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Show your desktop! - Sl8yer - 03-15-2008

Smile  Well, I was just wondering, what do all the PRPG player's desktop look like? Post your image of your desktop here! Instructions: Go to your desktop, click the "PrtSc" or Print-Screen button and then paste it somewhere (like Paint or Photoshop) save it (delete it later if you wish) and then insert it into your post (upload it to an image hoster first like image shack)! ;D When doing so though, you can choose to keep your shortcuts or get rid of them and you must show your tool bar (with all windows minimized or with no windows at all) Heres mine anyway (Its my alternate wall paper btw, as my normal one would've been a bit..."inappropriate" :Smile  :  [Image: mydesktoprg6.jpg]

Re: Show your desktop! - Aaragorn - 03-15-2008

i use 1600x1200 resolution and WinXP Pro

[Image: desktop-1.jpg]

Re: Show your desktop! - Phobo - 03-15-2008

La la la. Aaragorn, Diablo 2: LoD is awesome. Your officially cool(er?). Wink

Re: Show your desktop! - ~Drachenstein~ - 03-15-2008

Deathnote Anyone?  Wink

Re: Show your desktop! - Shuck - 03-15-2008

[Image: 13yge4m.jpg]

Re: Show your desktop! - Sl8yer - 03-15-2008

Man, I'm such a noob Tongue How do you guys post such high resolution pics? I used image shack to do it and at first mine was a bitmap but it was too large so I have to make a JPG.

Re: Show your desktop! - Phobo - 03-15-2008

  I used the Print Screen button to copy my desktop, then I just pasted it into GameMaker and saved as a Gif. Smile

Re: Show your desktop! - Aaragorn - 03-15-2008

print screen, put it up on photobucket then used the last link of the 4 in here

Re: Show your desktop! - DragonsHorde - 03-15-2008

the only thing that stood out for me was Shuck's "A Knight's Journey" Word Doc.  Wink

Re: Show your desktop! - aryuka - 03-15-2008

[Image: missyou.jpg]

Re: Show your desktop! - Zuri - 03-15-2008

[Image: desktop-2.png]

I'm so tidy-ish.

Re: Show your desktop! - Scarr - 03-15-2008

Here's mine, nothing much but eh.

Re: Show your desktop! - Leaheya - 03-16-2008

Here's mine...

[Image: desktopshotnh6.jpg]

Re: Show your desktop! - thechicken - 03-16-2008

My wonderful Desktop..  Tongue

[Image: ao2hdz.jpg]

Re: Show your desktop! - ichigo_cool - 03-16-2008

[Image: 2qs00oi.jpg]

Re: Show your desktop! - Pedestal-Guy - 03-17-2008

Actually made mine.
well, cobbled it togeather from various picture crops and tilings, but it still took a lot more than a copy paste.

Re: Show your desktop! - Zuri - 03-17-2008

Yay! I'm not the only one who has their start bar on the side. ;D

That's an awesome looking desktop picture Pedestal-Guy.

Re: Show your desktop! - Sl8yer - 03-17-2008

Wow, I got more replies than I expected, nice desktops, too ppl Smile Thx for the advice btw  ;D Heres my bigger and better desktop: [Image: Mydesktop.jpg]

Re: Show your desktop! - Karzon - 03-17-2008

[Image: untitled.jpg]

I don't have much on my desktop because I keep forgetting to put the stuff on my desktop.

Re: Show your desktop! - Etherealsage - 03-17-2008

I have lots of desktop pics, this is the one that I happen to be using right now. Maybe I'll post others later.

Also, I am not religious at all, I just like the pic. Smile

Re: Show your desktop! - Calah - 03-18-2008

Well here is my desktop...Its not much and I had to do a little housecleaning on it (it looked like a total mess before :-\) but it has most of everything I need. The painting for the background is from one of my favorite artists, Craig Mullins. ^_^

[Image: desktopscreen.jpg]

EDIT: Just noticed that my image link was should be fixed now.  :-\

Re: Show your desktop! - dacoach - 03-19-2008

:o These are awesome!

Re: Show your desktop! - catlyke - 03-19-2008

[Image: desktop.jpg]

Re: Show your desktop! - darkfireknight - 03-19-2008

Wow these are all great, I like Zuri's and Etherealsage's the best.

But alas, I am not using my computer so I can not post mine. Maybe later when I can get the pic off my other computer.

Re: Show your desktop! - pinguinex - 03-19-2008

[Image: Afbeelding-1.jpg]