanding and knowledge of how smithing works and is put into play game side. There are many things I could ramble about, but only a few pertinent points come to mind. I would be honored to be Blacksmith elder. And were I to be voted into office there are a few things I would like to see happen for the guild and for smiths, both inside the guild and out of it.

There is an assumption that the Elder is merely a figurehead. This I would not be. There is more to the position than accepting and declining applications. Many do not understand the complications that can come of simply just accepting or declining. First, I would like to review and rewrite the application. Secondly, I would like to have an assessment put into place. This would be for the Elder to use to rate the player on their actions in a few days time. How the Elder feels about the player's actions and conduct will play into how the applicant is viewed in the end. Thirdly, I would like to reintroduce the smith's chat. And with the introduction of the chat, when an applicant is accepted, I would like to have a small ceremony or message of acknowledgment. Not every applicant is accepted, but those who are should be given a moment to rejoice.

There is another reason I would like to have the smith chat reintroduced. As Elder I would like to restructure the guild. At the current time it is loosely structured. There is no control or balance to what the smiths can and cannot do. As Elder I would see that changed. The chat is a tool that could be used for smith gatherings and messages. It could be a place where important notices are posted. It will be used as a place of relaxation. It is, after all, a chat. But it can be utilized as a tool and I would do so.
A guild always has a class system. It starts from the bottom with an apprentice and works upward so that the apprentice becomes experienced and grows ito other titles. That person gains knowledge and other skills. Smithing could be broken down into other categories. There are other aspects that could be implemented into the game and guild. This would give the game a whole new area to explore and new items to produce.

All things that have an aptitude for advancement, have the same aptitude for punishment. Inactive smiths and those who abuse rules that are set into place will be taken to task for their actions. This is not to say, you break a rule your out, but the punishment will be equal to the rule that is broken. Although I do not have a list of set rules, were I to be Elder I would have one written up and staff approved within 24 hours of being elected into office.

There has been a debate over why smithing should be free or not. In my opinion smithing is a type of business. Somewhere along the lines money has to come into play. Now the smith does not necessarily need to charge the player for whom they work. There are many ways this could be handled. The best option that I have seen so far is to charge the smith for items used within the forge. Why? Because materials cost. The fees will not be large in size, but will exists. The crowne used to pay said fees will go into a fund that will be used to buy more materials for the smiths. The smiths then have the option to charge the player for work done. I would not allow a smith to overcharge. I would require smiths to keep logs of transactions that take place so that things are kept fair. If a smith were to overcharge on annual basis, that smith would be warned and then possibly suspended or removed from the guild.

These are only a few of my thoughts on the position. If I were elected into office, I would serve the community to the best of my knowledge and ability. I would work to renovate the guild and make it a bigger and more pertinent part of society. I believe smithing can be a respectable and fun part of the game. This is the goal I work towards.

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