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Blacksmith Elder Speech
12-06-2007, 06:08 AM,
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Blacksmith Elder Speech
I know that my buddy reddragon84 nominated me for Blacksmith Elder.  That's awesome.  I've spent many hours smithing people over the land's equipment, tonics, potions, etc.  I even smithed their eggs, when eggs were smithable.  LoL.  Neways, I can do a run of about 115 items at a time with my almost 350 energy, and I know the blacksmith table like no other.  You can ask many players around(farydeath being big case...1900 items in 4 days), about how quickly the items get returned, exactly how they requested, all of that.  And I am one of the few that frequented the Blacksmith Forums, donated to the blacksmith fund, etc.  I'm not saying i'm better than anybody else who is nominated, but I am saying that I think I know the blacksmith functions and can do a turnaround of smithed items quicker than the most.  Thank you all for reading this.
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