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Pets - starting from level 1
12-12-2010, 09:06 PM,
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Pets - starting from level 1
I think there needs to be something done about the way pets work in the game. I am only a level 20 and a pretty new player, so I haven't had the years of game play to get my pet to a level where he is actually useful. I can't imagine the time you high level players have put into your pet.

Here is what I think needs changing:

1)There is NOWHERE in the game that you can take your pet safely to battle to level up at the beginning. Not even the lowly sewers. A pet should have at least a chance down there with those nothing enemies, don't you think? When my pet dies within the first two or three battles from getting hit once or twice, and doesn't get a hit in, so gets no experience, well, it is pretty discouraging. Shouldn't you be able to bring your pet there and they at least can go toe to toe with sludgeling and gain experience that way?

2)So battling is out. What is the other option? The pet park. It costs 1 energy to play hide-and-seek with your pet so that it can gain 1 experience. It needs 31 experience to reach level two. More for levels after that. It takes a few levels before it even has a chance in battle. So you are stuck in the park for, lets say 100 experience at least (conservative guess). thats 100 energy. Energy is pretty precious. 31 energy for one level. That, again, is discouraging.

3)If that wasn't enough to turn you off of your pet, check this out. You have played with your pet three or four times. You hit play again, because you want to get to that stinking second level before your hair turns grey. But what's this? Your pet is hungry! He won't play anymore! So you have to invest in some berries, the cheapest being at 53c, and you need one for every time you play.

So to sum up... You have one long, tedious option to bring your pet to a place where he is even remotely useful. To simply get to level two, it will cost me:

31 energy
1,643 crowne

...seems rather a steep price to pay for a useless level two pet.

We have added magic to the game, and congrats for that giant step forward. Could we fix a little thing that causes massive headaches?
12-12-2010, 09:57 PM,
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Re: Pets - starting from level 1
And now my pet is at level two and it costs 1.1 energy to play for 1 experience point, even though I need more now, so the cost increases....
12-14-2010, 05:09 AM,
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Re: Pets - starting from level 1
I have to agree with these points.
12-30-2010, 07:30 AM,
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Re: Pets - starting from level 1
It sounds about right to me. being a pet just like in the real work it takes time and money away from you. Tongue But i do see where your coming from. but once you get your characters level to a higher place. I believe money comes a little easier. could be wrong though as im still a lower level. but that is how it is in most games. and your energy becomes higher as well with each level. look at it like a long term investment. a way of trying to keep players around a little bit longer Wink

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