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Fame/Followers - How to make them effective again.
09-22-2014, 12:41 PM,
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Fame/Followers - How to make them effective again.
I stumbled upon this article when I was on Klout earlier today and I thought It would be an interesting share.

I have spoken with a staff member about certain changes to the Fame and Follower system that is currently in use and I wanted to go over some points that I brought up during that conversation.

Fame: There are a few reasons why I think that the fame system should be revamped but the main reason is that social media has taken over the world!

Basically to change the Fame system here is what I propose. Making a new short and eye catching "link" to the game. Essentially one that is much easier to share and will show a little content in the share on social media websites.

Then change the Fame to revolve around "Shares", "Tweets", "Pins", Etc. Use Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter to allow members to share for fame.

I believe this will be a better way to get people to view the site and should (if it works the way I intend) allow pRPG players to target certain networks that they are a part of. For example, specific facebook groups or using @ tags and # tags on twitter.

Followers: This can still reward a (smaller) amount of fame, but not nearly 100. I think the follower program should be almost entirely separate, the more followers you get, the higher the rewards can be and if the program works correctly the shares can link directly to a page that will allow us to record who directed them there. (I can't imagine this would be a huge change from the current system)

I think a very important thing in directing people to the site is the first impression that is made. We need to show people the new layout, the old layout, and the opportunity to change color schemes. Show them that there is mining, digging, battles, roleplaying! This should all be in a way that doesn't take much time, and isn't all in pictures or text, but both. Perhaps a video?! It would be interesting to see someone illustrate a video and narrate it... maybe 20 seconds, low-def nothing fancy.

I went off on a tangent of course, brainstorming strikes again.

Please respond with ideas and thoughts.


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