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Speech Smith Elder Black :P
12-05-2007, 10:20 PM,
Post: #1
Speech Smith Elder Black :P
Crap, I was nominated. Might as well give *some* effort of a speech...

To the very few who nominated me, thank you. (Tongue)

While the position is severely limited to member management, I have many more ideas, suggestions, and beliefs of the guild that would NOT encompass, nor define the role of elder. They're just ideas like any other ordinary player would want. Kicking inactive members who show no drive to smith anything anymore (frozen, inactive, or simply quit) and accepting new smiths who can contribute to their clan and others around them are the main points, yet again I must reiterate the role of what an elder does and stick to it. However, the discussion and thought of pricing and charging is unfortunately not in the hands of an elder as part of the job, it's the job of staff to do that. The way it is now pretty much defines that the individual smith dictates their own charge, be it free or absurd. It will not dictate whether that player is accepted or not. Moreover, I can't guarantee anything beyond just the role of the elder, since some of the suggestions have been mentioned for a while and haven't been given known to be considered or anything. (In other words, just because if I become an elder doesn't mean I'll be listened to. Tongue)

I will *not* refuse entry into the blacksmith guild based on grudges or favoritism, nor will I delay applications or rush others in the same sense. I do hope there's an alternative to removing players from the guild who have a substantial level of skill, so that if they do return, they retain that level and just need to reapply.

I haven't decided yet on how to check for applications, but it would probably be on a weekly basis, followed by a delay of approval from the time of the application being filled as it was before. Approval will probably be weighed heavily upon the player's active status and status within the community. If you've been known to scam clans of items, or send an application that amounts to the equivalent of "LOLZ I'M 1337 AND ELDER SUX IM A VAMPIRE"... there is a slight possibility I may decline your application. If that happens, a waiting period happens before the player can submit another application.

*Please note, as an elder, I cannot enforce anything upon members. Sure, you can "encourage" or set an example, but the decision of a smith's is solely their own in terms of charging, amount of smithing, or being a jerk and getting themself removed. While I can try, all I can do is try. I can't state that enough.*
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there is absolutely nothing wrong with the staff system, its being run just like its always been. - LordDoerr

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