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Blacksmith Elder
12-07-2007, 07:42 PM,
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Blacksmith Elder
  Well here goes my speech... First i'd like to thank chatkiller for the nomination.  It was unexpected which makes it even more appreciated. Now as far as what I offer the players of this game...fairness first and foremost...for all players. I have always tried to play the game fairly and honestly and believe i have made no enemies ....well except for maybe the scammers i have encountered. Most all of you know i can't stand a scammer and i think most of you agree with that.

    Now as for what I bring to the position of Blacksmith Elder...actually thats a pretty tuff thing to campaign for if you dont really know whats required of the position. But what i would do is first learn as much about the "job" requirements and rules of the guild so i could make informed descisons in a fair and equal manner to all. While at the same time encouraging all to offer suggestions and ideas to help improve the game in the aspect of the Blacksmiths Guild and other areas as well. I manage a team of 20 people everyday at work and the one thing i have heard often in feedback from my team members is that i am fair and i listen to their ideas and concerns. Performing in this position would be no different.
    I will make no other promises than those I have here already... all thats left is the vote..I will serve if chosen and support the one chosen if not.....Thank You for taking the time to read this....Aho

I am here pretty much daily tho usually late nights...and will respond to all who contact me, so if you have any questions just pmail me.

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