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The Revolution: The Wheel Turns
07-21-2010, 01:56 AM,
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The Revolution: The Wheel Turns
Hi, all,

It is interesting to see PRPG's new potential direction. I do hope the game doesn't die, and wish both the site and its worthy administration the best of luck in the times ahead.

If you hit my profile and recognize the email address, you'll either raise your hackles, smile a little, shake your head, or all three. The hackle-raising is unnecessary, as I didn't come with teeth bared. The aforementioned sentiments of good luck are genuine. I have a bit to say, though, and I hope it's allowed to stand as is without being muffled by the first administrator who figures out who I am.

I'll cut straight to the chase. PRPG taught me a heck of a lot of what I know, and for that I owe it a great deal of respect. I have not always acted in the manner I should've done, which leaves me (to some extent, at least) where I am now...on the outside, looking in. I'm not here to trade tales about the past or to fling accusations. I'm not here to inflame tempers, point fingers or lay blame. I've had enough of that sort of recrimination and I hope the rest of you have as well. Simply put: I've learned a lot from this game and the people who have frequented it over the years, both good and bad, and it has helped to make me into who I am today. That person is probably not who some of you think it is, in personality and deed, but that's all needn't understand fully. This is as much for my own catharsis as for the potential good of the staff and players who take heart from it.

PhantasyRPG was the first game I ever dug my teeth into in any real capacity on the Internet. I'll never forget it. Come what may, it's always got a place in my heart somewhere. Hereafter, I will endeavour to run my own affairs with the rigour and clarity of conscience I have achieved through the honest dissemination of the bad history from the good...the very act that the game itself is involved in, if you think about it.

The things we want aren't always the things we get.

The things we do aren't always right, even when we think they are at the time.

Harm can be caused from the most innocuous action, and good done by a wicked deed.

It would have been my honour to have been here, even as a player, to see how the game's revolution came to pass from a closer perspective, but instead, I will use the knowledge I possess to my own ends.

Thank you, everyone. It's been a good time, a difficult road and a learning experience. You will not be forgotten.
07-21-2010, 02:25 AM,
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Re: The Revolution: The Wheel Turns
And before anyone asks, I have no idea where this account came from. A "forgot password" email turned up in my inbox and I followed the link...probably shouldn't have, but obviously the account was unused till now and, having said what I needed to say, will fall once more into disuse. You may feel free to delete this account, ban me from writing in or viewing the boards or IP-banning me from the site altogether if you honestly believe it's necessary; my work here is done.

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