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Racial Bonus' and weakness.
09-07-2014, 10:41 AM,
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Racial Bonus' and weakness.
As many of us know Hounzalids are special in the fact they get bonus' / weaknesses for their race. So I figured "Why not do this for the other 3?" Well I did, and here is what I ended up with. Bare in mind please, I struggled with Humans, due to the fact they are typically your all rounders, nothing special about them but nothing particularly bad either. Also that these are all suggestions/ideas.


1. They will receive 1-4% less exp and crowne in battle.
2. They will be charged 15% more crowne in an NPC shop.
3. Every 3 levels, +1 extra AP will be granted.
4. 1 vitality point now equals 3HP and .3 Energy, instead of the normal 2HP and .2 Energy.
5. Potion Crafting in Cajar is now Hounzalid Exclusive.
6. +50% resistance to Fire/Water/Nature/Air/Stone*


1. Recieve 1-3% bonus EXP per fight due to their wise nature.
2. For every 1 point of Wisdom the player recieves 3mp instead of 2mp.
3. Wisdom multiper requires 300 wisdom instead of 400. And for every 1x multiper the Eldron will recieve +1 MP regen per minute.
4. All spells cost 15% more mana due to the increased power from a higher multiplier.
5. 10% discount in Averian stores. (the Eldron capital mentioned in the race description.) When released that is.
6. Battle encounters increased by 10% (meaning for every 10 battles a Hounzalid may be faced with, the Eldron would encounter 11) Due to the weak outward apparence of the race.


1. For every 10 Strength or Dexterity, the player would recieve 1 bonus Strength or Dexterity.
2. Greatly reduced chances to run away. As this is against their personalities.
3. Wisdom multiper requires 440 wisdom to acquire a bonus 1x multiplier
4. Mana regenerates at 1 mp per minute.
5. 10% Chance to recieve an item at half price through intimidation when purchasing from stores.
6. Chances of ambush reduced by 10%, due to the terrifying apperance of the race, few risk actively attacking them. (Instead turns them into an encounter the player must engage with.)


1. Due to their highly adaptable nature, all level and stat requirements are reduced by 10%.
2. When in the comfort of a town, humans feel safe and are able to recover much faster, granting them 10hp per minute and 0.25 energy per minute instead of 2hp per minute and 0.2 energy per minute.
3.Due to the wild nature of Humans. There is a chance for shopkeeps to take either a liking or disliking to you, causing you to be charged from 10% more to 10% less for your items.
4. With a persistant nature, Humans will relentlessly perform tasks, giving them a +5% chance to find a monsters item drop (if it drops at 50% chance, a human will have 52.5% chance to obtain one instead.) Also Blacksmithing, and mining gain experience 2% faster.

* I would rather see this turned to something akin to what is found inside my forum on elemental resistances located here :

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