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Repeatable Event. *The Rift opens*
05-31-2014, 10:25 AM,
Post: #26
RE: Repeatable Event. *The Rift opens*
I noticed that you used combinations, I'm not stupid. Total, the Rhizards get a 45-29% chance, lowering with every activation of the bracers, granted the Daggers 25% chance may be a slight bit high sure, but also remember when Insanity kicks in, you lose EVERYTHING beside the perks of insanity, you will attack 4 times, and heal for 100% of one of those attacks at the cost of 4% of your max MP, and then its reduced to 40% of one of those attacks. Eldrons, have a 20% chance sure, and a 2 round (the round its summoned, and the round after.) damage mitigation that might not even get targeted, which upon it being removed from battle, has a 30% chance to stun them. So that's on a single round in combat, they have a 50% chance to stun. Which then gets knocked back to 20% for the remainder. Humans, have no stun so to speak, they can however mitigate a single attack, on average, once every 6 (5%/15%/30%/50%/75%/105%, that is cumulative chances (5/10/15/20/25/30%)) or so attacks. Can negate 250 damage, if the attack even deals that much (lower, small attacks like julops would greatly mess with this) at most 20% of the time, only in Shield mode. Houndzalids however, get 5-50% chance to avoid an attack, which can be a constant number if they are willing to take a little risk (Houndzalids are the only race that don't have a potential damage rebuttal from a piece of gear, Eldrons have the amulet, Rhizards have the bracers, Humans have the Amulet.)

Remember in PvM there are going to be limitations to what magic we can use, We aren't going to have all these awesome magics, some of us will be greatly reduced in what we can do, potentially up to 90% reduced in what we can do and those who can not use magic/ Lose out on certain magic, will obtain some dodge chance, This is planned already,

Quoted from the forum "Magic System" , Located here -->

"Q: How will a fighter be able to survive against a mage when they deal damage like that?
A: A system has been designed for resistance as well as dodging for Magic.

Q: Since fighters get resistance and dodging, how do we keep up?
A: Every point in wisdom you add will increase the damage you deal."

So I am playing to what I know about the magic systems. Realistically, I would imagine a Warrior type, would be able to get about a baseline 20% dodge chance in that system (I don't know the actual formula, I'm just assuming here.). You also have to remember, I know a particularly large amount more about the development plans, I don't like playing this card, but I've been staff, I know more about whats planned and been designed/worked on etc. Let me ask this, Something brought up a large amount, Slithers. What will everyone do, bar Witches, Flame shydes and Warlocks do, when magic is restricted to the actual areas they will have access to? Not everyone will pick fire as their secondary, so they will realistically, be in the same boat as Houndzalids damage dealing wise, and I doubt that Slithers will be the only monster with magic immunity/resistances. However, as you brought up healing magic Air and Water, have the only notable healing (doesn't make much sense to me, I would have thought Earth would but eh.) With earth having a very minor spell or two (Healed me for about 100 hp with a 2x multiplier), and Fire having none at all.

It would be far better to give Hounzalids your suggestions, in YOUR opinion. Me personally, between what you suggest, and what I have up here. I'd take my amulet and armor, For the reason of, While my healing may not be able to keep up with the damage I'm taking, It would lower the amount I take giving me more turns, and If I'm within reason good stats for the area, I'll meet a happy medium where I'm dodging enough, and healing enough to keep a constant level of hp roughly. When I hit 25% hp, I start dodging every 3rd attack on average (slightly more) , Me with my 8k HP, If I'm taking an average of 300 damage each attack, I land a hit on the opponent i will heal 200, So if i do this at 25% hp, i will dodge every 3rd attack on average, taking a total of 600/3 turns on average, while over those 3 turns I would heal for likewise, 600 damage, keeping me at a happy medium, thus sustaining a 25% hp level or so

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