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He has last been seen killing a Razerwind near Ruins - Castle.
He invites you to join PhantasyRPG now!

is not your average Online Game. We offer tons of features, and ways of game play. In our MMORPG you can travel to different cities battling everything in your way. Or even just wandering around completing quests. You could own a shop, a clan, or even a guild. PhantasyRPG is a complete Web Based MMORPG with all the features you will need.
pRPG Supports Firefox and Chrome.
PhantasyRPG runs best on the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox Browsers!

For Mobile browsing please use mobile phantasyrpg.

From gameplay to browsing the chatrooms and many things to see in PhantasyRPG, the most successful route to take is to use either the Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers.
Gameplay is more functional and smooth, more visual effects are applied and accessible, and overall, the speed seems to be much faster with these browsers.
Currently, the game is accesible in Internet Explorer, but there are compatibility issues with some options in the game with IE7 and earlier versions. IE8 seems to be quite smooth, but if any issues arise with the layouts and such, IE8 has a "Compatibility Mode" button just next to the address bar within.
If you are an Internet Explorer user, we recommend downloading and installing the latest version, being IE8, or try one of the alternatives, being Firefox or Chrome, if you have any issues viewing the game.

Click here to download the Mozilla Firefox Browser ----> Mozilla Firefox

Click here to download the Google Chrome Browser ---> Google Chrome

Upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer ---> Internet Explorer
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