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Addendum to "Heh."
01-10-2008, 02:21 PM,
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Addendum to "Heh."
Nephilim Wrote:Re: Heh.
« Reply #52 on: January 02, 2008, 08:39:00 PM »

basically, here's what prpg has gone to....

a) mods and admins are making up rules as they go. using the now "we can ban/freeze/shun without an actual reason"

b) we release what we want, when we want. magic? pfft it's too hard, have no time to work on it.

c) hire decent staff members? nah, let's hire friends/people who'll make other staff happy, rather then the people who are qualified to actually do the job.

why has this all gone to this you ask? because there isn't any competent or reliable staff left ingame. all that would fit have either quit, or been run-off by other staff. why did all this happen? because other staff couldn't get their way, so they pushed until they were able to get rid of them, so they could get what they want, and what they wanted is the game you see now. will it get better? i doubt it, i truthfully do, but you probably will find some excuse for them, or they will find some excuse for themselves. or maybe if you do care, and try to fix things yourself, you will get banned/frozen/shunned because they can do that do you without probable cause, all because they simply don't like you. fair? no, but is how prpg is ran now, so the main question is, will magic be out anytime soon? the answer here is simple, not unless you can get the staff to change, which at this moment, without even Dusk on to run his own staff, the only admin likes to flake out for days/weeks at a time without ever actually being on, and the mods now can do as they please with shunning/freezing/banning. is this right? you might think so, but all i know is that is not what happens on any of the other games that are actually ran decently, yet you allow this to happen, why? because they try to cover it up with other things, with discussion about magic which will never be out mind you, it's just a dream, something for them to use to distract you from the real issues....

Shadower, kindly shut your trap in the future. I'm not even on staff and you're pissing me off. Firstly, the mods cannot do whatever they want because Richiek and Zadorina, both of who I tried to get to know some at one point, stand above an average mod and can do something if they misbehave, and I know Zadorina is not the kind of person I would call corrupt, nor would I call Richiek such; he's practically permastealthed and rarely spoke when I knew he was on, but I don't see him banning people simply because he dislikes him, and he seems fairly friendly on the rare occasion I saw him talk. Beyond that, Bullsabob, DannyC, Ihlen (though temper prone sometimes), NightStalker73a, and TaintedLady I have seen in action at least once and I have no problems with them (if you're not on the list, I probably don't know you well because I have ceased frequenting the tavern). Now, regarding admins, I have talked to each of the admins, excluding Dusk, on occasion, each more than once, and personally, if I had to deal with crap like yours everyday, I would have just quit because you act like an ingrate and I wouldn't want to do anything for your ilk, which, thankfully, there seems to be less of lately, 'cept maybe ban, but that's a different story. Smile Now, I assume you wrote this before 2fast and Shuck became admins, well, add 2fast to that list of mods, and Shuck was a writer, so he's not part of this. Finally, I'm sure the staff aren't happy, they have to deal with crap like that, and personally, I think it's just as detrimental to have people that refuse to work together than some that aren't as qualified, more actually, because those people can learn the skills.

To Kraxxia: I have nothing to say to what you're saying except that you're hurting your own cause with outbursts like that, though I believe you have a valid complaint.

Now, I'm tired of this, I'm locking this because I don't want a continuation, I just didn't get a chance to tell Shad to shut up before Hope locked it, to which I'm happy he did.
Oh joy.

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